How To Fix Color Distortion Issue On MacBook Pro

Some of the MacBook Pro users experienced color distortion on the screen after waking it up from the sleeping mode. The color distortion usually corrects itself just after a few moments. This issue has made many Macbook Pro users worried and they usually bring them right away back to where they bought it right away. The color distortion issue is experienced by the multiple models and production years of the Macbook Pro whether it’s brand new or refurbished.

How To Fix Color Distortion Issue On MacBook Pro

The possible reason why the color distortion happens on the Macbook Pro is because of some software bug encountered. The first thing that user can perform is by running diagnostics on the Macbook Pro. With the diagnostics, the user can determine whether a specific piece of hardware might be the one that causes the color distortion to occur. Run the diagnostics by following the step-by-step guide below.

How To Diagnose Macbook Pro For Hardware Issues

Here’s how to run diagnostics for Macbook Pro from mid-2013 model or later.

  1. Detach all the external devices Pro but the following connected on your Macbook Pro:
    Display monitor, keyboard, mouse, Ethernet cable and power plug
  2. Be sure to check if your Macbook Pro has several inches of ventilation space on all sides and is rest on a solid, flat and levek surface
  3. Shut off the MacBook
  4. After a few seconds of rest, turn the power back on
  5. Once the Mac starts to boot, hit ‘D’ on the keyboard immediately and hold
  6. After the Mac asks you to choose your preferred language you can release the key
  7. Once you choose your language, diagnostics will begin automatically
  8. Don’t forget to take note of all reference codes that display once diagnostics are completed
  9. Run the diagnostic test again if you need additional information or to see the reference codes again
  10. Then restart or shutdown the Macbook Pro
  11. Tap on Agree to Send from Recovery Mode
  12. Then click on Get Started option if have an Internet connection. This sends your info directly to Apple Support
  13. When you receive a response from Apple Support, use their guidance to fix your issue

For Older Models

Another method is applicable for Macbook Pro models prior to June 2013. You will be using the Hardware Test. This also follows the initial steps for running diagnostics on newer Macbook models. Once you’re done with choosing your preferred language, follow the next steps shown below:

  1. Hit the right directional key
  2. Then choose Test
  3. Once you’re done with reviewing the results, restart or shutdown your Macbook

Running a diagnostic test on your Macbook Pro is the first thing to do if you experience a color distortion on the screen after waking it up from the sleep mode. If the diagnostics test detected that there is an issue with your hardware, you’ll probably have to take the Macbook Pro back to the Apple store or to an officially licensed servicer to have it repaired  

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