How to Check Your K/D Radio in Modern Warfare

If you are used to Call of Duty games in multiplayer modes, you know what the standard and easily-accessible scoreboard tells you. You can see each match participant’s kills, deaths, and assists.

How to Check Your K/D Radio in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare does track kills, deaths, and assists, just not in-game. The absence of this feature may not seem like much for the casual player. But it can be quite a bit of a setback.

In this article, we will get into why the K/D ratio is important and show you how to check it across the main platforms that Modern Warfare is available on.

How to Check Your Modern Warfare K/D Ratio

Before we get into K/D and more details about it, let us see how you can gain access to this information. Whether you are playing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, or Mac, the principle remains the same.

Naturally, first, you will need to launch the game.

Go to the Multiplayer mode.

In Multiplayer, select Barracks.

Select the Record tabs from the list to the left.

You will see the K/D ratio in the main part of the screen.

What Is the K/D Ratio?

K/D, also referred to as KD, is an important stat in certain games. You have got your kills and then your deaths. Kills clearly tell you how many kills you’ve made during the match, while deaths tell you how many times you were killed. Combined, this stat makes up the Kill/Death or K/D ratio.

So, if you have eliminated 9 opponents in a match and got eliminated yourself 3 times, your K/D for the match is going to be 3.0. If you have killed 13 opponents and died 5 times, the K/D is 2.6. The higher the K/D ratio, the better for you and your team.

But why does this matter so much?

Why Is It So Important?

Let us get one thing straight. Kills and assists are definitely more important than deaths on the scoreboard. Where kills and assists earn points and ensure that your team is winning, deaths are just a stat.

However, the more experienced and seasoned you get in Modern Warfare, the more you will be paying attention to the data that are less apparent. How long did the match last (depending on the type)? How much did you win by? How impactful were you in your team’s victory? How impactful were you in your team’s defeat?

Well, the lattermost question is all about deaths. Technically, you could be the type of player who plays very quickly. You are fast, precise, and know how to fool your opponents and win various kill streaks. But your playstyle might be too much of a rush. It may get you killed frequently. Remember, your number of deaths is mostly just the kills that the enemy team gets.

To improve your skillset and learn how to strike a perfect balance of kills, assists, and deaths, you will want to be able to access this sort of information mid-match.

Unfortunately, by default, Modern Warfare does not offer a mid-match scoreboard. You can access Records in Barracks and see your K/D ratio, but this is not available while you’re playing the match.

That’s right, whichever platform you are playing the game on, you won’t be able to access your kills or deaths in the middle of the game. At least not by default.

How to Access Your K/D During the Match

The gaming industry has grown to be a monster in the past decade. They mean business, and they mean business all the time. This is especially true for popular titles and series, such as Modern Warfare.

Being able to access your K/D ratio during your match at any time is possible. And no, you don’t need any hack. It is much more straightforward, gutsy, and perhaps frowned upon.

Essentially, there is an in-game watch that you can get known as Time to Die. Yes, an actual watch that your avatar will wear on the hand. At a push of a button, you can take a look at your Time to Die watch and see how many kills and deaths you have. Pretty handy, isn’t it?

 Yeah, except this feature isn’t free. It is actually part of the Mother Russia bundle and it costs 2,000 COD Points. Yes, in other words, it will set you back 20 bucks. The bundle is also not currently available, so you’ll have to wait for it to recycle through in order to even by the accessory in the first place.

Once you have got the Mother Russia bundle, you’ll be able to select the useful K/D watch. But it is not that simple, and Call of Duty has not made this clear enough. But here is how to do it. First, you will have to select it.

  1. First, go to the Multiplayer menu, once you have launched the game.
  2. Then, select the Weapons tab.
  3. From the list, select Watch Select.
  4. You should be able to see the Time to Die watch on the list. Equip it.
  5. Your avatar will now have the Time to Die watch equipped.

Seeing the Watch at All Times

The Time to Die watch will be there on your avatar’s left hand. The best weapons that let you see the watch at all times (because your avatar is holding them in the right way) are Assault Rifles and SMGs. Carrying certain guns will have your watch obscured or off the screen entirely. For instance, the Uzi and the Kilo 141 will give you a great view of the watch. However, your avatar will hold the MP5 and the MP7 in such a way that the watch will be obscured.

It is not ideal, but it is what it is. No one’s telling you that you should choose your weapons based on how visible your K/D watch will be. However, you may want to keep this in mind.

Using Gestures

In Modern Warfare, there is an in-game category called Gestures & Sprays. It is exactly what it sounds like. On the PC and Mac, you need to hold the T keyboard button and then use your mouse to select a spray or a gesture. On the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you need to hold the D-pad UP to access the Gestures & Sprays wheel and then use the right analog stick to make a selection.

By default, you will find the Watch Interact option in the Gestures & Sprays wheel. Select it, however, and your avatar will make a weird hand movement and won’t display your watch. This is because the Watch Interact function does not work for some reason. You will need the Check Watch function to access your K/D watch in-game using the Gestures & Sprays wheel. Here is how to add this function to Gestures & Sprays.

  1. Go to the Barracks tab.
  2. Select Identity from the list.
  3. Go down to Gestures & Sprays and select this option.
  4. Equip the Check Watch feature under the Gestures category.
  5. Choose a slot on the Gestures & Sprays wheel.

Now, you can check your kills and deaths during the game at any time.

Additional FAQ

What is the average K/D Ratio?

The average K/D ratio in Call of Duty: Warzone is somewhere around 0.95:1 or plainly 0.95. This is because it’s possible to die without being killed by anyone. There are no official stats for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare available out there, but the numbers are very likely in that ballpark.

What is a good K/D ratio?

A good K/D ratio in Modern Warfare is considered to be 1.5 or thereabout. Or 1.5 kills to every death. Newbies will definitely get killed more often than kill, as will most players. This is why 1.5 is considered a good ratio, which can be 12 kills and 8 deaths, for example.

Do I need to pay to see this information? Or is it free?

Unfortunately, Modern Warfare doesn’t come with an in-game K/D ratio counter. You’ll have to get the Mother Russia bundle that comes with the Time to Die watch. This will set you back around $20. However, accessing the K/D ratio is entirely possible from the game’s main menu. As explained above, go to Multiplayer > Barracks > Record to get this information.

Does K/D matter in CoD?

Of course, it does. For whichever Call of Duty release, the K/D ratio is immensely important. If you kill one enemy player and die 20 times, you’re hurting your team. The other way around and you’re definitely giving your team a significant boost.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the K/D Ratio

Unfortunately, checking the K/D ratio in Modern Warfare isn’t as straightforward as in other Call of Duty releases. To access an in-match K/D ratio, you are going to have to pay for it. Some say that this was intentional on the part of the creators to make the multiplayer experience more casual for new players. But then, Activision decided to sell back this feature to the hardcore players. In any case, the Time to Die watch does not give players an actual gameplay boost.

Has this made things clearer for you? Have you managed to activate the Time to Die feature? Did you find your way around Sprays & Gestures? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

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