How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

The updated Facebook user interface (UI) is a welcomed change and an easy transition from the old UI. Since “Dark Mode” is a popular choice for apps, it makes sense that Facebook would chime in on the feature. Regardless, there’s more to it when it comes to the social giant.

Dark Mode on Facebook is available across many devices. However, there’s the desktop app, the desktop messenger, the iOS and Android apps, and even the browsers to consider. Each application or device has a different process of setting dark mode on Facebook. This article walks you through the various methods so you can customize your social experience. Let’s get started!

Enable Facebook Dark Mode for the Website on a Mac or PC

To turn on Dark Mode in the browser for Facebook, do the following:

  1. Click on the downward-facing arrow in the upper-right section of Facebook.
  2. Find “Dark Mode” under the settings, then move the slider to the right to activate the option. Your Facebook pages will appear with a black background instead of white.

Note: When switching from light mode to dark mode on Facebook (while in a browser), the setting changes across the board. Every page, including Messenger, will feature the dark UI automatically.

Facebook Dark Mode on Smartphones     

Facebook Messenger app in iOS and Android includes the Dark Mode feature, and it has been present for quite a while. However, the Facebook app is still a work in progress, but it is getting closer to launch. Initially, to add the Dark Mode option in Messenger, you had to receive a particular moon emoji and tap it. Only then would the Dark Mode option appear. Nowadays, the setting is just there.

Here’s how to turn on Messenger Dark Mode on iOS and Android devices.

Enable Dark Mode in the iOS App

To enable the Dark Mode setting on the iOS Messenger app, select your profile picture, located in the upper-left corner. Then, choose the Dark mode option.

To enable the Dark Mode setting on the iOS Messenger app, select your profile picture, located in the upper-left corner. Then, choose the Dark mode option. To turn the Dark Mode permanently on, select On.

There’s a global setting on your iOS device that will automatically engage the Dark Mode on all apps that support it. This action is what the Use system setting option does.

Dark Mode on Facebook how to

If you’re a Facebook Lite user or want to switch to it to enjoy the Dark Mode until it arrives on the main Facebook app, don’t get your hopes up just yet. The Dark Mode isn’t available in every country for the Facebook Lite app. In any case, to turn this feature on, navigate to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines), located in the upper-right corner of the screen. On the list, you’ll see the Dark Mode option. Tap it and turn it on. Now you can enjoy your Facebook feed in the Dark Mode.

Aside from the limitations of Facebook Dark Mode, you can try your phone’s light and dark mode settings. iOS offers the feature that converts colors to create a darker background for improved visibility, day or night. The iOS option is called “Use system setting.” It will apply the system’s configuration to any apps that support it.

Unfortunately, there’s no other genuine way to enjoy the Dark Mode in the main Facebook app on iOS mobile. It’s going to have to be Messenger, but that’s better than nothing.

Enable Facebook Dark Mode in the Android App

Facebook is testing the dark mode feature in Android, but beta testers can try it out. In case you wonder, the dark black and gray designs still include some kinks, forcing testers to switch from light to dark at various times. Aside from the main app, Messenger in Android does feature a dark mode setting, and it has for quite some time.

To turn on dark mode in Facebook Messenger, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Android FB Messenger app.
  2. Click on your profile pic in the top-left corner and then move the slider to the right to enable “Dark Mode.”

Unfortunately, as of yet, the Dark Mode isn’t available on any smartphone Facebook app. Facebook Lite does have the option in certain countries, but Android users will have to wait for its release. Some Android versions and models may offer a light and dark mode setting, but most users won’t have that option.

The Global Dark Mode

Many users are switching to “The Dark Side” of their apps and on their phones in general. In a few years, this is going to become a regular thing. iOS is even making strides toward the global integration of the Dark Mode on their devices. Here’s how to enable the global Dark Mode settings on iOS and Android devices.

Enabling on iOS Devices

  1. To enable the global Dark Mode on your iOS device, go to the Settings app.
    Dark Mode on Facebook enable
  2. Then, find the Display & Brightness option and select it.
    Dark Mode Facebook
  3. In the next screen, select Dark. This option will turn on the global Dark Mode setting for your iOS device. If you switch on the slider next to Automatic, a new option will pop up. Select it and choose between Sunset to Sunrise (turns on the Dark Mode when the sun sets) or Custom Schedule to create your very own schedule.
    Enable Dark Mode Facebook
  4. If you want to switch between the Dark Mode and the Light Mode as you go, go to the Control Center feature and select Customize Controls.
    How To Enable Dark Mode Facebook
  5. Find the Dark Mode entry under MORE CONTROLS and tap the plus icon next to it.
    Mode on Facebook how to enable dark

These above steps will add the Dark Mode on/off function to your Control Center feature. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, if your iPhone has a home button, or swipe from the upper-right corner for devices that don’t. You’ll see the Dark Mode entry located there. Tap it to switch between the Dark and Light Mode.

facebook How To Enable Dark

Enabling on Android Devices

The globalDark Mode on Android devices isn’t as comprehensive as on iOS phones andtablets. Turning this feature on will only change the appearance of systemslike menus and the Settings app. To switch the global Dark Mode on Androiddevices on or off, go to the Settingsapp, located on the device’s desktop. Then, select the Display entry. Finally, tap DarkMode. That’s pretty much it.

Expect the Dark Mode Soon

To Enable Dark on Facebook

Although Messenger introduced the Dark Mode on Android and iOS devices, and the browser version also has the capability, the Facebook app has yet to see the Dark Mode.

However, seeing as how Instagram, WhatsApp, and a variety of other Facebook-owned or non-owned apps have seen the introduction of a dark mode setting, we can expect the option to appear on our favorite portable devices any day now. The feature is already available on Facebook Lite, which can only mean that they’re testing it for the final release. Don’t worry; you’ll be seeing the Dark Mode on every single app in no-time.

Facebook and the Dark Mode

The Dark Mode puts much less strain on the eye, plus it undoubtedly looks cool. Stay tuned and turn on the Facebook Dark Mode on every device that you own that supports it at the moment. There’s no need to wait for it. The feature is available on Messenger and Facebook within your browser right now.

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