How to Check Behavior Score in Dota 2

Dota 2 takes multiple aspects of their users into account when determining who to match them with. One of their most important monitors is how mean or how kind you are to other players.

How to Check Behavior Score in Dota 2

This metric is known as your behavior score and has a significant impact on determining your teammates. The lower your score, the more likely you are to be paired with toxic players, which is why you want to keep an eye on your behavior.

In this entry, we’ll show you how to check your behavior score in Dota 2.

How to Check Behavior Score in Dota 2?

While Dota uses a somewhat complicated system to calculate your behavior score, getting an overview of the metric is quite simple:

  1. Start your client.
  2. Press the profile icon in the upper-left part of the screen. You’ll see your match history and many other stats.
  3. Find the smiley face in the bottom section and click it to access your conduct summary. You can check out your behavior score and the factors affecting it, such as your commendations, reports, and games you’ve left.

How to See Behavior Score in Dota 2 Through the Steam Console?

Another way to access your behavior score is through Steam’s console. It’s slightly more complex than the previous approach, but you’ll still reach your destination relatively quickly:

  1. Start the Steam Library.
  2. Right-click on the Dota 2 icon.
  3. Access the properties, and press “Set Launch Options.”
  4. Enter “-console” (omit the quotations).
  5. Press the “OK” button.

Once you’ve activated the console, you’ll need to use a certain command to check out your behavior score:

  1. Launch Dota 2.
  2. Bring up your console by hitting the “\” button or another key binding for this command.
  3. Type in “developer 1” and hit the ‘’Enter’’ button.
  4. Enter the following line, “dota_game_account_debug” and look for your “behavior_score: XXXXX.”

The number after your “behavior” score represents your Dota 2 behavior score. Bear in mind that it doesn’t necessarily appear as a number – it can also show up as a grade. For instance, if it says “Normal,” your class is B, B+, A, or A+.

A low ranking is represented by an F, D, or D+. While the D range doesn’t come with a high ban risk, you’ll only be able to play with players with a similar score, which could explain why you might be encountering toxic players.

How to Raise Your Behavior Score?

There are no quick ways for you to improve your behavior score. Other users vote according to how they perceived your gameplay. As a result, unfriendly players may give you a downvote regardless of your conduct.

However, you generally need to treat other players with respect to raise your behavior score, irrespective of any losing streaks. You should control your negative emotions and avoid taking them out on other players during the match.

The easiest way to avoid negative communication is to limit your speaking time. Try to talk only when making calls during your match instead of engaging in casual conversations that could end badly. When your teammates are serious and tense, it’s best to not annoy them. On the other hand, when your team members are talkative, make sure to pitch in and leave a nice impression.

Another thing to remember is to praise your teammates when they successfully lead your team to a gank or get a solo kill. Don’t wait for other players to compliment your teammates. Be the first one to do it by simply typing “good job.” They will appreciate it and may even send you a commendation after the game.

It’s also useful to react properly to disagreements or harassment on your team. Use your best judgment by either responding to the issue or ignoring it altogether. For example, you can speak up or contact the victim and see if they are okay. Additionally, make sure to report other players for hostility, even if it’s not directed at you.

Additional FAQs

Keep reading for more information on your Dota 2 behavior score.

What Is Behavior Score?

As the name suggests, your behavior score is a metric that keeps track of your Dota 2 in-game behavior. The system is similar to your elementary or preschool grades. You may have earned a ‘G’ for being Great or an ‘N’ for being Naughty. The principle is the same here.

If you’re a toxic player, you’ll end up with a poor behavior score. In contrast, if you’re a friendly and nice player, your behavior score will be exceptional. While it’s not clear how the score is calculated, it most likely comes down to your reports and commendations.

The score is used to match users when they enter their queues. Accordingly, toxic players will join teammates with similar conduct.

How Do I Check My Behavior in Dota 2?

You can easily check your behavior score in Dota 2 using your client:

1. Launch Dota 2 and navigate to your profile in the upper-left section.

2. Hit the smiley face at the bottom to view your conduct summary, including your behavior score.

What Is a Good Behavior Score in Dota 2?

Your behavior score gets adjusted with your conduct summary. The maximum score you can get is 10,000. A good behavior score is between 9,000 and 10,000, whereas players with a decent score have over 8,000 points.

If you have anything below this threshold, you’ll start seeing more and more users with poor conduct, and your in-game experience is bound to suffer.

How Do I Check My Reports in Dota 2?

Dota 2 also allows you to check out your reports:

1. Go to Steam and enter your login information.

2. Navigate to the “Games” section.

3. Head to Dota and choose “Personal Game Data.”

4. Explore the section by pressing “Category,” followed by “Subcategory.”

5. Find the “Incoming Match Player Report” section, and you’ll see your reports.

Be Nice to Your Teammates

A low behavior score could be the main reason why you may have been teaming up with toxic Dota players recently. Thankfully, now you know how to check your behavior score and take action to improve it. Overall, don’t be aggressive to other users – display positivity, be kind, and report harassment, whether you’re the victim or one of your teammates. Over time, your rating will improve, and you’ll start seeing friendlier players in your matches.

What’s your Dota 2 behavior score? Have you tried raising it? How hard is it to maintain your composure during a match? Let us know in the comments section below.

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