Does Snapchat Chat Increase Your Score?

Snapchat changes so often that it can be really difficult to keep track of what its features mean or do. If you’re not a regular user, you may have to learn to use the app all over again after a mere three months of hiatus.

Does Snapchat Chat Increase Your Score?

Sure, a lot of people are well-aware of how the photo compression changes from time to time or how the OS support for Android is still very inferior to what the app offers to iOS users. However, even something like the Snapchat Score is a concept that’s susceptible to change.

For a while now, many users believed that the score was the total amount of sent and received snaps. In reality, this is not even close. The score may be affected by a wide range of factors, so let’s see what can improve your score based on Snapchat’s ever-changing points system.

How the Snapchat Score Works

The only thing anyone knows for sure is that users earn one point per a sent or received (and opened) snap. You can test this yourself by opening unopened snaps and monitoring the score. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between photo and video snaps, as both give only one point.

Sending text messages or reading them doesn’t seem to alter the score. It also doesn’t seem to increase if you were to open a story update.

There are also plenty of glitches that may come up. Sometimes it’s possible for the score to stay stuck at a certain value. You may send out dozens of snaps and see no change in your score. No one really knows why this happens because of how vague the Snapchat feature descriptions and algorithms are.

Can You Increase the Score in Other Ways?

Before worrying about increasing your score and delving into the chaotic inner workings of Snapchat’s scoring system, you should know what the score actually means. Unlike having a large following or a huge number of friends, the Snapchat score doesn’t establish too big of an authority.

That’s not to say that a high score doesn’t look good. Social media platforms are all about high numbers, so for that reason alone, you may want to increase your Snapchat score. Again, keep in mind that it doesn’t do anything to raise your profile or bring you more business.

One alternative to sending out random snaps to all your close friends is to ‘partner up’ with other popular Snapchatters. Sending out a map to people with large followings should allow you to increase your score faster while also getting some exposure.

There are many myths associated with Snapchat’s scoring system and the most popular are those about the chat system. Sadly, there’s no direct correlation between your Snapchat score and your chat activity, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. If the score is to become more relevant in the future, abusing others with private messages just to boost your profile isn’t a good idea.

What About the Snapchat Score Hack?

There’s no shortage of advertisements for cheating your way into popularity. Twitch has viewer bots, whereas for Instagram you can buy fake followers and likes. Snapchat users are also popular targets of app developers that promise to bypass security measures and hack algorithms in order to increase one’s profile score.

Unfortunately for the gullible users, none such website has proven to work. Most of them are cost per action (CPA) websites that reel you in and trick you into performing various tasks for them without actually getting anything in return.

The only way you can increase your score for the time being is to do the same thing you’ve been doing all along – send and open snaps. If you want your score to skyrocket, simply start sending snaps to celebrities or people with huge followings. They won’t open your snaps because they’re too busy, so you can even send them a blank image. As far as the algorithm is concerned, you’ll still have sent a snap and will thus receive a point.

Final Word

The way the Snapchat profile score works is not entirely transparent. There are many glitches that happen and that aren’t addressed or recognized. There are also no hacks or tricks you can use to cheat the algorithm. One of the reasons for this is the air of mystery surrounding most of Snapchat’s inner workings.

For the most part, only sending and opening snaps can be associated with changes in the score. Chatting on Snapchat does nothing to increase your score, but maybe you can use it as a means to convince some of your friends or followers to open up more snaps you send them.

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