How To Heal Faster in Apex Legends

Lifeline may be the dedicated healer in Apex Legends but every character can use medkits and shield boosters. While you can respawn in the game, you have to rely on your teammates to want to revive you. It is much better to not die in the first place and that’s why you need to learn how to heal faster and better in Apex Legends.

How To Heal Faster in Apex Legends

The nomenclature is a little muddled in Apex Legends. You equip armor to protect you that provides between two and four shield bars. Gray items provide two shield bars for 50 hit points, blue three for 75 hit points, purple for 100 hit points and gold for the same. So while it is armor, it provides shields. Once you get your head around this, it’s all good.

When you’re hit, armor goes down first. Once armor is depleted, your health will then be hit. The ring depletes your health regardless of your armor.

Unlike other shooters, armor doesn’t regenerate like your health and your health is set at a maximum of 100 points. You can equip new armor to recharge it or use a shield battery or Phoenix Kit to replenish. So again, you use a shield battery to replenish your armor. A Phoenix Kit will replenish both health and armor which is why they are so sought after.

Health regenerates itself over time or you can use a syringe or medkit if you don’t have a Lifeline around.

Heal faster in Apex Legends

If you don’t have the luxury of time to hole up somewhere and heal, you can do it on the move. Lifeline can deploy her healbot or you can use a medkit and do it yourself. Performing DIY first aid will cause you to slow down. While you can run while healing, you run slower.

Unless you can slide that is.

If you’re in hilly terrain and have somewhere to slide, you can run, initiate a heal and jump into a slide. If you can maintain the slide you maintain your original speed while healing. It’s a neat trick that can get you out of trouble quickly and allow you to heal up while you’re doing it.

You can also bunny hop while healing to make yourself a harder target. You look dumb while you do it but you could stay alive if you do.

Heal better in Apex Legends

Knowing your equipment is key to staying alive in Apex Legends. While knowing your guns is vital, knowing your healing kit, armor and boosters is just as important. Here are some healing stats you should get to know.

  • A syringe can heal for 25 health.
  • A medkit can heal for 100 health and takes 8 seconds to use.
  • A Phoenix Kit can heal both health and shield for 100 hp. It takes 10 seconds to use.
  • A Shield Cell can restore 25 hit points and takes 3 seconds. That’s one bar of shield on armor.
  • A Shield Battery restores 100 hit points and takes 5 seconds.

If you play Lifeline, you heal 25% faster than other characters. So reduce the above times by a quarter if you play her.

Healing better is also about balancing your equipment. If you’re still in gray body armor, using a Phoenix Kit on it is a bit of a waste. The armor provides 50 hit points but the Phoenix Kit repairs 100. Even if you don’t need all 100, it is all used so 50 is wasted. If that’s all you have, that’s fine but if you have a couple of Shield Cells in your inventory and you have time to safely use them, it makes sense to use those.

If you’re in a gunfight and don’t have the luxury of time, use the item with the highest healing potential. They don’t take much longer than basic items and can refill you to your limit faster.

If you get knocked down to zero health, break out your knockdown shield to protect yourself from incoming fire. Then maneuver yourself out of the firefight and somewhere safe a teammate and heal you.

There are four types of knockdown shield, gray shields can take 100 hit points of damage, blue 250, purple and gold 750. Gold, or legendary knockdown shields can also revive once so if you find it, keep it!

Apex Legends handles healing well. It is easy to do and you can do it on the move but also leaves you slightly exposed. It makes healing risky but as you can interrupt healing at any time, makes it something you should always do when you take damage.

Do you have any healing tips for Apex Legends? Tell us about them below if you do!

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