How to Get More DoorDash Drive Orders

Online food ordering and delivery service DoorDash is a popular option to generate side or full-time income. Couriers can work on their own schedule and be selective about the jobs they accept. The DoorDash system and app assist you in maximizing your earnings.

How to Get More DoorDash Drive Orders

Dashers can get more orders and increase their income by pre-planning and knowing the area they’ll be dashing in well. If you want to know how to increase your orders and earn more money, we’ve covered some key points in this article.

In addition, we discuss how to get more double and stacked orders and how to increase your income in general.

How to Get More DoorDash Drive Orders

We’ve outlined five tips to help you get more orders during your shifts.

Tip One: Choose the Right Time to Work

If it’s possible, work during the peak times. According to DoorDash data, the best times to work are usually during lunchtime (11 a.m. – 2 p.m.) and dinner time (4.30 – 8 p.m.). Also, business increases during certain holidays, e.g., Halloween.

Get to know the areas you dash in well as peak times may vary slightly.

Tip Two: Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

As much as possible, be in the right area to anticipate orders. Densely populated areas with popular restaurants offer the best potential for higher earnings. Ignore the highest peak pay areas if it means you’ll get fewer orders due to more couriers operating in that area.

The best dashers report that they receive the most orders when they stay inside of a starting point and near a hot spot. Before starting your shift, use the app to check out and compare the marketplaces to see which are the busiest and where the hotspot areas are.

Use the customer website to see which restaurants are offering promotions as they’re likely to be the busiest and a good area to wait.

Tip Three: Pre-Schedule Your Deliveries

DoorDash will occasionally gray out particular areas on the map indicating that the region is at capacity. This typically happens in high-traffic areas where you can get multiple orders at once.

If you can, try scheduling your shift up to five days in advance to essentially reserve a spot in the busy high-earning areas.

Tip Four: Great Customer Service

As a representative of DoorDash always remember to provide the best customer service. Look presentable, drop-off with a smile, and keep extra condiments just in case the customer needs more. When the customers feel good about their interactions with DoorDash couriers they’ll continue to use the platform.

Tip Five: Be Prepared

The app will remind you that before starting your shift, you need to have:

  • A fully charged phone
  • A full tank of gas
  • Your Red Card
  • A hot bag and space blankets

How To Get More Double Orders on DoorDash

To increase your chances of receiving double orders, choose densely populated areas with popular restaurants and work during peak times. Find out which restaurants are offering promotions (they’ll likely be the busiest) with more opportunities for double orders.

How to Get More Stacked Orders on DoorDash

As with double orders, you can increase your chances of receiving stacked orders during peak times – especially on the weekends – in densely populated areas with popular and large restaurants.

Before starting your shift, use the app to compare the marketplaces so you know where the hotspots are and stay inside that area as much as possible.

Additional FAQ

Why Am I Not Getting Any Orders on DoorDash?

If you’re not receiving orders, check the following:

• Your dash is not paused.

• You are signed into a Dash.

• You are connected to Wi-Fi.

How do I earn more driving for DoorDash?

Location Is Money

Go to the areas where you’ll have the most high-quality orders.

Try to avoid the city as much as possible. City living can be expensive. People living in condos and apartments may be on tighter budgets, therefore may offer smaller tips. The size of their orders also tends to be smaller – ­typically orders for one or two people – in comparison to orders from those living in houses.


In congested city areas, you’ll have fewer options to park freely and you may need to pay for parking.

Drop-Off Time

As a rule, try to avoid high rises and condos unless double and stacked orders that are worth your while are involved.

Gaining entry to apartments and condo buildings can be a task in itself. Tight security, checkpoints, gates, door codes, etc. Waiting for the customer to answer the gate call, waiting for the code, etc. You could end up wasting a lot of time accessing a building just to make one drop-off.

With DoorDash, the quicker you are, the more money you make. Therefore, reducing your drop-off time is key. The less time spent per drop-off, the more drop-offs you can fit within a period.

Dash in Expensive Areas

Choose the expensive marketplaces, made up of high-priced residential homes. The people living in these types of areas tend to have more disposable income, therefore, may offer generous tips. Their orders also tend to be larger as they order for families, meaning more money for you.

Time Is Money

Don’t try to do too much in one day. You’ll end up spending more on gas and add unnecessary mileage to your car. Work during peak hours in more affluent areas.

Dinner times are typically busier as a lot of people don’t have the time to cook when they get home from work. It’s more convenient to use DoorDash.

Work More Peak Periods

The weekends can be the best time to make the most money, as your fellow Dashers may opt to have their weekends off. Saturday and Sunday dinner times are especially the busiest.

For example, you could schedule to work one day during the week and both days at the weekend during peak hours. This will benefit your pocket more than having to chase orders every day during the week.

Look Out for Promotions

Use the app to keep on top of promotions. During really busy periods, the app will indicate how much extra you’ll make per drop e.g., plus $3, plus $4, etc.

Changing Location During Your Shift

Only change your location when it’s convenient.

Think about the time it will take, the gas and car mileage, and whether you’ll make good money there. If you go to a new area, will you need to come a long way back to the area you started to get home? In a scenario like that, when it’s getting closer to the end of your shift, it would be better to change to an area that can be more lucrative than the one you’re currently in and is closer to home.

Take Your DoorDash Chances Up a Notch

DoorDash is one of the largest online food delivery platforms used by 18 million people. DoorDash couriers have the opportunity to make lots of money when increasing their chances to receive more orders.

There are lots of ways to achieve this including scheduling your shifts in advance so you can work in the busiest areas and working the weekends during peak hours. The opportunity to receive double and stacked orders goes up when working in densely populated areas with popular restaurants and restaurants with promotions.

How has your experience as a Dasher been so far? What do you enjoy most and least about it? Let us know what it’s like working for DoorDash in the comments section below.

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