How To Delete All Kik Messages and Conversations

As a Kik user, you may want to remove your messages for a variety of reasons, including lack of storage, no more need for said messages, or privacy concerns. Given the large amount of platforms Kik is available on, you’d think that removing all your messages would be a difficult, complicated process. However, in reality, Kik has a simple, easy to use interface that makes removing your messages and conversations a breeze.

How To Delete All Kik Messages and Conversations

How To Delete Kik Messages

Deleting Kik Messages On iOS

Open Kik and select the conversation you’d like to remove. Swipe it to the left, and then tap delete and confirm. This will delete the entire conversation permanently and remove it from your homepage.

Deleting Kik Messages On Android

On Android, it’s slightly different. Go to the conversation you’d like to delete and hold on it. After the menu below pops up, tap the “Delete” option and confirm that you’d like to delete the conversation permanently.

Deleting Kik Messages On Windows Phone

If you’re using a Windows-based smartphone, you can do the same thing as you would an Android device – hold on the conversation for one or two seconds and then tap ‘Delete’ and confirm.

Pros and Cons of Deleting Messages on Kik

Unlike many other messaging apps, Kik unfortunately doesn’t have a backup feature for messages. This means that once you delete a message, you cannot recover it – ever. Because of Kik’s optimization of user data storage, Kik on iOS holds up to 1000 messages for the last 48 hours of activity – anything older than that and you’ll only see the last 500 messages.

On Android devices, Kik saves even fewer messages – just 600 from the past 48 hours and 200 messages older than that. This is fairly limited, and is somewhat annoying, but makes it rarely necessary to remove entire conversations unless you’d like to get them out of the way immediately before they’re automatically removed.

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Group Conversations

If you’ve been planning something with your friends via Kik and you’re worried someone might check the group chat and see it, you can delete it like any other conversation.

However, this doesn’t work like Facebook or other social media platforms. There, you can delete multiple messages from a group chat but still remain a member of the group. If you delete a group conversation on Kik, you also remove yourself automatically from the group – so you’ll need to be cautious when deleting them and make sure that you’re only deleting what you no longer need.

How To Clear Your Chat History

Open your Kik app and navigate to Settings. Select Chat Settings and then press or tap Clear Chat History. This removes every message and conversation that shows in your main chat list permanently.

How To Block People On Kik

If you’d like to block someone on Kik, check out our companion article on how to block, unblock, and ban people on Kik!

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Final Thoughts

Kik is an interesting chat app that works really well with both newer and older smartphones – even some older feature phones, which is something you won’t find on many apps these days! Many users probably use the Kik app for its dating and hookup popularity rather than any other reason, but in any event, it is a solid alternative to the more popular social media messenger apps such as Messenger and Snapchat. If you’d like to learn more cool Kik tips and tricks, check out our article on that topic next!

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