How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

Dark Mode is becoming increasingly popular as a function. Over the last few years, many top social media services have introduced it; Instagram, even YouTube. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Facebook accepted the change.

Dark Mode onFacebook is available across many devices. But things aren’t as simple as theysound. There’s the desktop app to consider, the desktop messenger, the phoneapps, iOS, and Android devices, and so on. Here are more details regardingenabling Dark Mode on Facebook.

Enable for the Website on Mac or PC

Everybody is excited about using Facebook with the sleek new Dark Mode enabled. However, there’s more to it when it comes to the browser. Recently, Facebook has completely remodeled the appearance of their website. They’ve introduced something called New Facebook, a look that’s based upon the mobile version of the app.

Note* This Facebook option isn’t available to everyone just yet so if you don’t see the option, keep scrolling. We can help you change to dark mode on a website or PC too.

How is this related to the Dark Mode? Well, Classic Facebook doesn’t feature a Dark Mode. If you want to experience Dark Mode in the browser version of Facebook, you’re going to have to switch to New Facebook. To do so, login to your Facebook profile and navigate to the upper part of the screen. In the Facebook status bar, click or tap the downward-facing arrow. Then, select Switch to New Facebook.

Dark Mode on Facebook

Of course, as Facebook won’t fail to remind you, you can always switch back to classic mode by navigating to the downward-facing arrow on New Facebook and selecting Switch to Classic Facebook.

Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

To turn on the Dark Mode on New Facebook, navigate to the same downward-facing arrow menu and simply move the slider next to the Dark Mode option to the right. This will activate the Dark Mode on New Facebook.

to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

If you’re aMessenger power user, you probably don’t like using the little chat windows onFacebook’s main page. You also probably know that there’s a website dedicatedto Facebook messaging, Unfortunately, although the website isfully functional, there isn’t an option to turn on the Dark Mode on it.

There is a way around this, though. You can open the Facebook messenger in the previously set Dark Mode by opening any chat window. Now, navigate to the upper part of the chat, where the user’s name is located. Click/tap it. Then, from the list of options, select Open in Messenger. This will open the Messenger view in Dark Mode.

Dark Mode on Facebook how to enable

All of this will work on both macOS devices as well as PC devices, regardless of what browser you’re using. After all, this is a setting that pertains to the Facebook website, rather than your browser or the device that you’re using.

Dark Mode on Classic Facebook

If you don’t have the option above just yet, or you prefer the Classic version of Facebook, you can install the NightEye browser extension. This free-to-install extension does have a paid service for more features, but it turns your entire web browser to dark mode, meaning Facebook too.

Simply visit the Night Eye website, tap on the browser you want to use, and install the extension. Once installed, you can turn it off or on for various websites.

Night Eye Compatible Browsers

Dark Mode on Smartphones     

Both Facebookand Messenger apps are very popular with smartphone users. With Facebook still beinga powerful social media presence, you’d expect that the Dark Mode option wouldbe first made available on mobile devices. Well, yes and no. Let’s dive intothis.

The Messengerapp has the Dark Mode feature. In fact, it’s been present for a while. Initially,to add the Dark Mode option, you had to receive a particular moon emoji and tapit. Only then would the Dark Mode option appear. However, nowadays, the settingis simply there.

Unfortunately,whether you’re an Android or an iOS user, you won’t be able to turn on the DarkMode feature on the main app just yet. Although it’s certainly in the making,this feature is nowhere to be found on the main Facebook app, although theFacebook Lite users are able to enjoy it.

Here’s how toturn on the Dark Mode on iOS and Android devices.

Enable on the iOS App

To enable the Dark Mode on the iOS Messenger app, navigate to your profile picture, located in the upper-left corner of the Messenger screen, and tap it. Then, tap the Dark mode option. To turn the Dark Mode permanently on, select On.

Enable Dark Mode how to on Facebook

There’s a global setting for most mainstream apps on your iOS device that will automatically engage the Dark Mode on all apps that support it. This is what the Use system setting option is for.

Dark Mode on Facebook how to

If you’re aFacebook Lite user or want to switch to it to enjoy the Dark Mode until itarrives on the main Facebook app, don’t get your hopes up just yet. The DarkMode isn’t available in every country for the Facebook Lite app. In any case,to turn this feature on, navigate to the hamburger menu (three horizontallines), located in the upper-right corner of the screen. On the list, you’llsee the Dark Mode option. Tap it andturn it on. Now you can enjoy your Facebook feed in the Dark Mode.

Unfortunately,there’s no other way to enjoy the Dark Mode in the main Facebook app on yourmobile. It’s going to have to be an iOS device and you’re going to have to usethe Facebook Lite app.

Enable on the Android App

Similarly to iOS devices, the Messenger app on Android features the Dark Mode as an option. To turn this feature on, start the Messenger app by tapping on its icon and navigate to the upper corner of the screen, where your profile photo is located. Tap the photo and you’ll see a new menu appear. On the top of the menu, you’ll see the Dark Mode option. Just tap the slider to the left of the Dark Mode entry, and that’s it! You’ve enabled the Dark Mode on your Messenger.

Enable Dark Mode how to on Facebook

Unfortunately,as of yet, the Dark Mode isn’t available on any form of a Facebook app.Facebook Lite does have the option in certain countries, but Android users willhave to wait for its release.

The Global Dark Mode

Everybody isswitching to Dark Mode settings on their apps and on their phones in general. Ina few years, this is going to become a regular thing. iOS is even makingstrides toward the global integration of the Dark Mode on their devices. Here’show to enable the global Dark Mode settings on iOS and Android devices.

Enabling on iOS Devices

To enable the global Dark Mode on your iOS device, go to the Settings app.

Dark Mode on Facebook enable

Then, find the Display & Brightness option and select it.

Dark Mode Facebook

In the next screen, select Dark. This will turn on the global Dark Mode setting for your iOS device. If you switch on the slider next to Automatic, a new option will pop up. Select it and choose between Sunset to Sunrise (will turn on the Dark Mode when the sun sets) or Custom Schedule to create your own schedule.

Enable Dark Mode Facebook

If you want to switch between the Dark Mode and the Light Mode as you go, go to the Control Centre feature.

On Facebook How To Enable Dark Mode

Then, select Customize Controls.

How To Enable Dark Mode Facebook

Finally, find the Dark Mode entry under MORE CONTROLS and tap the plus icon next to it.

Mode on Facebook how to enable dark

This will add the Dark Mode on/off function to your Control Centre feature. Now, all you need to do is access the Control Centre (swipe up from the bottom of the screen if your device has a home button or swipe from the upper-right corner if your device doesn’t have a home button). You’ll see the Dark Mode entry. Tap it to switch between the Dark and Light Mode.

facebook How To Enable Dark

Enabling on Android Devices

The globalDark Mode on Android devices isn’t as comprehensive as on iOS phones andtablets. Turning this feature on will only change the appearance of systemslike menus and the Settings app. To switch the global Dark Mode on Androiddevices on or off, go to the Settingsapp, located on the device’s desktop. Then, select the Display entry. Finally, tap DarkMode. That’s pretty much it.

Expect the Dark Mode Soon

To Enable Dark on Facebook

AlthoughFacebook has introduced the Dark Mode on its Messenger platform on both Androidand iOS devices, and even though the browser version has both the New Facebooklook, plus the Dark Mode option, the main Facebook app has yet to see the DarkMode on the mobile versions.

However,seeing as how both Instagram, WhatsApp, and a variety of other Facebook-ownedor non-owned apps have seen the introduction of the Dark Mode, we can expect theoption to appear on our favorite portable devices any day now. They’ve releasedthe option on the Lite version of the app and this can only mean that they’retesting it for the final release.

Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing the Dark Mode on every single app in no-time.

Facebook and the Dark Mode

The Dark Mode putsmuch less strain on the eye, plus it undoubtedly looks cool. Stay tuned andturn on the Facebook Dark Mode on every device that you own that supports it atthe moment. Don’t wait for it, the feature is available on Messenger, as wellas on New Facebook within your browser right now.

Have youswitched to the Dark Mode yet? Have you tried out the Facebook Lite Dark Mode? Whydo you think they still haven’t released the Dark Mode option on all devices? Feelfree to join the discussion in the comments section below.

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