How To Check Wins and Stats in Apex Legends

If you have been playing for a while, you may be wondering how to check your wins and stats in Apex Legends. How many kills have you racked up? How many wins? How many revives have you performed? All these stats can be incredibly important to some players so I’m going to show you how to check your wins and stats in Apex Legends.

How To Check Wins and Stats in Apex Legends

You can see stats like kills and wins for each character at any time. Unfortunately, there is no leaderboard system, so you can only see the stats of your teammates and Champions listed on their character card during the loading screens before a match.

Checking stats and wins in Apex Legends

To see what your stats are in Apex Legends:

  1. In the lobby, select your own name plate above your character.

  2. This screen will show you all sorts of stats about your Apex Legends profile, including games played, kills, and damage done, as well as more. You can also select a specific ranked season to see a more detailed breakdown

There is also a way to see your individual Legends’ stats and win counts. You can see their kills, damage dealt, times you used special abilities and so on from there.

To see your stats for an individual legend, do this:

  1. Select Legend from the main game window and select a character.

  2. Select the Banners tab and select Tracker 1, Tracker 2 and Tracker 3.

  3. Look through your stats in the center window.

Individual stats are all tracked here. You should see kills, headshots, finishers and all kinds of data. You can select up to three of these trackers to display on your character card.

Displaying your stats and wins in Apex Legends

While you can display your stats on your character card, not all stats are available right away. You have to unlock certain stats with crafting materials or getting lucky via Apex Packs. Unlocks cost 30 Crafting Materials each, so all of them will total 1380 Crafting Materials. Given how few are given out during the average match, it will take a while to unlock all of them!

Wrapping Up

Do you think this style of stat management works for or against Apex Legends? Do you like the system or hate it? What would you change about it? Tell us your thoughts below!

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