What to Do if Your Amazon Fire Stick Won’t Connect to WiFi

Amazon’s line of Fire TV Sticks is one of the most popular ways to watch Netflix and Hulu, play some music through Spotify around the house, and even stream some games on the web. Still, no matter how good Amazon’s gadgets are, it’s not uncommon to experience some degree of internet connectivity issues. It can be a real bummer if you’re running into network problems. Fortunately, a little troubleshooting can resolve many network connection issues.

What to Do if Your Amazon Fire Stick Won't Connect to WiFi

Several possible things can cause WiFi connectivity problems with your Fire Stick. This how-to article explains a few quick fixes that can get your Fire Stick back online in no time so that you can get back to enjoying it.

1. Inspect Your Amazon Fire Stick Setup

Before you restart the Fire Stick, take a closer look at the physical setup. Something might be blocking the WiFi signal or making it weak. If your TV is in a cabinet or any other enclosed space, you might experience a weaker WiFi signal subject to periodic interruptions.

If you have a Fire TV device, keep it away from other electronics that could interfere with the WiFi signal.

2. Restart Your Amazon Fire Stick

Once you ensure that nothing is physically blocking or interfering with the WiFi signal to your Fire Stick, the next step to try is simply restarting your device. It’s amazing how often restarting a device fixes problems, including Internet connectivity issues.

There are two different methods to initiate a restart of your Fire Stick.

  1. To physically restart your Fire Stick, you only need to unplug the device, wait about 15 seconds, then plug it back in.
  2. Your Fire Stick should come back online a few seconds or so after it’s plugged in.

Often, you’ll find that this is enough to solve your WiFi connectivity issues.

If you don’t want to get off the couch to reboot your device physically, you can force your Fire Stick to restart using a shortcut on your remote.

  1. To restart your Fire Stick with a remote, just hold down the Play/Pause and Select buttons simultaneously.
  2. Wait for the device to restart.

Lastly, if the remote shortcut doesn’t seem to work for you, restart your device from the Fire Stick menu.

  1. To do so, just head to the Settings menu on your device, select the Device submenu, and select Restart.
  2. When your device reboots, test your WiFi.

Using one of these three methods, you can quickly restart your Fire Stick to resolve your WiFi connectivity issues. Be sure to try this before moving on, as it is much easier and faster than any other solution.

3. Check Your Internet Connection and WiFi

If restarting your device doesn’t work, there is a possibility that the issue lies in your internet connection. Confirm that your WiFi network is functioning for other devices like your smartphone or laptop. If it is, you know the problem lies squarely with your Fire Stick, and you may want to use the built-in network tool to check the network status and get some tips on how to fix the issue.

To check your WiFi network, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Settings menu on your device and select Network.
  2. Press Play/Pause to check your Network.
  3. This will tell you whether or not your home WiFi network is up and running.
  4. If it’s not, then the solution may be to restart your modem or router to re-establish a connection.

Restart Your Modem or Router

If your network is not working as it’s supposed to, a simple restart should fix the connectivity issue so that your Fire Stick can reconnect to WiFi.

  1. Start by powering off your router. Use the Power button to turn off your modem and wait for 30 seconds before you power it back on. You can also unplug the adapter to turn off the device.
  2. After 30 seconds, turn your router back and wait for it to establish a connection. You may have to wait several minutes for the router/modem to completely power back on and connect to the Internet.
  3. Once your router/modem fully restarts and connects, try reconnecting the Fire Stick to your WiFi.
  4. Note: Those who use both a modem and a router need to power on the modem first, then the router.

Forget Your WiFi Network and then Re-establish a Connection

If restarting your router doesn’t work, you can try forgetting your home network and reconnecting with your Fire Stick. This process is a software-level restart that helps establish a new WiFi connection.

  1. Use the Fire Stick remote to navigate to the Settings menu and select the Network option.
  2. Locate the offending network and press the Menu button for more options. This button is represented by three horizontal lines (also known as the hamburger icon).
  3. Choose the option to Forget the Network and confirm your choice by pressing the Select button. This will cause your Fire Stick to disconnect from your home network.
  4. After forgetting the network, look for it among the list of available networks and try to connect back to it. Enter your password when prompted to see if you can now connect to the WiFi.

4. Reenter the Password when Connecting to WiFi

If you cannot connect to WiFi after restarting your device and attempting to reconnect, it may be because you are using the wrong password. If this is the case, you will get a password error displayed on the Fire TV menu.

To avoid password problems, remember that they are case-sensitive. If you suspect that you’ve forgotten the password, you might be able to retrieve it by checking your saved networks on another device. Or ask a roommate or housemate if you have one.

5. Check Compatibility Issues

Fire TV devices require particular network and modem or router specifications.

Fire Sticks can connect to WPA1-PSK encrypted, WEP, WPA-PSK, open networks, and hidden networks. Most also support N, B, and G routers on 2.4 GHz and AC, A, and N routers on 5 GHz.

You should check if your equipment and network are Fire Stick compatible before purchasing the device to avoid this problem.

In closing, WiFi connectivity issues can be pretty annoying. On the bright side, this write-up should help you quickly get to the bottom of your connectivity issues. The methods above are quick, simple, and often effective in resolving Fire Stick Internet connectivity problems.

30 thoughts on “What to Do if Your Amazon Fire Stick Won’t Connect to WiFi”

Scott Halbleib says:
Great write up! But I’ve walked through all of them and still can’t connect even though it says it’s connected to the network… I’m traveling so I use my hotspot vs a modem, BUT it has been working the last couple months, nothing’s changed other than my location, but at the moment, I have the best signal I’ve had yet???
Joel says:
How do I get this removed from my network or have it pick up another IP address? I have tried everything, just reset it completely and when attempting to connect to my main home network (which it worked with for over a year but suddenly shows connected, no internet), still getting same error. It is still assigning the same IP address as before the reset, I have also confirmed on my FULL MESH TYPOLOGY, that it is ACTIVE on my home network, yet, no internet connection on the firestick itself? I don’t need this one, and will probably sell it but don’t want to pass this problem on to a potential buyer.
Please help!
James Jones says:
I had the same issues so factory reset my fire stick. Then next day same issue and noticed that fire stick was not showing location in the settings. So I reset modem so fire stick pick up wifi signal and show location again.
Sasha says:
Hi there. And what to do when non of these are working? I ve tried to deregister and now stuck with the stick that finds my wifi but when inserted password gives the connection timed out message.
Steve Larner says:
Maybe go into the Firestick Settings and choose to restart. Also, you can try getting closer to the router.
Carly says:
When I go to network the only option there is basic WiFi troubleshooting tips. I tried restarting but nothing would work.
Steve Larner says:
Try holding the select button and the play/pause button together for about 10 seconds or so. If that doesn’t work, unplug the firestick for a minute, then plug it back in.
Julie Hankinson says:
There are serious connectivity issues with my firestick. I was having issues with my remote–I ended up ordering another remote. I use my phone as a backup remote, and it was doing fine for a couple of days, but now I’ve lost connection to the Firestick. Completely. The advantage of the Firestick app is that it tells you what’s going on and from that I concluded that the remote was not the problem.

I reset my browser–nothing. Unfortunately all of the troubleshooting methods you mentioned require a working remote.

I was hoping that there was a way I could avoid getting another one. We got this one only a little over a year ago. What is the typical lifespan for firesticks?

Joanna says:
Same. Everything in my house is connected and running well. My 2 sucks always have issues and after the latest update won’t connect at all.
Jim says:
Fire stick is a piece of ***t garbage get Roku. I’m throwing all of my fire sticks in the trash they never connect. Garbage
Richard Ruggiero says:
can you use a firestick on your tv if you don’t have wifi
Andrew says:
I tied everything suggested nothing works so I threw it out and got a roku.
CLP says:
Changing HDMI port it was plugged into/taking it out of HDMI an re-plugging it in fixed for me. What an hour hassle though!
Jasmina Marquez says:
Hello, I had this issue and tried all of the things mentioned. I finally went to settings > MY FIRE TV > Restart. It is working fine now. Hope this helps!
Anonymous says:
Thank you, this worked for me
Red girl says:
I can’t even get to my settings it always go back to network settings
michael kirkland says:
My remote quit working I tried to download the app on my phone and use my phone as a remote but the app tells me I have to have the fire stick on the same Wi-Fi network is my phone I can’t connect to the Wi-Fi I don’t have my remote
Manish says:
Having same issue. Any solution
Jai says:
Facing the same issue. Whats the Solution?? I cant even find a customer care number to contact on
Andrew says:
I did a factory reset and now it scans for network and does not find any. Suggestions please.
LA says:
Thank you. Play+ select worked immediately. Grateful
123water says:
I have had similar issues with my Firestick 4K. Solution: Amazon Fire and various similar sticks/boxes only support 5Ghz channels 36-48. I change my 5Gnz channel from AUTO to 36. Problem solved! 36-48. I change my wifi router 5Gnz channel from AUTO to 36. Problem solved!
Scottmay2k says:
Thank you changing the 5GHG channel to 36 worked for me.
cindy says:
I got mine to work by clicking a button that turned off “save wifi passwords to Amazon”. When I did that everything worked instantly.
Anthony Candler says:
Thanks did the same am sorted now
Leslie Richards says:
Can’t get firestick to recognize network. Tried all solutions. Tried turning everything off and on again. Never found the setting. Guess we will give up,
AJ J. says:
Well, that was an easy fix! Thank you for saving my sanity!
Eric says:
Go on a different wifi signal and type in a bad password, it will reject that wifi and connect back on the original with no issues
Darren Maguire says:
I was having similar problem. Check in your account on the firestick, mine had be signed out so I needed to sign back in using my Amazon email and password. It solved the issue
Mark Bauer says:
Suddenly after about a year, my firestick shows very good connection to wifi, but can’t get to internet. Three other devices (my phone, Samsung tablet, and 2 laptops) are working just fine via the same router and modem.
Len Wells says:
I am having the same problem! Have you been able to fix it?
Darren Maguire says:
I was having similar problem. Check in your account on the firestick, mine had be signed out so I needed to sign back in using my Amazon email and password. It solved the issue
DJ Maguire says:
I was having the same problem. When I checked , my firestick had been signed out and needed to be signed back in, using my Amazon username and password. Once I did this it was back as normal. Hope this helps
Roshan says:
I just spent 2 hours doing all of these things, including a factory reset twixe, and it turned out to be that I needed to replace the batteries in the remote. The batteries!!!!??? Why can’t Amazon simply put some type of “your batteries are getting low” notification on the screen rather than disallow your connection to Amazon.com. Absolute stupidity. No one has time for that. Hope this helps someone else. Start with your remote batteries if your internet is working but you can’t get the FireTv to connect. THEN do everything else.
Olivia says:
I reset mine now it wont connect to the Xfinity so I can put my Xfinity information in like my email & pass word it tells me connection to Xfinity wifi failed.Please try again but would let me the night before..I have pulled it out an let it sit for 10 seconds or more an it wont conncet. Idk what else to do!!
Tim says:
I can’t believe the battery would fix it, but I’m going to try… I have 3 working firesticks and I’ve upgraded several times and never had this problem. Everything else connects and works fine and I’ve tried everything suggested and it still says connected but no internet. I’m about ready to go back to ROKU which I hate.
Justin says:
My new firestick wont connect to wifi.. my other firestick does but 4k one wont.. any suggestions
Christina says:
I FIXED THIS ISSUE! Restarting wifi, restarting fire stick, unplugging everything, moving hardware around, using the other HDMI input didn’t work. I reset my TV and also went into my Amazon account on another device to deregistered the fire stick, and one of those last two options worked without restoring to factory settings! Good luck
Elizabeth O'Brien says:
My wifi always doesn’t work on my fire stick even if it is working on other devices. I decided to forget the network and when I went to reconnect that wifi is now gone and the fire stick will not pick up. I don’t know how to find it even if I manually enter it. it still does not work
Dat guy says:
Any solution to your problem? I have the same issue.
Beth says:
I’m in the same boat! I had this problem a while ago and added the extender hdmi cord and that helped for a little while but now it’s doing the same thing again. Any solutions?
priscilla a hogan says:
I got a new firestick for my bedroom we have two other ones and have never had this issue.. We start the setup process goes through language we hit English than network screen pops up but goes away with out letting use search and choose our network it goes right to checking for new updated and rund forever and we getting nothing can someone help us
FDB says:
I work for an internet company and literally 9/10 if you unplug the firestick, leave it unplugged, then reset(by unplugging modem from the power) and then plugging it back in. Wait until its fully booted up and then connecting the firestick this will resolve the issue. Firesticks have horrible wifi adapters. If it just says home is currently unavailable sometimes just click out of it and then click back in and sometimes it just realizing its not a great wifi device and it has bugs. But it its having were it shows very strong for network and keeps disconnecting then start by p/c mdm and firestick. Then try internally resetting the firestick.
Peter Dmor'e says:
I have factory reset my device as suggested by Amazon help page due to connection problems which only began occurring last night. Now since then I cannot connect to my wifi at all and only seems to pick up any networks after waiting for about 15 minutes..
Even then connecting to our network at all is still a problem nothing I have tried works.
tammy stovers says:
my fire tv is stuck on pop up box that says network settings (highlighted in yellow) and dismiss but remote will not let me select anything. remote still operating tv power and sound. I have disconnected everything a dozen times and my wifi if fine, I did a reboot just to check. have not been able to use for days. I have tried holding select and play/pause many times and nothing. I am about ready to return it for I have only had it for a month. please help
Anna says:
Might seem very simple, but did either of you attempt to remove the batteries of your remote? Leave out for 30 seconds, pop them back in.
Then sync your remote. Has worked for us.
Wendy Kennedy says:
My fire stick is buffing. Im in a rv park and only have wifi. Can the fire stick be used without a modem or router? If so do you have any suggestions?
Tim says:
Yes, tried everything mentioned and listed in support, tried new batteries, rebooted router after 2 minutes, restarted firestick, unplugged, plugged back in. Everything in the room connects and works except the firestick. It connects but no internet after working for 4 months. I’m switching to Roku.
Kimberly McLean says:
I need my password

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