Google Pixel 3 – How to Mirror My Screen to My TV or PC

Screen mirroring is a perfect solution for everyone that wants to enjoy everything that their smartphone has to offer on a big screen. Similar to casting, it lets you project media and use various apps effortlessly.

Google Pixel 3 - How to Mirror My Screen to My TV or PC

The Pixel 3, arguably the best Android phone released in 2018, has a ton of features that would look stunning on a big screen. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, let’s take a look at what you can do to mirror it to your TV or PC.

Using Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is by far the most convenient way to connect any Android or Apple device to your TV. It’s a very affordable way of streaming all your content and using a variety of apps on a big screen.

If you have one, mirroring your Pixel 3 screen is a breeze. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Make sure that your phone and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. On your Pixel, open the Google Home app.
  3. In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the menu button, then go to Cast Screen/Audio.
  4. Find your Chromecast and tap on it to connect.

Mirroring to a PC

If your PC is running Windows 10, mirroring your screen to it is rather simple. There’s no need for any additional equipment or 3rd party software, so all you need is your Pixel and a PC. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Make sure that your PC is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Go to the notification center in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Expand the Quick Settings menu, click on Connect, and click Projecting to this PC.
  4. Change the first dialog box from Always off to Available Everywhere.
  5. Close the Settings window, then open Connect from the notification center.
  6. On your Pixel, to go Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Cast.
  7. Find your PC, tap on it, and wait for the connection to get established.

If you do this correctly, you’ll see your Pixel screen on your PC. The smoothness of the mirroring will depend on your Wi-Fi connection and computer speed. Even though wired connections are often more stable, you shouldn’t experience any severe lags.

Using an HDMI Cable

Lastly, you can always go for an HDMI cable connect your Pixel 3 to both your TV and PC, provided that it has an HDMI input.

The Pixel 3 sports a Type-C port, so you’ll need a Type-C to HDMI cable. Once you have it, all you have to do is plug the cable into your phone and the big screen and you’ll have a stable wired connection for lag-free mirroring.

The Final Word

The above methods are perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or root your Pixel 3, which isn’t recommended unless you know what you’re doing.

Each of these methods is fairly simple and requires very little time and effort. In no more than a few clicks and taps, you’ll be able to enjoy the Pixel 3’s content on a big screen.

How do you mirror your phone to other devices? If you have any creative solutions, don’t forget to share in the comments below.

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