How to Uninstall Candy Crush on Windows 10

Getting Rid of Candy Crush on Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a preinstalled version of the popular game Candy Crush which is a wildly successfuly game by King. While most of us are addicted to the game and can’t stop playing it, there are some who just don’t want it adding additional bloat and taking up space on their system.

How to Uninstall Candy Crush on Windows 10


There are two methods by which you can uninstall the Candy Crush from your Windows 10 device.

Method 1

This is probably the easiest method of uninstalling Candy Crush from your Windows 10 device.

  • Go to the “Search” option of your Windows 10 device and type “Candy Crush” and hit “Enter” (you may also find the Candy Crush game pinned to the Start Menu of your Windows 10 device).
  • Once you have located the Candy Crush game on your Windows 10 device right click on it and from the list of commands that appears, click the “Uninstall” option which appears last on the list and your job will be done.


Method 2

This is a little bit more complicated. Candy Crush won’t be available to delete in the Control Panel segment of your Windows 10 device as it is a pre-installed app.

  • Go to the search box option present on the taskbar of Windows 10 and type “powershell”; from the list of options which will be available, you have to select “Windows Powershell” and not “Windows Powershell ISE” which may also appear as an option.
  • When the prompt appears, type “Get-AppxPackage -Name” in it  and hit the “Enter” button.
  • Find the “PackageFullName”, which will come up as one of the results; it should look something like “”.
  • Next, copy this PackageFullName to your clipboard
  • Next type “Remove-AppxPackage”  along with the trailing space and then you have to paste the PackageFullName which you have copied earlier and then hit “Enter”.


  • A teal-colored text dialog box will appear on the Windows 10 screen and it will show that Candy Crush is being uninstalled and the process will complete itself
  • To confirm it was successful, you can go to the “Start Menu” and search for Candy Crush. If it doesn’t show up, you completed the task successfully.

We hope the article has satiated all your needs and helped you to successfully uninstall the Candy Crush game from your Windows 10 device.

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