How To Convert a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

Do you wish to switch to Apple Music but have already put a ton of effort into your Spotify playlists? Many people aren’t aware of this, but you can convert playlists from one music streaming app to another. There are tons of free websites and third-party apps that will transfer your Spotify playlists to Apple Music and other streaming platforms, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of recreating your playlists all over again.

How To Convert a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

In this article, you’ll see how to convert Spotify playlists to Apple Music on different devices.

How to Convert a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music From an iPhone

Since Apple Music and Spotify are two of the most popular music streaming apps right now, many users wonder if they can copy and paste their playlists from one app to the other. While there are many websites you can use for free to do the job, music conversion apps are much more convenient.

If you want to convert your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music on your iPhone, one great app you can use is SongShift. You can find it in your App Store, but there currently is no version for Android devices. Not only can SongShift transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple Music, but lots of other music streaming apps, like Tidal, YouTube Music, Napster, Deezer, Pandora, and more.

To convert a playlist from Spotify to Apple Music with SongShift, this is what you need to do.

Short Version (Summarized Steps):

  1. Download, install, and open “SongShift for iOS.”
  2. Add “Apple Music” and “Spotify” to SongShift.
  3. Tap “Continue” to proceed.
  4. Tap “Get Started,” then select the “+” sign at the top.
  5. Select the “Playlist” option under Spotify, then choose the playlist (only one at a time for the free version).
  6. Tap “Confirm,” then choose “Apple Music” as the destination.
  7. Select “Start Shifts” followed by “Review” once it finishes.
  8. Ensure the playlist tracks match―the top one is Spotify and the second one is Apple Music.
  9. Select “Rematch” if needed for any tracks, then choose the appropriate listing.
  10. Scroll up and choose “Confirm Matches,” then select “Continue” when finished.

Long Version (Step-by-Step Details):

  1. Download SongShift for iOS on your iPhone and open it.
  2. Select “Apple Music” from the list of streaming providers.
  3. Choose “Continue.”
  4. Accept permissions by tapping “OK.”
  5. Don’t tap “Continue” yet. Scroll down and choose “Spotify” under “Available Services.”
  6. Select “Open” to allow SongShift to connect to Spotify.
  7. Tap “OK” on the “Please Log In” prompt.”
  8. Log into your Spotify account.
  9. Accept the SongShift permissions for Spotify by tapping “AGREE” at the bottom of the screen.
  10. If prompted, choose “Open” to allow Spotify to open SongShift. You should now see both streaming apps listed in SongShift at the top under “Connected Services.” Tap “Continue” when done.
  11. Tap “Get Started” on the “…ready to start…” SongShift screen.
  12. Select the “+” icon at the top of the home screen.
  13. Choose “Playlist” under “Spotify” to add it as a “Shift.”
  14. Choose the Spotify playlist you want to transfer. You can only select one playlist at a time with the free version. To upgrade, select a second one, then choose “Learn More” and follow the prompts.
  15. Tap “Confirm” in the top-right section to continue with your chosen playlist(s).
  16. Choose “Apple Music” in the “Add Shifts” destination screen.
  17. On the “…ready to transfer…” screen, tap “Start Shifts.”
  18. Transfer progress is shown. When finished, tap the “Review” button shown below the playlist.
  19. Scroll down the “Match Review” screen to confirm that the playlist songs match. For each group, the top one is Spotify and the second one is Apple’s track.
  20. To update a track (Re-Match) from Apple’s database, tap it and select the appropriate version.
  21. Scroll up to the top and select “Confirm Matches” to continue.
  22. On the “Processing” screen, select “Continue” once everything is checked off.

It will take the app just a few minutes, depending on its size, to transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple Music.

How to Convert a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music From an Android

Since SongShift isn’t available on Android devices, you can use Soundiiz. This service is very easy to use, but you will have to open it in your browser to get better functionality and performance. Once you’ve done this, here’s what you should do next:

  1. Tap the “Start for Free” button on the website.
  2. On the login page, sign in with a music service, Google, Facebook, Apple, or using an email. For simplicity, you can choose “Sign in with Spotify.”
  3. Authorize the app to access your Spotify account.
  4. Select Apple Music as the destination service.
  5. Log in to your Apple Music account.
  6. Choose Transfer on the menu.
  7. Tap on Spotify and then Playlists.
  8. Locate the Spotify playlist to transfer it.
  9. Navigate to Confirm and continue.
  10. Tap on Save Configuration at the bottom of the window.
  11. Proceed to the Confirm Tracklist button.
  12. Select Apple Music.
  13. Sign in with your Apple ID.

That’s all there is to it. Note that you can only convert one playlist at a time. However, Soundiiz Premium allows you to convert multiple playlists at once.

How to Convert a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music From a PC

It might be easiest to transfer a playlist from Spotify to Apple Music with a PC since there are so many websites to choose from. We’ll be using TunemyMusic. Follow the steps below to find out how:

  1. Visit TunemyMusic on your PC.
  2. Go to the Let’s Start button.
  3. Under Select the Source, choose Spotify.
  4. Log in to your Spotify account.
  5. Locate the playlist you want to convert.
  6. Copy the playlist’s URL and paste it into the search bar. You also have the option to upload it directly from Spotify.
  7. Choose Load Playlist.
  8. Click on the Next: Select Destination button.
  9. Go to Apple Music.
  10. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  11. Navigate to the Start Moving My Music button.

Can You Convert a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music Without a Subscription?

Apple Music is a subscription-based service, but you can use this music streaming app for free. However, your music streaming experience is quite limited. For example, you can only listen to songs you downloaded elsewhere, recorded, or transferred from your computer. There’s a three-month free trial for those who are interested in subscribing.

If you’d like to try any of the playlist conversion apps we listed in the previous sections, you will have to sign up with your Apple ID. Therefore, you need an Apple Music subscription if you want to transfer your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. The only other way is to download songs and transfer them to your Apple Music manually.

Convert Spotify Playlist to Apple Music Online

If you want to transfer your playlist from Spotify to Apple Music online, any of the music conversion apps listed above will do since you will need an internet connection to use them. SongShift is the only service that comes with a mobile app, even though it’s only available for iOS devices.

If you prefer to use your PC to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music, there are many online services you can use. Apart from Soundiiz and TunemyMusic, you can also use Free Your Music. You can download this app for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

It works the same way as the other three services. Here’s how you can use it to convert your Spotify Playlist to Apple Music:

  1. Open the Free Your Music app.
  2. Hit the Transfer button in the list of options.
  3. For your source, choose Spotify.
  4. Log in to your Spotify account.
  5. Choose Apple Music as the destination service.
  6. Enter your Apple ID.
  7. Pick the playlist you want to convert.
  8. Click on the Begin button at the bottom of the screen.

Convert Spotify Playlist to Apple Music Free

The good news is that all of the apps and services we mentioned in this article are free. Some of them do come with Premium versions that offer more features.

For example, Soundiiz Premium lets you transfer numerous Spotify playlists simultaneously. Additionally, you can convert albums, songs, and an artist’s entire body of work from Spotify with the Premium version of this app. The same goes for the Free my Music app. With the free version, you can only convert one Spotify playlist at a time. In contrast, the Premium version gives you the option to transfer an unlimited number of playlists from Spotify to Apple Music and vice versa.

Additional FAQ

How Do I Export My Playlist on Spotify?

Exporting your playlists from Spotify looks different depending on the app you choose to convert them to another streaming service. You can’t export your Spotify playlists from the app itself, and this process can only be completed via a music conversion service.

Before you can export a Spotify playlist, you need to sign in to your account within the music conversion app. You also need to give the app permission to access your Spotify data and transfer it. Once you grant the app permission to do this, you can export any playlist from your Spotify library.

You typically need to select the playlist and transfer it to another music streaming service, like Apple Music. Some music conversion apps only transfer playlists with a limited number of songs. It’s also possible that one song from your Spotify playlist won’t be available on other platforms, in which case the app will ignore it.

Enjoy Your New Music Streaming Experience

There are various apps and websites you can use to convert your Spotify playlists to Apple Music. You won’t even need to make an account or pay for their service. Once you transfer your playlists, you can enjoy them on the new music streaming app.

Have you ever converted a Spotify playlist to Apple Music before? Which third-party app or website did you use to do this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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