Friendmoji Not Working in Snapchat – What to Do

Sending animated, expressive friendmoji stickers to your loved ones is part of Snapchat’s charm. If you’ve been using them religiously for a while now, you can feel like you’re losing an essential part of your conversations if the feature stops working.

Friendmoji Not Working in Snapchat - What to Do

So, with these stickers being such a huge part of our online conversations these days, how does one deal with no longer being able to use them?

Getting them back isn’t always difficult. It all starts with understanding what might have caused the issue in the first place.

Causes for Friendmoji Not Working Properly

One of the main potential reasons why you’re unable to send friendmoji stickers is because of a bad software update.


Although unnerving, it’s also understandable why this happens. App developers need to keep up with so many new smartphones and new OS versions that it’s hard to please everyone. An automatic update could fix one thing and mess up another.

Another reason why your friendmoji stickers might have disappeared from Snapchat is if either you or the person you’re talking to don’t have Bitmoji linked to your Snapchat account anymore.

Snapchat Rollback

If you had no trouble using friendmoji and bitmoji stickers before, maybe you should rollback your Snapchat to a previous update. Also, turn off the automatic updating for this app.

Keep looking online for news until you see that a new update that has fixed whatever bug you were experiencing. After that, you can roll the dice again and update to the newest Snapchat version and see if the friendmoji feature is back on track.

Check mirror sites for apk files in order to find a stable version of Snapchat that had no issues with friendmoji stickers.

  1. Locate and download the apk file on your smartphone
  2. Go to the Play Store
  3. Find Snapchat
  4. Disable automatic updates

After doing that, you should have no more surprises with Snapchat, as the interface won’t change anymore. Of course, you may miss out on Snapchat innovations if you never update the app.

Check Bitmoji Status

Check to see if you still have your Bitmoji account linked to your Snapchat profile. Also, ask the other person to check if their accounts are linked and if the friendmoji stickers feature is enabled in their chat.

Dealing with the iOS Bitmoji Keyboard

Some friendmoji issues are associated with the iOS bitmoji keyboard. Various users report that they can’t find the dedicated keyboard and therefore can’t send friendmoji stickers.


If you find yourself in the same spot, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the iOS bitmoji keyboard is enabled.

  1. Go to Settings (your device’s settings)
  2. Go to the General tab
  3. Select Keyboard
  4. Select Keyboards
  5. Select “Tap to add Bitmoji”
  6. Set “Full Access” to ON
  7. Log back into Bitmoji using your Snapchat account
  8. Start a conversation to test if you can find the stickers

Last Resort Solutions

If using the above methods doesn’t help and if you’re still waiting around for your Snapchat support ticket to be answered, then you might want to consider some drastic measures.

You can uninstall Snapchat from your smartphone, rollback your OS, or even do a hard reset on your device.

As most smartphone users know, it is possible to run into unfixable situations with third-party apps because of various software incompatibilities. These issues can start after updates or after having your phone infected with a virus or malware.

A factory reset will delete everything from your phone. Depending on your phone, it can also revert the OS to its initial version. On the clean phone, you can install Snapchat again, set it to not receive automatic updates, and you can also disable automatic OS updates for your device to be extra safe.

This should work like a charm, especially if everything worked fine in the first few weeks after you’ve bought the phone.

Share Your Perspective

As already stated, friendmoji and bitmoji issues are not that uncommon. But it’s hard to say exactly why they occur since there are so many smartphone models and OS versions to account for.

Have you ever had problems with your Snapchat friendmoji feature? How did you manage to get past it? Tell us in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Friendmoji Not Working in Snapchat – What to Do”

Leslie Prosneski says:
My Friendmoji had been working perfectly. I changed my outfit and now it won’t work. I can access Bitmoji stickers, but every time I try to click on the friends icon, it says I have no friends. It does this in text, Snapchat, and Bitmoji app. All my friends are still there, and they can see me.
Jeanett Stenskjær says:
I have the same problem.
ALi says:
my friendmoji with a specific friend is not showing for me while it is showing for him, he can use and put friendmoji stickers while i can only find my normal bitmoji stickers.
at the same time, friendmoji stickers is showing for other friends and contacts on snapchat except that specific contact.
we both have bitmoji linked to our accounts and both snapchat and bitmoji are updated to the latest version.
its been like this for nearly 2 months now
Lisette says:
Same problem
Ailen says:
Hi! i have the same problem, could you solved it?

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