How To Delete your AliExpress Account

AliExpress has become wildly popular because it is one of the most affordable places to get stuff that ranges from trivial to top-of-the-line. Although many people still resort to this website for purchasing, some are moving to eBay and Amazon. Among many reasons, the main is the fact that, although convenient price-wise, it isn’t the most advanced of the three, and certainly is the least trustworthy.

How To Delete your AliExpress  Account

Whatever the reason for you wanting to delete your account may be, the process is pretty basic and simple. Here is a thorough instruction manual for deactivating your AliExpress account.

The Short Version

For more experienced and computer-savvy users, a detailed instruction manual may be too cluttered and clunky, so here’s the simple version.

  1. Log into using your current username and password.
  2. Go to My AliExpress.
  3. In this menu, click Account Settings.
  4. From here, click Edit Member Profile.
  5. Navigate to the Deactivate Account link and click it.
  6. Enter your email address and the words “Deactivate my account,” where prompted.
  7. Choose a reason for deleting your account.
  8. Finally, click Deactivate My Account.

That was essentially the short version. If you found this confusing or lacking information, keep reading.

The Long Version

If you are having issues with any of the steps, the longer version will help.

Log In

If you want to delete your AliExpress account, you will have to log in. Go to the upper right corner of the page, hover over the Account button and select Sign in.


Enter your email/username and your password. If you forgot your password, enter your email in the appropriate field and find the Forgot Password? link. This will send an automatic email to your email inbox. Open the email and follow the instructions provided in it.

forgot password

Once the account information is properly entered, you will be signed into your AliExpress account.

My AliExpress

Next, you need to access the My AliExpress page. Navigate to your name in the right corner of the AliExpress home page, hover over it with your mouse cursor, and click My AliExpress from the drop-down menu. On this page, you need to find and click the Account Settings button, and then click the Edit Member Profile.

This will lead you to a new window that contains your profile information, such as your name, gender, email address, etc.

Deactivate the Account

On the Edit Member Profile page, find and click the Deactivate Account button. However, merely clicking it won’t finish the job. The process of account deletion is divided into two parts: confirming your information and stating your reason. Two boxes will appear, requiring information in correspondence to the two mentioned parts:

  1. Enter your username – Here’s where you need to enter either your Member ID (username) or your email.
  2. Type in the following words: Deactivate my account – This is fairly clear and straightforward. In the box below these instructions, you need to write the exact words “Deactivate my account”.

Choose a Reason

In order to gather feedback to help improve the website, AliExpress will prompt you to state why you’re deleting your account. You can randomly click on an answer, but setting aside 15 seconds to read them all and answer exactly why you’re deleting your account will show AliExpress what the problems are. In turn, this will help them become better. Here are the options:

  1. I registered by mistake I don’t need this account.
  2. I can’t find the product company that matches my needs.
  3. I received too many emails from
  4. I’m retired not in the business anymore.
  5. I’m worried about scammers.
  6. I was scammed.
  7. The email address I used to create my account is invalid.
  8. I’ve found a product company that matches my needs.
  9. Buyers Suppliers did not respond to my inquiries.

After selecting the reason, click the orange Deactivate my account button. That’s it, you’ve successfully deleted your AliExpress account!

Before You Say Good Bye

It is easy to be quick and rush towards that orange Deactivate my account button, but think carefully whether that’s a good decision. You might need to use AliExpress again at some point.

What are your thoughts about account deactivation? Does AliExpress truly deserve to lose a customer? What are your experiences on the famous retail website? Share your thoughts about AliExpress in the comment section below.

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Tech says:
deactivating will be a change of one bit of data, active yes->no
i prefer DELETION
Michael Kelley says:
I want my account totally cancelled
tom says:
I want to delete the app without joining. Unable to do it so far. Can you help?

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