How To Delete an Entire Snapchat Story

We love Snapchat for its fleeting nature. When we snap our friends and followers, the snap lasts only a handful of seconds before disappearing forever. This isn’t always a good thing; sometimes your phone dies, or you accidentally skip past a snap that you really wanted to see. Inevitably, it’s easy to miss out on some things.

Sometimes a snap is so good, that we want to give our followers a chance to appreciate it. Enter Snapchat Stories; the Stories feature keeps our snaps up for 24 hours. Followers can view our story at their will and always catch the best stuff. What happens after 24 hours? The snaps disappear, of course.

However, there are times when we might wish a snap disappeared sooner than that. Thankfully, Snapchat makes it possible to remove snaps from the story at any point. Unfortunately, there is no immediate way to delete your entire Snapchat story in one fell swoop. However, you can delete each story post individually, eventually deleting your entire story. This article will provide clear instructions on how you can delete your Snapchat story by deleting each post!

Accessing Snapchat Stories and Photos

If you’re looking to delete Snaps from your story, then you already know how to save them there. But you may not know how to access your story to see available photos. It’s easy if you know what to do. Simply go to your Snapchat camera and swipe right with your finger.

Here you can view the stories of people you are following. You can also see your own. Just look to the top of the screen and find My Story. You can interact with this line in a few ways.

  • Tap quickly on My Story to view a slideshow of the available snaps.
  • Tap and hold My Story or tap on the three vertical dots on the left to expand the snaps inside the story.
  • Tap on the download icon to save the story (more on this later).
  • Tap the add photo icon to take a snap right now and add it to the story.

Take a look at the expanded snap view. Each snap should have a thumbnail image on the left. Directly to the right of that is a time. This time shows how long that snap has been part of the story. On the far right you’ll see a number next to an eyeball icon. This number indicates the number of people who have seen this particular image. If there’s nothing there, then nobody has viewed your snap.

Saving Stories and Snaps

Before you delete anything from your story, you may want to save it. Remember, once a snap has been deleted, it can’t be retrieved. Be cautious and save your snaps now.

You can save your entire story in the manner mentioned above. Simply tap the download icon in the row of icons next to My Story. This will save every snap in the story to your phone’s camera roll.

If Snapchat doesn’t already have permission to access your camera roll, a window will pop up asking for permission to save snaps to the camera roll. Tap Yes. This will take you to your phone’s settings, where you can edit Snapchat’s permissions.

Let’s say you’re not interested in saving your entire story. You just want to save a snap or two inside of it. No problem.

  1. Expand My Story to view all of the snaps.
  2. Tap on the snap you want to save.
  3. Tap on the download icon in the lower left hand corner.

As with the story, this will save the snap to your camera roll. You may need to give Snapchat permission to perform this action.

Deleting Snaps From Your Story

Now that you’ve saved all the snaps you want to, it’s time to delete the snaps you no longer want others to see.

  1. Expand My Story to view all of the snaps.
  2. Tap on the snap you want to delete.
  3. Tap on the garbage can icon in the lower left hand corner.
  4. Tap Delete to confirm.

Repeat this action for all of the photos you want to delete. Wait, you wanted to delete the whole story? Sorry, you’re out of luck. Snapchat only allows you to delete individual images. You can’t delete them en mass. But hey, there’s nothing stopping you from removing every single image one…at…a…time.

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