HTC U11 – Internet Is Slow – What to Do

As Murphy would say, If anything can go wrong with your connection, it will and at the worst possible moment.

HTC U11 - Internet Is Slow - What to Do

As frustrating as they can be, problems with internet speed happen at times and for a large number of reasons. Some of them aren’t even related to your phone. They may have to do with some temporary issues on your carrier’s end or a coverage problem in your area.

Let’s look into some of the tried and tested troubleshooting options for slow internet speeds on the HTC U11.

Reboot Your Phone

Sometimes a trivial solution is all you need. This one especially works if you haven’t turned your U11 off in a while. Restarting may fix your sluggish network speeds.

For that, just press and hold the Power button until the power options appear and tap Restart.

Preferred Data Network

When going online using your data plan, you need to double-check the preferred type of connection in use. The recommended one is 4G (LTE) as it provides low latency and great stability. There are also older network types still in use, like 3G and 2G.

Physical Location

Even if you don’t use them by default, your HTC U11 may fall back to slower types of connection automatically when 4G is not available at your location, e.g. when driving or inside some buildings. This will greatly slow your loading times and increase latency at the same time.

Buffering or lags may occur as a result. Luckily, moving out of the non-4G area will restore the full speed without your involvement.

Airplane Mode Check

Another important step is to check whether your Airplane Mode is off. You could have enabled it by accident, which would immediately disable your internet access.

Clear App Cache and/or App Data

Some apps might be interfering with your phone’s internet connectivity. Cleaning your application Cache may thus help resolve your network speed issues.

That will restore or even improve your phone’s functionality in many cases. You can also clean the cache for every individual app by choosing the Clear App Data option. Use it with extra care as it will wipe any personal data (logins, preferences, downloads, etc.) stored for that particular app.

Wi-Fi Coverage

When your connection is established over Wi-Fi and not the data plan, the problem is usually caused by the distance between you and the router. Thick walls and/or floors can also be the culprit. Try getting closer to the router or start moving across the room to see if that helps.

Disconnect or Change Your VPN Server

If you are using a VPN, some of your bandwidth will be used to route your connection to an encrypted server. This will inevitably slow down your speeds, but not by much. If your connection is considerably slower while using a VPN, try connecting to another server or just disconnect completely for a while to see if it fixes the problem.

Reset Network Settings

If all other methods fail, this option can be very effective. The only downside is that it will reset your Wi-Fi access points and Bluetooth devices, so you will need to fix those later.

STEP 1: From the Home screen, swipe up and then tap Settings.

STEP 2: Backup & reset.

STEP 3: Tap Network settings reset.

STEP 4: Tap Reset settings, then Reset settings again.


Hopefully one of the provided solutions helped. If not, there is a chance that your data plan has a cap and if you go over that cap, your carrier will slow your connection down significantly. It could mean that you need to wait until your bill cycle resets or purchase a GB package if available.

Have you ever experienced network connectivity issues with your HTC U11? How did you solve them? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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