How To Uninstall Program On Mac OS Sierra

When it comes to uninstalling programs from Mac OS Sierra, it’s little different than uninstalling programs from Windows, since you don’t need to go through the uninstall process to delete the program. As far as your Mac is concerned, if you’re trying to delete a program, then that means you probably don’t want it, so the uninstall process happens automatically without any further input needed from you.

How To Uninstall Program On Mac OS Sierra

For those asking how to uninstall programs on Mac, the easiest way is to drag the program you want to delete into the Trash and then empty the trash bin. Once the trash bin has been emptied, then the program becomes uninstalled. This method is described in more detail below, on how to uninstall programs on Mac, but there are also some other ways to uninstall programs on Mac.

How to Uninstall Apps On Mac OS Sierra:

  1. Open “Launchpad”
  2. Hold down an app’s icon until it starts to jiggle
  3. Click on the delete button
  4. To uninstall the other apps, drag the apps into the Trash folder
  5. Open the Trash folder and select “Empty”

For those who aren’t sure, the trash bin is on the far right of the dock, and you can tell at a glance if there’s anything in it or not. When there’s something in it, it looks like this:

And when it’s empty, it looks like this:

How To Uninstall A Program On Mac OS Sierra:

  1. Exit all programs
  2. Open Finder
  3. Go to the Applications folder
  4. Drag the selected program you want to uninstall to the Trash folder
  5. Open the Trash folder and select “Empty” from underneath the search bar

For anyone who isn’t sure, the Finder is the icon on the far left of the dock. It looks like a smiling face in blue.

Opening the Finder is how you see all of your folders, not just your Trash folder

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