How to Change Your Tip on DoorDash

Delivery people, restaurants, and customers all use the DoorDash app. When you place your order, you can add gratuity (a tip) before your delivery arrives. This article explains how to change the amount before you make your order, as well as how to alter it after the food comes. There are a variety of rules regarding tip adjustment, and we’ll cover the most important in this article.

How to Change the Tip Amount?

When you reach your checkout page, do not tap “Place Order.” On this screen, there is a function that allows you to set the amount of tip you give. Make your alteration here, and then once you are sure of how much you would like to give as a tip, you should tap the “Place Order” button.

Door Dash Tip Cart

It is rather odd that the company asks you to give a tip before even receiving your service. A tip is supposed to represent the amount of satisfaction you feel with the service, and you have not received it yet. Therefore, the amount you tip is more of a gesture than it is an act of thanks.

Why Must I Choose a Tip Before the Service?

That’s because the app processes your payment in one go. If you tip after the transaction, then you would have to authorize two payments for one service.

Not only is this inconvenient for you, but it also costs the company twice as much in payment processing fees. The company saves money on the payment if they do it in one session.

Can I Change the Tip After the Delivery?

After you receive the service and the Dasher leaves, you have already paid. That means your payment authorizer has already earmarked your payment for the service and your tip.

Since the payment is already in the works, for want of a better phrase, you need to contact DoorDash and have it amended. There is no function on the DoorDash website or app that allows you to alter this transaction manually. You would need to file a claim with the company, and you would have to contact the DoorDash customer service department.

File a Claim with DoorDash

To change your tip, you will have to visit the DoorDash website, or use the DoorDash app, and file a claim. This action takes you over to the “Contact Customer Support” page, where you must explain that you want to change your tip. Go to the customer support page and fill out the form.

Contact customer support

You will need to fill out your name, email address, and phone number. You do not have to sign in to use the customer support contact form. Therefore, make sure you use the same name that you used when you signed up for DoorDash. The same goes for your email address and phone number because they will need to match up your details with your account.

The category you need is “Post Delivery Support,” and the subcategory is “Adjust Dasher Tip.”

Give a Description and Explanation

DoorDash has the right to refuse your request to change the tip amount if they deem your reason as frivolous or unreasonable. That is why you need to give a suitable and understandable explanation for reducing the tip amount.

As per the DoorDash terms and conditions, they have the right to ignore your message and request if it is overly aggressive, threatening, or if it contains profanity or unfair slurs. For example, you could call the Dasher “A raging incompetent Dasher,” but you couldn’t call the Dasher and “A raging incompetent [racial slur] Dasher.”

The company can refuse the right to increase your Dasher’s tip, as well. For example, if you ask to up the amount from $3 to $3.25, they may refuse because the cost of the change isn’t worth the offered amount.

How Long Does It Take to Change the Tip Amount?

Submitting the form takes minutes, but the entire process takes more. These types of customer support contacts are prioritized because they involve money, meaning there is a time limit. In most cases, if the tip adjustment is approved (not a guarantee), then it happens within 24 hours on a working day.

In short, a tip adjustment is actioned before an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction can occur. Automated Clearing Houses move money after work hours, or at the end of work hours, and only on business days. So, if you make your tip adjustment on Saturday, then you will most likely not see its effects in your bank account until Tuesday.

How Long Should I Wait to Make a Claim?

You have the right to make a claim whenever you wish, but the approval of your request differs depending on the time that has passed. In short, the sooner you make your claim, the more likely it is to be actioned.

If you make a claim the day the delivery arrived, then your chances of success are OK. Making a claim the day after is also OK, but lowers your chances. DoorDash will not adjust the tip retroactively. This rule is in place so that you cannot try to take revenge on a Dasher.

For example, if you have had the same Dasher deliver stuff several times over the last month, but then you have a bad experience one night, you cannot go back and file a claim for all the tips you ever gave to that Dasher. You can only request to change the tip for the last delivery.

Tip What You Think Is Appropriate

As previously mentioned, you need to file a claim with DoorDash because your payment has already been earmarked by the payment processor and your account administrator. Plus, DoorDash wants you to file a claim because the change might be a result of an unpleasant experience.

Have you ever changed your tip with DoorDash? Was it because you received excellent service and wanted to increase the tip? Let us know about your experiences with the DoorDash tip function in the comments below.

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