Genshin Impact Weapons – A Full Weapon & Tier List

The weapon may not make the character, but in Genshin Impact it can give you a crucial edge in tough fights. Choosing a weapon for your character in Genshin Impact isn’t as simple as picking one with the highest rating or base stat. For instance, there are weapons with a three-star rating that also have passive abilities that might influence your decision to equip a character with it.

Genshin Impact Weapons - A Full Weapon & Tier List

If you’re experiencing a little weapon confusion, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more about each weapon’s capabilities, including base stats, secondary damage type, and its passive skill name.

A Full Tier List of the Best Genshin Impact Weapons

Examining weapon stats in a game is a simple affair. You check out its base damage and if you upgrade the weapon, that damage stat increases. However, Genshin Impact handles its weapon stats a little differently.

You still have base damage stats to peruse, but any weapon rated three-stars or above also has a bonus secondary stat that scales up when you upgrade it as well. In addition, those secondary stats have their own passive stat that “pairs” with them. So, instead of looking at one stat, you need to consider all three when looking for the “best” weapons.

Check out the list below to learn about all the weapons introduced in Genshin Impact (so far), including its base damage stat, secondary type, and skill name.

All Swords Ranked by Stars

Weapons with a five-star ranking may be the most coveted, but three and four-star weapons may work just as well in some cases. It all depends on how you upgrade the weapon and who you plan on having wield it. As the Traveler, the sword is your weapon of choice.

Five-Star Swords

Five-star swords are only available via Wish banners like Beginner’s Wish, Wanderlust Invocations, and the occasional weapon Event.

  • Aquila Favonia – 48, Physical DMG Bonus, “Falcon’s Defiance”
  • Skyward Blade – 46, Energy Recharge, “Sky-Piercing Fang”
  • Primordial Jade Cutter – 44, CRIT Rate, “Protector’s Virtue”
  • Summit Shaper – 46, ATK, “Golden Majesty”
  • Mistsplitter Reforged – 48, CRIT DMG, “Mistsplitter’s Edge”

Four-Star Swords

Just like five-star swords, four-star rated weapons are obtainable using Wishes. However, you can also occasionally buy them from Paimon’s Bargains or craft them via Forging.

  • Sacrificial Sword – 41, Energy Recharge, “Composed”
  • Favonious Sword – 41, Energy Recharge, “Windfall”
  • The Flute – 42, ATK, “Chord”
  • Prototype Rancour – 44, Physical DMG Bonus, “Smashed Stone”
  • Sword of Descension – 39, ATK, “Descension”
  • Iron Sting – 42, Elemental Mastery, “Infusion Stinger”
  • The Black Sword – 42, CRIT Rate, “Justice”
  • Festering Desire – 42, Energy Recharge, “Undying Admiration”
  • Blackcliff Longsword – 44, CRIT DMG, “Press the Advantage”
  • Amenoma Kageuchi – 41, ATK, “Iwakura Succession”
  • The Alley Flash – 45, Elemental Mastery, “Itinerant Hero”

Three-Star Swords

Three-star weapons are a little easier to obtain since you can get them via Wishes as well as from chests in the game world. They can be just as powerful, though, if put in the right hands.

  • Harbinger of Dawn – 39, CRIT DMG, “Vigorous”
  • Skyrider Sword – 38, Energy Recharge, “Determination”
  • Traveler’s Handy Sword – 40, DEF, “Journey”
  • Cool Steel – 39, ATK, “Bane of Water and Ice”
  • Dark Iron Sword – 39, Elemental Mastery, “Overloaded”
  • Fillet Blade – 39, ATK, “Gash”

All Claymores Ranked by Stars

Diluc is one of the most famous claymore-wielding playable characters in the game. Ideally, you’ll equip him with a five-star claymore that befits his combat style. However, there are plenty of three- and four-star claymores that will do just as well.

Five-Star Claymores

Five-star claymores are rare in Genshin Impact. Currently, there are only four in the game. However, there are whispers that three more are in the works. Keep an eye out for news about updates from miHoYo because you never know when these new claymores will become available.

  • The Unforged – 46, ATK, “Golden Majesty”
  • Wolf’s Gravestone – 46, ATK, “Wolfish Tracker”
  • Skyward Pride – 48, Energy Recharge, “Sky-ripping Dragon Spine”
  • Song of Broken Pines – 49, Physical DMG Bonus, “Rebel’s Banner Hymn”

Four-Star Claymores

Four-star claymores are more plentiful in the world of Teyvat. Not only are there more of them than any other rated claymores, but there are plenty of ways to get one. The odds are that you’ll recognize a few of these names from your own inventory.

  • Blackcliff Slasher – 42, CRIT DMG, “Press the Advantage”
  • Sacrificial Greatsword – 44, Energy Recharge, “Composed”
  • Whiteblind – 42, DEF, “Infusion Blade”
  • Snow-Tombed Starsilver – 44, Physical DMG Bonus, “Frost Brutal”
  • Serpent Spine, 42, CRIT Rate, “Wavesplitter”
  • Lithic Blade, 42, ATK, “Lithic Axiom – Unity”
  • The Bell, 42, HP, “Rebellious Guardian”
  • Katsuragikiri Nagamasa – 42, Energy Recharge, “Samurai Conduct”
  • Rainslasher, 42, Elemental Mastery, “Bane of Storm and Tide”
  • Royal Greatsword, 44, ATK, “Focus”
  • Favonius Greatsword, 41, Energy Recharge, “Windfall”
  • Prototype Aminus, 44, ATK, “Crush”

Three-Star Claymores

There’s nothing wrong with equipping a three-star claymore, so long as you give it to the right claymore-wielding character. Remember that bonus abilities and passives can make a standard three-star claymore shine in the hands of the right character.

  • Quartz – 40, Elemental Mastery, “Residual Heat”
  • Skyrider Greatsword – Physical DMG Bonus, “Courage”
  • Ferrous Shadow – 39, HP, “Unbending”
  • Debate Club – 39, ATK, “Blunt Conclusion”
  • White Iron Greatsword – 39, DEF, “Cull the Weak”
  • Bloodtainted Greatsword – 38, Elemental Mastery, “Bane of Fire and Thunder”

All Bows Ranked by Stars

Your playable bow-wielding characters’ fire off five to six quick attacks at mid-range with a normal attack and can charge their hits with their element’s energy. These indispensable long-range warriors need the right bow, though, to utilize their talents.

Five-Star Bows

These five-star bows are as much in demand as five-star playable characters. It’s no surprise when you consider bows like “Thundering Pulse” give wielders the chance of increasing normal ATK damage up to 40% along with an increase in CRIT DMG.

  • Thundering Pulse – 46, CRIT DMG, “Rule by Thunder”
  • Elegy for the End – 46, Energy Recharge, “The Parting Refrain”
  • Skyward Harp – 48, CRIT Rate, “Echoing Ballad”
  • Amos’ Bow – 46, ATK, “Strong-Willed”

Four-Star Bows

Four-star bows may not be at the top of the tier, but there is a wide variety of them, and they’re more likely to drop from Wish pulls.

  • Prototype Crescent – 42, ATK, “Unreturning”
  • Hamayumi – 41, ATK, “Full Draw”
  • Compound Bow – 41, Physical DMG Bonus, “Infusion Arrow”
  • Windblume Ode – 42, Elemental Mastery, “Windblume Wish”
  • Mitternachts Waltz – 42, Physical DMG Bonus, “Evernight Duet”
  • Blackcliff Warbow – 44, CRIT DMG, “Press the Advantage”
  • Alley Hunter – 44, ATK, “Oppidan Ambush”
  • Predator – 42, ATK, “Strong Strike”
  • The Viridescent Hunt – 42, CRIT Rate, “Verdant Wind”
  • Sacrificial Bow – 44, Energy Recharge, “Composed”
  • Favonius Warbow – 41, Energy Recharge, “Windfall”
  • Rust – 42, ATK, “Rapid Firing”
  • The Stringless – 42, Elemental Mastery, “Arrowless Song”
  • Royal Bow – 42, ATK, “Focus”

Three-Star Bows

No one really uses three-star bows unless they have nothing better, but they make an excellent resource for upgrading. Some passives like the Raven Bow’s increased damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Hydro may make it worth keeping your character equipped with a low-rated weapon – appropriately upgraded, of course.

  • Sharpshooter’s Oath – 39, CRIT Rate, “Slingshot”
  • Recurve Bow – 38, HP, “Cull the Weak”
  • Slingshot – 38, CRIT Rate, “Slingshot”
  • Ebony Bow – 40, ATK, “Decimate”
  • Raven Bow – 40, Elemental Mastery, “Bane of Flame and Water”
  • Messenger – 40, CRIT DMG, “Archer’s Message”

All Polearms Ranked by Stars

Polearms offer characters the fastest attacks of all the weapons in the game, giving them a decent reach forward to keep enemies at bay. Like other weapons in the game, though, polearms have a secondary bonus and passive skill you should consider before adding it to your Wish list.

Five-Star Polearms

You can only get one of these rare beauties with a Wish pull, but they’re worth it if you can get your hands on one. Imagine the damage Zhongli could do wielding Skyward Spine with an 8% Energy Recharge rate, increased CRIT Rate up to 16%, and increased ATK SPD by 12%.

  • Primordial Jade Winged-Spear – 48, CRIT Rate, “Eagle Spear of Justice”
  • Skyward Spine – 48, Energy Recharge, “Blackwing”
  • Staff of Homa – 46, CRIT DMG, “Reckless Cinnabar”
  • Vortex Vanquisher – 46, ATK, “Golden Majesty”

Four-Star Polearms

Four-star polearms are a little easier to obtain than five-star ones, and they work just as well if you pair them strategically with their wielder.

  • Favonius Lance – 44, Energy Recharge, “Windfall”
  • Crescent Pike – 44, Physical DMG Bonus, “Infusion Needle”
  • Dragonspine Spear – 41, Physical DMG Bonus, “Frost Burial”
  • Kitain Cross Spear – 44, Elemental Mastery, “Samurai Conduct”
  • Royal Spear – 44, ATK, “Focus”
  • Deathmatch – 41, CRIT Rate, “Gladiator”
  • Blackcliff Pole – 42, CRIT DMG, “Press the Advantage”
  • Dragon’s Bane – 41, Elemental Mastery, “Bane of Flame and Water”
  • Lithic Spear – 44, ATK, “Lithic Axiom – Unity”
  • Prototype Grudge – 42, Energy Recharge, “Magic Affinity”

Three-Star Polearms

You probably won’t use these three-star weapons much beyond the start of the game; however, they’ll do in a pinch for that polearm character that you rarely equip.

  • White Tassel – 39, CRIT Rate, “Sharp”
  • Halberd – 40, ATK, “Heavy”
  • Black Tassel – 38, HP, “Bane of the Soft”

All Catalysts Ranked by Stars

Catalyst wielders are the elemental damage dealers in the game. Not only do they set up powerful chain reactions, but they can deal devastating damage on their own, taking down element-based enemies with ease.

Five-Star Catalysts

Ideally, your catalyst character will have five-star catalysts at their disposal. However, since you can only obtain them via Wish, you may have to settle for adding these weapons to your Wish list instead.

  • Memory of Dust – 46, ATK, “Golden Majesty”
  • Skyward Atlas – 48, ATK, “Wandering Clouds”
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds – 46, CRIT Rate, “Boundless Blessing”

Four-Star Catalysts

Four-star catalysts may get overlooked in favor of their five-star counterparts, but don’t be quick to dismiss them. Catalysts like The Widsith may not have much in the way of base damage, but they make up for it with perks and passive bonuses.

  • The Widsith – 42, CRIT DMG, “Debut”
  • Wine and Song – 44, Energy Recharge, “Ever-Changing”
  • Dodoco Tales – 41, ATK, “Dodoventure!”
  • Eye of Perception – 41, ATK, “Echo”
  • Frostbearer – 42, ATK, “Frost Burial”
  • Hakushin Ring – 44, “Energy Recharge, “Sakura Saiguu”
  • Sacrificial Fragments – 41, Elemental Mastery, “Composed”
  • Solar Pearl – 42, CRIT Rate, “Solar Shine”
  • Mappa Mare – 44, Elemental Mastery, “Infusion Scroll”
  • Prototype Amber – 42, HP, “Gliding”
  • Royal Grimoire – 44, ATK, “Focus”
  • Favonius Codex – 42, Energy Recharge, “Windfall”
  • Blackcliff Amulet – 42, CRIT DMG, “Press the Advantage”

Three-Star Catalysts

Early in the game, three-star catalysts are indispensable for equipping your freebie character, Lisa. As you learn more about the game mechanics, though, you may find yourself using these catalysts less as “weapons” and more as “resources” for upgrading higher-rated catalysts.

  • Emerald Orb – 40, Elemental Mastery, “Rapids”
  • Amber Catalyst – 40, Elemental Mastery, “Elemental Mastery”
  • Twin Nephrite – 40, CRIT Rate, “Guerilla Tactic”
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers – 39, HP, “Heritage”
  • Magic Guide – 38, Elemental Mastery, “Bane of Storm and Tide”
  • Otherworldly Story – 39, Energy Recharge, “Energy Shower”

A Word About One and Two-Star Weapons

One- and two-star weapons are available in the open world. You can find them in chests, completing Investigations, and in shops. You may even receive a few when you obtain a new character. However, these low-tier weapons don’t have secondary and passive bonuses and, thus, it’s rarely a good idea to rely on them, unless you’re just starting out in the game.

Additional FAQs

What Is the Strongest Weapon in Genshin Impact?

The “strongest weapon” depends on how you define strong. If you’re only looking at base stats, most five-star weapons in each class have a starting stat range of 44-49 for normal attacks. However, if you’re talking about Secondary skills and passives, that’s an entirely different story.

Secondary and passive skills are what make each weapon unique. For example, the Primordial Jade Cutter is arguably one of the most lethal weapons in the game, but it’s reputation is due to the sword’s 44 base damage. But this five-star sword’s true power lies in its Secondary and passive abilities: 9.6% CRIT Rate and a 20-24% HP increase with bonus ATK damage based on the character’s max HP.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Equipping your characters with the best weapons in the game isn’t just about looking at base stats. Like everything else in Genshin Impact, weapon mechanics are complex. Each weapon’s capabilities can be further enhanced, depending on who’s wielding it and the Artifacts they have equipped. So, before you pull for a five-star weapon, it’s best to make sure that you understand your characters’ capabilities first.

In the end, finding the “strongest” weapon in the game won’t necessarily win a battle, but stacking and matching character skills to the right weapon will.

Which weapons are you using for your current party? Do you have your eye on a particular weapon? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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