How To Fix a Facebook Account Temporarily Locked

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How To Fix a Facebook Account Temporarily Locked

To protect its billions of user accounts and the large numbers of data uploads to the site each day, Facebook takes the security of its platform seriously. By constantly monitoring user accounts, it can quickly spot suspicious behavior. With that in mind, have you seen a “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” error message when trying to sign in? If so, you may have received it in error due to Facebook’s stringent precautions.

This article explains why Facebook temporarily locks accounts, how to unlock them, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Facebook Account Temporarily Locked Due To Suspicious Activity

Entering your Facebook credentials on a website posing as Facebook or logging into Facebook via a third-party tool is deemed “suspicious activity.” For either of those reasons, Facebook will temporarily lock your account and request you verify yourself as the account owner as a security precaution.

Facebook Account Temporarily Locked for Security Reasons

Facebook takes the security of user accounts seriously. When it suspects an account is compromised, it will lock the account until there’s confirmation that the owner is accessing the account. Actions that appear suspicious to Facebook include:

  • Sending too many friend requests or messages.
  • Using automated software and bots.
  • A sudden increase in posting frequency.
  • Having a fake account, using a fake name, or impersonating someone (debatable).
  • Spam advertising.
  • Joining too many groups in a short space of time.
  • Requesting too many recoveries or authentication codes.
  • Any activities that violate their Community Standards or Terms.

Facebook Account Temporarily Locked Due to Unfamiliar Location

One of Facebook’s main security features is to monitor the IP address and device logins. If the company detects a login attempt from an unfamiliar source, Facebook will lock the account. It will result in the following error message: “We’ve locked your account because someone recently tried to log in from an unfamiliar location.”

If you’re using a different phone than you usually do or the company detects an unusual IP address, Facebook will note your location as being unfamiliar. These security features may lead to your account being locked even in legitimate circumstances.

How to Unlock Facebook Account Temporarily Locked

There are a few ways you can arrange to have your account unlocked:

“Report a Login Issue” Form

When your account is locked, asking Facebook for help via their Report a login issue is a great place to start.

Include a detailed description of the problem, and any methods you’ve tried to resolve it and provide a contact email address. To help Facebook investigate the situation, include a screenshot of the error message you receive. When you submit the form, it will take anywhere between 1–10 business days for someone from Facebook to respond.

“Security Checks Preventing Login” Form

If you’re unable to sign in to your account due to security checks and haven’t received the security code to unlock your account, use the Security checks preventing login form.

Here you’ll also need to explain the problem you’re facing and provide an email address where the company can reach you. Be sure to mention that you’re not receiving the security code if that’s the case.

Verify Your Identity With Facebook

Another helpful form is the Confirm your identity with Facebook.

This form allows you to pass the verification check to prove you are the account holder.

You’ll need to attach a photo ID, such as your driver’s license or passport, along with your phone number or login email.

Facebook warns that they can store your ID for up to one year. However, you can change this to 30 days only via your Identity Confirmation Settings.

Wait for Facebook to get back to you after submitting the form.

In closing, Facebook has strict measures to protect the security of user accounts. Facebook may temporarily lock the account when any out-of-the-ordinary activity is spotted, such as accessing it from an unfamiliar location, sending out an unusual number of posts, or using automated software.

Facebook realizes that not all cases are fraudulent. For that reason, the account is quickly unlocked once they’re satisfied that you’re the genuine account holder, which you can do using the above processes.

Facebook Temporarily Locked FAQs

How do I stop my Facebook account from getting locked?

Consider the following to help prevent Facebook from temporarily locking your account:

• Verify your phone number, email address, and identity. Verifying your details lets Facebook know that you are a genuine user and not trying to impersonate anyone. You can include additional information like the college you attended if you wish.

• Use strong passwords. A strong password means less of a chance of someone guessing your password. Long passwords require more time to crack.

• A naturally aged account. Unfortunately for new Facebook users, in the eyes of Facebook, your account is less trustworthy, as spammers typically use new fake accounts to spam users. Therefore, a new profile is more likely to be blocked than an established one with many friends.

How long is a temporary facebook lock?

A temporary Facebook lock usually lasts for 24 to 48 hours. Your account will unlock as soon as you complete the instructions. If you haven’t received the security code or experienced any other problem, contact Facebook.

What is the difference between a Facebook ban and a locked account?

As stated previously, Facebook takes measures to secure your account and others. While Facebook might lock your account to protect it if you’ve been hacked or have suspicious logins, the company will ban users who violate the terms of service.

The former means you’ve had suspicious activity, and it is possible to unlock your account. The latter means you’ve posted or communicated something the company deems harmful to other users, and, therefore, may not permit the option to get your account back.

Notice: This is NOT Facebook. Please, DO NOT submit personally identifiable information or your comment will not get posted. We cannot fix your problems—only provide possible solutions. If you are having trouble, try using Chrome on the following Facebook Help page and navigate using the links on the left:
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30 thoughts on “How To Fix a Facebook Account Temporarily Locked”

Tamim says:
I cannot access my Facebook account.

Please solve it

Steve Larner says:
Alphr is just a technology help site. You’ll need to contact Facebook.
sylvesterferguson says:
Why they keep on saying my account is locked
Elizabeth Dallaire says:
It is ridiculous not to be able to contact a live person. I am locked out and do not even own a mobile phone, only land line. It is impossible for me to produce a code generator and no amount of uploading identity has sufficed. They keep asking for a code generator on the assumpiton that I own a mobile phone. No way to communicate to them that I do not own a phone. Crazy not to be able to inform them because they demand something that I cannot receive to supply them with!!! At this point I would just want to create a new account but fear I will run into the same problem doing that. Where to get REAL help?????
Erik Farkas says:
My account has been locked, i can still log in but i get a message that i should use a device that i have previously used to log in. I log out then try to log back in, and on the bottom it tells me that i can see my profile picture because i used this device before to log in to my account…days have passed, still cannot access my main page, nor text my friends/family…I tried submitting a profile verification sheet too, but as soon as i put my e-mail in, it asks me to log in to proceed………….
Yoli says:
I don’t feel comfortable handing over my ID. Why don’t they ask you for that when you first create and account. the whole thing seems like a reason to steal our ID information. the whole thing seems like something a hacker would do to get your personal information. there has to be another way to do this
Lucky says:
How to unlock my account.
The time they give me is over-due. Right now I’m having what they needed.
Stephenkcalete says:
My Facebook has temporary been blocked, please i want it to be open
Yohannes Aycheluhime says:
My account has been locked. I Don’t know the reason.
Wendy S Stutler says:
My account has been locked since July.I can’t get into the email but I do have the phone number
Tumusiime Derick says:
My phone was restarted and I lost my facebooks account, so trying to fix it again, they told me that I’m temporarily blocked to see if I meet the security standards.but in the process I could
try different passwords due to forgot password, but been a loyal user before.
Jeffrey says:
my account was locked Oct 31st 2022. It looked like someone had gained access. I quickly did a PW reset. Facebook asked for ID which i uploaded. Get same message now for a month that it takes a day or two or longer to review…. How much longer should i wait? will they give me back my account? or should I start fresh…….
Fabby Fabbiano says:
Hi?Facebook locked my personal Facebook account without my consent,please help me to unlock it
dave says:
hello, i use facebook for my business page so being locked out is really penalising..

i used a chrome extension to invite people who reacted to my posts to like the page itself, and this was deemed as potential hack so my personal page along with 2 business pages got locked.

I followed the email verification step and submitting my id.
Straightaway, I got a mail saying :
“Thank you for confirming your identity. You can click the button below to get back into your account.
You can also go to Facebook and use this code as your password:
Your unlock code and link will expire on December 8 2022 at 1:37 PM, so please log in to your account before that.
You can make your account more secure by enabling two-factor authentication and changing your password after you’re logged in.

Get back into your account ”

To me this sounded like i could get back in as there is no mention of period to wait for or whether the photo id was rejected, however, it took me back to the locked account screen, so, i refollowed the steps and resubmitted my photo id, the same problem occured, i tried twice more and gave up 🙁

Am i going to get a mail when the photo id has actually been reviewed ? how long could it take ? is there another method to follow ( i see a million dodgy replies on all forums and youtube comments) ?

i thank you in advance for your help.

kind regards,

Rakib Rakib babu says:
Hi Rakib,

This is to let you know that your password has just been reset using the phone number +8801315743469.

About this change

Thursday, 24 November 2022 at 10:25 (UTC+06)
Near Dhaka, Bangladesh
A48, Android

Owethu says:
My Facebook is locked, and I’ve received the confirmation code multiple times and gotten access denied due to too many attempts.
Mustafaxx says:
The same for me
My account has ben suspended and I went through some security steps, I have uploaded my ID passport and received e-mail that they will check and identify my ID within 24 hours
It is already 2 weeks, How long will take please ???
nadir dadi says:
I’VE got your account has been locked 3 times, first one reset password, second, resest pass, third one they dont let me reset pass they asked me to choose 3 friends to confirm that’s me but i dont have close friends in facebook what should i do ?
Steve Larner says:
Never heard of choosing 3 friends to confirm you are legit. Sounds sus.
Samuel cosmos says:
Why is my account still lock after summiting my id
Steve Larner says:
That’s just how Facebook/Meta functions.
Samira Hasan Abdi says:
My account has been locked and it says due unusual activity. I Don’t know the reason.
Steve Larner says:
You or someone else tried multiple ways and times to access the account within a short time gap.
Laura says:
When I tri to log into FB it says:
“Laura, your account security is at risk.
We’ve temporarily locked your account because your Facebook Protect settings have changed.
Account locked on November 10, 2022. We did this to secure your account against unauthorized access.
We’ll take you through some steps to secure and unlock your account”. Then it tried to force me into 2FA, which I can not do. Will it reset? or do I need to contact someone?
Missy B says:
Same thing has happened to me…. any luck, Laura?
William says:
I too am a victim who is locked. I am locked out of my account. I was asked to provide ID which I did using my passport. It was approved by fb but can not get in to account to imput code.
No one to help us all. Sad commentary on Facebook.
Drex says:
Looks like my Facebook account is locked and am not getting phone or email codes when trying to confirm the account
Afenogho Judith says:
My facebook account has been locked for two days now . The system says I have exceeded the number of try to get started and now I can’t even access the system to unlock it . What do I do ?
Steve Larner says:
Wait for it to refresh, and then try again.
Norm says:
Facebook locked my account on Oct 6th saying I didn’t follow company standards.
I only post family, my football team and Christian quotes or inspirational ones. I can’t even get Facebook to tell me what I did or contact them!! It’s crap, I’ve been on since 2009 and never once posted ANYTHING controversial. I just want answers and to access my account.
Lolita says:
I feel you. My situation is almost exactly like yours. Been a member since 2008. My account has been disabled since October 22. I can not access my professional account or pages that I administer. We should all get together and file a defamation of character class action lawsuit.
Vugar says:
The same here. I have been on FB since 2007, a loyal user. I have been logged out for some unknown reason.
Lil'Free Ngwanaofela says:
My Facebook account is not logging in it seems to be locked and it doesn’t show my number on the login details for Code. How do I recover?
Carla Thomas says:
Hey did you ever get it back?
Widad says:
My account has been locked but i upload many times till I cant upload again
De Real Bliss says:
my account has been locked since 13 June 2022 and I have try all procedure to log in back but it doesn’t work please help me to recover it
Amelia says:
I made a brand new account, because my primary one was blocked for bs reasons. I used the new account for 3 days, added my closest friends, before a storm killed our power. After a near week, I get the message that I’m temporarily blocked from reacting, commenting or posting! I read the reasons why it can happen, none of them apply. There are zero violations on the account. It was not hacked either. It said 24 to 48 hours…it’s been 74 hours!! No reason for this at ALL. PLEASE HELP.
Jamie says:
did u manage to get the account back? i have same situation like u. already 5 days. no respond yet.
Neneta Bagabaldo says:
Please help me to unlock my Facebook account
Elizabeth Awele Richards says:
I’ve been temporarily locked up from my Facebook since 3 days now.
It’s due to scammers that hacked my account because I reacted to their advert
Abdalla Bakhit says:
My account is locked. I think I’ve subscribed in a couple of business groups only for business sake and nothing else.
Kulwinder says:
I had the same problem and was going round in circles for months. I downloaded the Facebook app and submitted my passport photo page as id. I kept getting an email saying my identity had been verified and a link to click on but it never worked. Today I opened Facebook on chrome and then pasted the password I was sent and my account was unlocked.
I was using Microsoft Edge previously but found once I used chrome the password I was sent worked.

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