Door Dash vs. Uber Eats. Which Is the Best Food Service?

Two food delivery apps stand out from the pack – Door Dash and Uber Eats. But which one offers the best service? If you want to know which app will get orders out to your door faster, you’re in the right place.

Door Dash vs. Uber Eats. Which Is the Best Food Service?

This article will review the pros and cons of both Door Dash and Uber Eats to help you decide which food delivery service is the best choice for your purposes.

Our Evaluation Criteria for Door Dash vs. Uber Eats

We determined what a customer looks for when they choose a food delivery service, and found that the following criteria fulfills most people’s needs:

  • An easy-to-download user-friendly app
  • Service availability in the customer’s town or suburb
  • Delivery fees comparable to the restaurant’s delivery fees
  • Expedient delivery within the time-frame promised on the app
  • The hot or coolness of the meal as would be expected “ordered in”
  • How the company treats its drivers

Door Dash

Established in 2013, Door Dash, Inc. is a San Francisco-based company. Door Dash’s impressive expansion into over 7,000 cities in Australia, Canada, the United States, and Japan shows its commitment to excellence and innovation in the fast food delivery sector.

Here are some pros and cons of using Door Dash:


  • Huge selection of restaurants
  • Menus from eclectic local gems
  • Extensive, user-friendly app
  • No minimum order limits
  • Prompt, reliable delivery service
  • Text messaging available to track delivery
  • Upfront costs clear and straightforward
  • Lower minimum delivery fees if you’re ordering for just one person
  • Great customer support
  • Subscription-based loyalty program called Dash Pass in Australia and Japan waives delivery fees for orders over $12.00


  • Customer reviews mention flawed real-time tracking
  • Customers pay the restaurant’s fee for credit card use
  • High delivery and service fees
  • The service isn’t available in many small towns
  • No loyalty program offered in the United States and Canada

More About Door Dash Delivery Fees

Door Dash charges a base fee for using the app that is waived for Door Dash members. You can pay a fee to use the option of Express Checkout, which makes your order a priority in the restaurant’s kitchen. Door Dash also charges a minimum order fee for orders that are below $10.00. A “range fee” is charged if your home isn’t within the restaurant’s usual delivery area.

Uber Eats

Launched in 2014, Uber Eats is an extension of Uber’s ride-sharing program Uber Lift (originally Uber Cab). Like Door Dash, it is also based in San Francisco, CA. Uber Eats now operates in 10,500 cities in over 70 countries.

Here are the pros and cons of using Uber Eats:


  • Easy-to-download user-friendly app
  • Displays a choice of food categories, including popular restaurants near you
  • Highly accurate real-time tracking.
  • Offers the lowest delivery fees of all food courier services
  • Offers scheduled delivery
  • The membership program, Uber One, offers free delivery on orders over $15.00
  • Offers delivery from local convenience and grocery stores
  • Offers alcohol delivery
  • Offers in-app and Twitter customer support


  • Limited overall selection of restaurants
  • Delivery times can change after the order is placed
  • Uber Eats’ customer support can be slow or unresponsive
  • Orders missing items have led to negative customer reviews
  • Drivers are penalized if they don’t meet a 30-minute delivery window

More About Uber Eats Delivery Fees

There are several different types of delivery fees that might appear on your Uber Eats bill, including a small fee of $2.00 for deliveries that are below $10.00 or changing the delivery address after you have ordered. In California, customers are charged $2.00 on every order to fund a health benefit plan for Uber drivers.


Can orders be customized on Door Dash and Uber Eats to accommodate substitutions or dietary requirements?

Both Door Dash and Uber Eats can request substitutions to an order, but the restaurant may not be able to cater to everybody. Always call the restaurant directly to make sure they can fulfill your request, especially if the change is related to allergies or a diabetic condition.

Which is less expensive? Door Dash or Uber Eats?

The answer to this question depends on your location. Be sure to compare the prices of items on local restaurant menus to determine the best value for your money. Uber Eats is often the cheaper choice. It offers more deals with big brand food chains than Door Dash, charges fewer fees, and doesn’t deal with as many expensive restaurants.

What if I have to cancel an order?

Both Door Dash and Uber refund the customer if the order is cancelled before it leaves the restaurant. Otherwise, charges are levied, as the order will be deemed “Accepted.”

Which food delivery service treats its drivers the best?

Many people choose a food delivery service based on whether the drivers are treated well. Both Uber Eats and Door Dash use an AI gaming system to evaluate employee compliance. They penalize drivers for late delivery or if they get a complaint from a customer or vendor. Both companies deny pay and delivery assignments to late drivers. Door Dash has a slight edge over Uber Eats – paying their drivers slightly more per hour.

Which platform offers better customer support?

Both platforms use in-chat AI, but only Door Dash offers 24/7 Customer Support. Uber Eats users are expected to chat directly with the delivery driver to resolve any issues.

Door Dash vs. Uber Eats or Foodies vs. Franchise

After considering all the pros and cons, it seems that Door Dash is more for foodies looking for with one-of-a-kind cuisine, and who don’t mind paying extra to support the local economy.

Uber Eats, on the other hand, is known for its inexpensive, swift service from franchises such as MacDonald’s or Dominoes. However, Uber Eats is known for establishing a monopoly in the market by making exclusive delivery deals with restaurants that appear in its “Only on Uber Eats” category.

Have you ever used Door Dash or Uber Eats? Which service do you prefer? Let us known in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Door Dash vs. Uber Eats. Which Is the Best Food Service?”

A driver and customer for both companies says:
Your data is a bit out of date. DD has convenience and grocery stores, alcohol and pharmacy deliveries. The drivers are held against a reasonable time for pick-up and delivery with actual penalties unlike UE. Proper customer support with actual people either by live chat or calling, live driver tracking, communication between customer and driver. All in all your article is mostly nonsensical bias making Uber Eats sound better than what it is.
Rasaq Kasumu says:
I drive for Doordash, l can’t say its pay is better. The company uses different tactics to short-pay drivers. Most of the time it lumped two or three orders together and ended up paying for one or two. I have screenshots of these sharp practices by DD.
One does not know exactly what it is paid for a trip. I have asked this question several times, and the usual response is the system determines what is paid to you.
I honestly don’t think DD is treating drivers very well..
Ryan Joseph says:
Both apps pay drivers absolute garbage and expect the customer to pay the wages of the driver’s making them millions of $$! I’ve seen many delivery fees from Uber of almost $20 for a single mile and they pay the driver $2 of that $20, plus they charge the restaurant a 30% commission. Driver’s get around 5% of an orders revenue and pay for their own fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.
Tony says:
Both are not good. Very very very bad.

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