How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram

Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012. However, it is only recently that a “From Facebook” message has appeared on your Instagram loading screen. Way before that, Facebook users were able to link their accounts to their Instagram pages. This makes simultaneous sharing easy and brings ease to a number of other things.

Still, receiving double Instagram message notifications from both Instagram and Facebook can be annoying. If you do not care too much about linked accounts, unlinking Facebook from Instagram might be your best bet. Here’s how to do it.

How to Disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Most people access social media using their smartphone or tablet devices. Indeed, the desktop web version of the Instagram app is more-or-less redundant. And while people tend to use Facebook on their mobile devices as well, it’s not unheard of for some to access their Facebook pages using their Mac or PC.

Here’s how to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.

From Your Mac or PC

Up until about a year ago, Facebook users were able to unlink their Instagram accounts from desktop web browsers on PC or Mac computers. Unfortunately, this option does not exist anymore. If you take a look at the Settings page on Facebook, you will see that the Instagram tab is missing from the left-hand list. So unlinking your Facebook account from your Instagram page is impossible from the Facebook desktop website.

What about the Instagram webpage? Can you disconnect the two from there? Well, unfortunately, no. At least not from the webpage itself.

Face it. The only way to unlink your Facebook and Instagram is via the mobile/tablet app.

From Your iOS or Android

Let’s get one thing straight. Don’t try doing it via the Facebook app. There isn’t an option that allows you to disconnect your Facebook account and your Instagram page on Facebook.

In fact, the only way to unlink the two is using the Instagram app, and on mobile or tablet platforms at that. Of course, you can do it via an iPhone or an Android device. And it pretty much works the same.

Open your profile on Instagram

Navigate to the Instagram app and tapping your profile picture to go to your account.

Tap on the menu icon

Go to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and tap the icon.

Select Settings.

Tap “Account’

Find the Account entry and tap to enter it.

Tap on Linked Accounts.

Tap ‘Facebook’

On the following page, you will see a list of social media services that are linkable/linked to your Instagram account. Facebook is going to be at the top. Tap the Facebook entry.

Tap ‘Unlink’

Go to Unlink (Android) or Unlink Account (iPhone).


Select Yes, Unlink, in order to confirm.

Voila! You’ve successfully unlinked your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How to Remove Instagram Posts from Facebook

Even when you have unlinked the two, you will notice that your Facebook profile will feature some posts from Instagram. This is because you have selected the option that allows you to share every post that you share on Instagram on Facebook as well.

The fact that you have unlinked your Facebook profile and your Instagram page does mean that your Instagram posts will no longer be automatically shared on Facebook. However, it does not mean that your previous Instagram-linked posts will be deleted.

This is because all the previously auto-shared posts were automatically turned into Facebook posts. They become separate entities from their Instagram twins. This means that things such as comments, reshares, and likes do not translate between the two. This also goes for deletion.

To remove Instagram posts from Facebook, you will have to delete them manually. Clearly, this is done from your Facebook account, not from Instagram.

Using the Android/iOS App

Run the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet.

Open your Facebook profile

Navigate to your profile by tapping the profile icon in the menu in the upper/lower part of the screen (depending on whether you are using an Android or an iOS device, respectively).

Alternatively, go to the home screen on Facebook and tap your profile image next to the status posting bar in the upper part of the page.

Click on ‘Photos’

Once on your profile, you will need to go to the Instagram Photos album. To do so, scroll down on your profile page until you see the Photos entry.

Tap it, and you will see a list of Photos of You.

Click on ‘Albums’

In the upper part of this page, you will get to choose between different folders. Go to the Albums folder.

Open the Instagram photos album

In this view, navigate to a folder titled Instagram Photos. You will see a list of your posts from Instagram.

To delete these posts, tap on each photo separately, go to the three-dot menu.

Select Delete Photo.

This might be slightly annoying, particularly if you have a lot of photos in the album. Fortunately, there is another way to do it.

Using PC/Mac

By using your desktop web browser, you will be able to quickly delete the entire Instagram Photos folder, without having to go through repetitive deletion patterns.

To do this, go to on your favorite browser. It’s irrelevant whether you’re accessing it using a PC or a Mac device. Now, regardless of whether you’re using the Classic Facebook or the New Facebook mode, things work pretty much the same. Go to your profile by selecting it from the left-hand list or by clicking on your profile photo next to the status entry bar.

Go to on your favorite browser. It is irrelevant whether you are accessing it using a PC or a Mac device. Regardless of whether you are using the Classic Facebook or the New Facebook mode, things work pretty much the same.

Open your Facebook profile

Go to your profile by selecting it from the left-hand list or by clicking on your profile photo next to the status entry bar.

Click on ‘Photos’

On your profile page, you will see a quick list of items about you. If the Photos menu is apparent, select See All to the right. If not, go to the More tab and select Photos.

Click on Albums

Go to the Albums tab. Here, you will also find the Instagram Photos folder.

Click on the Instagram photos

Click the three-dot menu to delete the album

In order to delete it entirely, navigate to the three-dot icon to the right and select Delete Album.

Confirm by clicking Delete Album.

There you have it! All Instagram posts – removed from your Facebook profile!

Additional FAQ

How can I change the Instagram account linked?

Well, you can link multiple Facebook pages and a Facebook profile to your Instagram account. Facebook pages are linked to accounts, so whichever Facebook account you link to Instagram will also bring the involved pages to the table.

Now, to change the linked Facebook account on your Instagram, unlink the current one, and link the new one, carefully following the outlined instructions.

However, you can choose where you want the Instagram posts that you share to appear. By navigating to Linked Accounts in your Instagram app (as explained earlier), under Facebook, go to Share to.

Here, you will get to select whether you want the simultaneous shares to appear on the linked Facebook profile or on one of the pages that are linked to the Facebook profile in question. Select whatever meets your preference.

Will disconnecting Instagram from Facebook remove the posts from Facebook?

As mentioned earlier, no, it won’t. The fact that you’ve unlinked your Instagram account from Facebook doesn’t mean that the Facebook posts get deleted. As explained above, this is because the moment your Instagram post is auto-shared to Facebook, it becomes a separate entity of sorts. In other words, it becomes a Facebook post that can only be manually deleted from Facebook itself.

Why can I only unlink Facebook from Instagram using the Instagram app?

There used to be options that allowed users to disconnect their Facebook accounts from Instagram using the desktop browser and the Facebook app/website. However, this is impossible now – you can only perform this using Instagram.

There is a lot of speculation about the reason behind this. Although no one can confirm it, it’s rumored that Facebook has made this move in order to encourage people to use Instagram as the foundation app. It has definitely become more popular than Facebook, and it’s here to stay.

If you’re wondering why you can perform this action only via the Instagram app, well, that’s clear enough. They want to keep people sticking to the Instagram mobile app – not much use for Instagram on desktop.

Should I unlink everything?

Using social media has become a skill all of its own. Some people prefer their Instagram posts being reshared on Facebook, while others would like to keep things separate. This goes for other Instagram-linkable platforms as well. Use Instagram to your own advantage, and you will know whether and what you need to unlink/link.

Disconnecting Facebook from Instagram

Even though Instagram is now under the Facebook umbrella, there still might be a reason why you would prefer to unlink the two. Maybe you do not want your Facebook page cluttered. Maybe you are posting different types of content on the two. Whatever the reason, as long as you use the right platform, unlinking Facebook from Instagram is quick and easy. Just stick to the Instagram app, and you are all good.

Have you found this helpful? Have you managed to unlink your Facebook profile from your Instagram page? Maybe you have run into some inconveniences? Feel free to let us and our community know by joining in on the discussion in the comments section below.

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