How to Share Your Spotify Playlist

Spotifymade it easy for you to share playlists with your family and friends – there’sa Share button right in the app.

Also,you have the options to do it via email, social media, and even text messages. Plus,you can always just copy-paste the playlist link anywhere you want. Now, thesteps to sharing the list from different devices are pretty similar. And thesame goes for sharing on social media.

Butthere are certain features that make the job much easier and you may seedifferent sharing suggestions depending on the device you’re using. Withoutmuch further ado, let’s jump right into the quick tutorials.

How to ShareYour Spotify Playlist on Instagram

Forquite some time, Spotify has been offering special integration with Instagram.The days of sharing just an image of your playlist are gone and you cancomplete the action in super-quick time.

Step 1

Navigate to the playlists window within the app and hit the More icon. Then, select the aforementioned Share button.

Step 2

Select Instagram Stories from the sharing options and you’re good to go. The action generates a new clickable Story and the track artwork becomes the Story’s sticker. Of course, you can make it more attractive by adding captions, doodles, or any other embellishment.

Themoment your playlist goes live, a link to “Play on Spotify” appears in theupper left corner of the window.

Note: Youcan use the same method to share albums, tracks, or artist profiles.

How to ShareYour Spotify Playlist from the iPhone App

Sharingplaylists through AirDrop or iMessage are the options iPhone users willcertainly cherish. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1

Hit t at the bottom right of the screen. Thereon, tap on Playlists, and choose the one you’d like to share.

Step 2

Once you made the selection, choose the More icon at the upper right of the screen. For iPhone users, these are the three vertical dots.

Step 3

At the bottom of the playlist, tap the Share button, and choose a sharing method. Aside from iMessage and AirDrop, you can also share via Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger.

Expert Tip

Tapon the iPhone Share sheet if you want to add/share the playlist to supportedapps. For example, Spotify provides third-party support for Google Hangouts,Slack, and a few more apps. If you want to share using your iPad, the samesteps apply as previously described.

How to ShareYour Spotify Playlist from the Android App

Assaid, sharing from the Android app is almost the same as with the iPhone app.But it wouldn’t hurt to take a slightly different route to the samedestination.

Step 1

Assuming you’re already in the app, the first step is to locate the playlist. This time, you’ll be using the Home Search instead of Your Library. Of course, you’d need to know the name of the playlist.

Step 2

Right next to the download icon, you’ll be able to see the More icon. Again, it’s three dots, but they should be vertical now. Hit the icon and proceed to select the sharing method.

Step 3

Under the playlist cover art, there’s a bar that looks like an audio wave situated next to the company logo. This is the share code for the playlist, an identifier anyone can use to jump to that particular playlist.

Step 4

Tap the code and your friend or family member can scan it with a smartphone camera. You can also take a screenshot of it and send that to anyone. Be aware that Spotify will ask permission to use your or your friend’s camera to be able to open the link.


Likethe iPhone app, Spotify for Android has a Share button to send the playlist viasocial media. You should know that these options differ based on the Androiddevice you’re using. For example, they aren’t exactly the same on Samsung andXiaomi smartphones. But this isn’t a deal-breaker by any means.

Anotherthing is that sharing to different platforms isn’t the same. This applies toboth Android and iOS.

Ifyou share with Twitter, there’s a link and your tweet is pre-populated with theURL. When sharing on Facebook, you end up with an image and a “Play on Spotify”option. This applies to both your Facebook Feed and Stories.

Thedownside of this is that clicking on “Play on Spotify” takes a person to aweb-based player. But you could get asked to open it via the app if you’re oniPhone.

How to ShareYour Spotify Playlist from the Mac App

Spotifymade the app UI appear roughly the same as on your mobile app. It takesadvantage of the bigger screen real estate, making it easy to navigate, but theactions are the same. Here’s what to do:

Step 1

Launchthe app, navigate to the menu on the right of the screen, and click on theplaylist you want to share under the Playlists tab. This action triggers apop-up window with the entire playlist and actions at your fingertips.

Step 2

Guesswhich icon you need to click now? Yes, it’s the three horizontal dots andthey’re right next to the Play button.

Inthe drop-down menu, click on Share (it’s the last option), then select whereyou want to share the list.

How to ShareYour Spotify Playlist from the Windows App

There’sno difference in UI and layout between Windows and macOS Spotify app. So, feelfree to use the steps described above. However, there is another somewhatfaster way to share the playlist. And there’s no need to list the steps becauseyou’re already familiar with the actions.

Inthe menu on the right of the screen, right-click on the playlist you’d like toshare. The action reveals a contextual menu featuring a Share option at thebottom. When you hover your cursor over the option, you’ll reveal the sharingmenu. Choose where you want to send your playlist and you’re good to go.

Bonus Tips andTricks

Besidesyour friends and family, the rest of the world can enjoy your playlists. Allyou need to do is share the list publicly via Spotify. So, click on the threehorizontal or vertical dots and choose “Make Public”. From then on, theplaylist will appear on Spotify when people search for music.

Thedownside is that Spotify isn’t really geared for finding playlists, instead, itprioritizes artists and songs. But there are some third-party portals thatfeature Spotify playlists only.

Asopposed to going public, you can make a playlist secret, but this doesn’t meanyou can’t share it. The actions are the same and the recipient can follow,play, and view the playlist. And if you set it to collaborative playlists, therecipients can edit it as well.

If you’re an artist, use Canvas for Spotify when sharing your tunes on Instagram. This allows you to add a video loop to the tracks and it’s a great way to boost engagement. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to do this with playlists.

Whenyou want to find a playlist someone shared with you, go to Your Library. UnderPlaylists, search for the one featuring your friend’s name. You’ll see thePlaylist name and “by + nickname” underneath. Now, tap on it and enjoy.

Dare to Share

Do you remember the time when people created mixtapes and burned CDs with their favorite playlists? Then, they’d have to meet the recipient and hand the tape or CD over to them physically. Some would argue that sharing is much less romantic now, but that’s a topic for a different article.

Asfor playlist sharing via Spotify, you can pretty much share anywhere andeverywhere. In fact, you’re always three to five clicks or taps away fromcompleting the action. And it’s really cool that you can get the graphic code,scan it, and instantly launch the playlist.

Whichsharing option do you prefer the most? Is there a playlist that you’ve sharedwith a lot of your friends? Give us your two cents in the comments below.

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