How to Change Tagline in Valorant

Are you getting tired of seeing that hashtag under your name each time you play Valorant? Maybe you want to mix it up and show some solidarity with a tag that fits your group?

How to Change Tagline in Valorant

Changing your hashtag or “tagline” in Valorant should be as easy as going into your settings, but unfortunately, it’s not.

So, if you looked all over the Valorant menu looking for tagline change settings and couldn’t find them, you aren’t going crazy. You’re just looking in the wrong place.

Keep reading to find out exactly what taglines mean in Valorant as well as where to go to change it.

How to Change Tagline on Valorant?

Your Valorant tagline is tied to your Riot ID and is used across their different IPs like League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics. Unlike those other games, though, you don’t have to use Riot Points (RP) to change it – at least for now.

To be clear, your Riot ID is a combination of your display name and a tagline underneath. Most people have a tagline or hashtag based on their region or a combination of auto-generated numbers. You can change it and personalize it.

So, if you’re ready to change your tagline, check out the steps below:

  1. Exit out of the game if you have it running.
  2. Go to the official Riot Games website OR search “Riot Games” and select “Riot Account.”
  3. Log in to Riot Games.
  4. Select Riot ID from the left pane options of the displayed account information box. You’re allowed to change your ID every 31 days. If it’s been over 31 days since your last change, you’ll see the option to enter a new Riot ID below your current one. However, if you still have time left before your next available change, the requisite wait time is listed below your current ID.
  5. Enter your new Riot ID in the first text box.
  6. Enter a new hashtag in the second text box.
  7. Press the ‘’Submit’’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Launch Valorant again and check out your new Valorant name and hashtag.

Before you select a new display name, keep in mind that Riot is currently forcing players to change IDs that they believe are offensive. This includes slurs and hate speech as well as names that the platform deems in violation of their Code of Conduct.

Additional FAQs

How to Launch Valorant?

Valorant is currently only available to play on PC with a console release planned sometime in the future. Riot doesn’t have an exact console release date set, though, so if you want to play Valorant, you’re going to need to get to a computer.

If you haven’t already installed the game, check out the steps below:

• Go to the official Riot Games website.

• Press the first icon in the header that switches between a fist and Riot Games and select Valorant OR scroll down and click on the Valorant banner that redirects you to the official website.

• Press the ‘’Play Free’’ button near the middle of the screen to start the download.

• Wait for the download to finish.

• Launch the .exe file to start the game installation.

• Restart your computer when prompted.

• Launch the game by pressing the Valorant desktop icon.

• Login to your Riot account or create one.

• Choose a display name.

If you already have Valorant installed, just make sure you have an internet connection and launch the game from your desktop.

How Do You Sign Up for Valorant?

You’ll need a Riot Games account to play Valorant. Luckily, creating a new account is a relatively painless process:

• Go to the official Riot Games website and select Valorant OR go directly to the Valorant official website.

• Select the ‘’Play Free’’ button in the middle of the screen.

• In the new ‘’Get Setup to Play’’ pop-up window, select the white button to make a new Riot account.

• Follow the prompts to set up your new account and don’t forget to authenticate it.

• Use your new Riot account information to log in to the game.

Valorant is out of the closed beta stage now, so that means that it’s available for all PC users to play. No sign-ups necessary!

How Do I Change My Valorant Display Name?

You can change your Valorant display name for free every 31 days. If you’re tired of looking at your old display name, follow the steps below to change it:

• Exit out of the game (optional).

• Go to the official Riot Games website and log-in to your account.

• In the account information box, choose Riot ID from the left-side panel.

• Enter your new Display Name and new Hashtag.

• Select the ‘’Submit’’ button at the bottom of the screen.

• Launch the game again and check out your new display name.

Changing your display name for Valorant is simple but choose your new name carefully. You can only change your name every 31 days, so anything you choose, you’re stuck with for another month – like it or not.

How Do I Change My Valorant Picture?

Your profile picture in Valorant is called a Player Card in the game. While you can’t upload your own images, you can change the featured image to another card. Take a look to find out how to get started:

• Launch the game.

• Go to the ‘’Collections’’ tab.

• Under Arsenal, select the Player Cards to view your entire collection.

• Scroll through the available unlocked options and choose a replacement image.

• Press the ‘’Equip Card’’ button located directly above and to the right of the card images.

• X out of the menu or press the ‘’ESC’’ key to go back to the game dashboard.

You can get more Player Cards to use as your avatar by completing contracts. Both individual Agents and event-specific contracts award new cards to players. You may earn player cards as Battlepass rewards, too.

How Do I Change My In-Game Name on Valorant?

If you want to change your in-game name or display name in Valorant, you need to head over to the official Riot Games website to change it. Display names are called Riot IDs and are tied to your Riot Games account.

To change your name, simply go to the website and select Riot ID in the account information window.

You’re allowed to change your display name every 31 days, so if the option is available, you’ll see a couple of text boxes to make the changes. If you’re still within the cooling-off period, you’ll see a message indicating how many days of wait time you have left.

After changing your display name and hashtag, don’t forget to click on the ‘’Submit’’ button to make sure those changes take effect.

What Is a Tagline in Valorant?

A tagline in Valorant is the hashtag made up of a series of letters and numbers. It helps differentiate you from other players who may have the same display name as you. It’s also a necessary component because your friends can’t add you without it.

When you first sign-up for a Riot account and sign in to Valorant, you won’t be able to pick your tagline. The hashtag is automatically generated for you. However, you don’t have to keep that hashtag if you have something better in mind. Head to the official Riot website and check out your account page and go to the Riot ID tab to personalize it.

How Do I Find My Tagline Valorant?

To see your tagline, head over to Riot Games’ official website and log in to view your account page. Select the Riot ID tab to view your display name and hashtag or tagline.

Can You Change Your Riot Tagline?

You can change your Riot tagline, but it follows the same necessary cooling-off period of 31 days. You can only make changes to your display name, tagline, or both once every 31 days. Choose your new IDs carefully, though, because if you don’t like them you need to wait a month to change them again.

How Do I Add Someone to My Valorant List?

Adding friends to your list in Valorant is a simple process. Just make sure you have their Riot ID and Tagline and follow the steps below:

• Launch and log in to the game.

• Select the person with a plus sign icon in the lower-right corner of your screen at the bottom of your list.

• Enter your friend’s Riot ID and Tagline information in the text boxes.

• Press the plus sign button to the right of the boxes to search for their Riot information.

• Wait for your friend to accept the request.

• Once they accept, they’re added to your list.

Unify With the Right Taglines

You may get a list of seemingly random letters and numbers when you first log in to the game, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it forever. Taglines are a great way to identify and unify gaming clans in multiplayer games. They’re also a great way to make sure you’re adding the right person to your friends’ list.

Just remember that you can only change your display name and hashtag once a month, so make sure that you pick one you won’t regret. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend an entire month as the butt of all your friends’ jokes until you can get a new one.

How often do you change your display name and/or hashtag in Valorant? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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