Office: should you buy it, rent it – or dump it?

For the past 30 years, there have been three certainties in life: you’ll pay taxes, you’ll die and you’ll use Microsoft Office.

Office: should you buy it, rent it - or dump it?

This time has passed, however, and those of us who have been wedded to the world’s dominant productivity suite need to ask: is it time to file for divorce?

Even Microsoft doesn’t want things to carry on as before. It’s pushing the rental model of Office 365, which involves paying a set fee per month or year for the privilege of using the latest version of its desktop suite.

It throws in a number of sweeteners, too: free Skype calls, the ability to use the software on up to five devices, plus heaps of free online storage.

But is that enough? Here, we take a look at the alternatives. There’s the king of online collaboration, Google Drive; there’s Apple’s beautiful iWork suite, for both iOS and Mac; and there are open-source freeware packages such as LibreOffice. Of course, if you have an older version of Office, why not stick with that?

To find out what’s best for you – and for your business – read on.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 vs Apple iWork

Office 365 vs Google Drive

Office 365 vs LibreOffice/OpenOffice

Office 365 vs Office Online

Office 365 vs Office 2013

The Verdict

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