Hypixel: How to Join Friends

If you’ve been on Hypixel for a while, you may be wondering how to join your friends and manage your social interactions on the Minecraft server. Fortunately, it’s easy to learn the ins and outs of the Friend System, the Hypixel’s social feature that lets you interact with friends while on the platform.

Hypixel: How to Join Friends

In this article, we’ll cover all there is to know about the Friends system so you can join your buddies on Hypixel anytime. You’ll learn how to join your crew in a party or guild, invite them to join you for a game, and much more. So, let’s start the fun.

How to Join a Friend’s Lobby in Hypixel

The first step to joining a friends’ lobby is to join Hypixel’s server. To do so, make sure you own a Minecraft account and install the game from the official website.

Once you do, you can add the Hypixel server to your multiplayer server list. The address is “mc.hypixel.net.

When you get to the server, you can further explore the Friend feature.

Hypixel’s Friend feature allows you to add users you know as your friends. After doing so, you’ll be able to see their server activities and play games with them. You can activate the Friends feature by typing the following command: “/friend in-game“.

The Friend System at Hypixel is a great way to meet new people, message them, and see which games they’re playing. You’ll also be able to open private chests or invite people to parties.

To play with your friends, you need to be at the same party as them. You can invite them (or they can invite you) by typing “/p invite [username]”. This command will create a party, and you’ll be able to play the same games as the people in it.

You can also run the “/f list” command to see a list of your online friends as well as the lobby they’re in. Unfortunately, there’s currently no way for you to join a lobby with your friend unless they invite you first. So, the simplest thing to do to play games together is through the “/party” feature. And if you ever want to simply chat with your friend, you can always “/msg” them.

Fun Facts

  • Your friends can see your online status and the game you’re playing.
  • They can access your Walls and Mega Walls protected chests, so only add people you know to your friend list.
  • If you set specific party invitation settings, you can limit the invites you receive to only those from friends.
  • You can use the chat messages to accept or decline friend requests.

How to Join a Friends Lobby in Hypixel Skyblock

To join a friend in a Skyblock lobby, use the following commands:

/p [username] (enter their username), or

/p warp

To join your friend’s island while playing co-op, you can use the following command:

/coop [player1] [player2]

This command will start a new profile for the two players to the co-op. Any existing islands will still be there, and you can switch between the two profiles whenever you want.

How To Invite Friends in Hypixel

You can invite friends on Hypixel via the Social Menu. Here’s everything you need to know about this useful feature.

First, to access the menu, navigate to the hotbar and hold the hand item while standing in a lobby. You’ll see five clickable icons at the top of the menu: You, Friends, Party, Guild, and Recent Players.

The “You” icon looks like a head. You can go over it to check your Hypixel network level, the current guild, or your achievements.

The “Friends” icon will show users you have connected to on the server. You can add friends by clicking on the book and typing their username. They will receive a friend request from you shortly after. In this menu, you can also manage your friends or see what they’re up to on the network. You can send party invites, see their network levels, achievement points, the guilds they’re in, and whether they’re online.

Here’s a list of popular friend commands to help you navigate through the server faster:

  • /f help – get a list of all Friends commands
  • /f add <player> – add a user as friend
  • /f accept <player> – accept a user’s friend request
  • /f deny <player> – decline a user’s friend request
  • /f list – get a list of your friends
  • /f remove <player> – remove a user from your friend list
  • /f requests – view pending friend requests
  • /f toggle – toggle friend requests
  • /msg <player> – start a chat with a player
  • /msg <player> <message> – send a text to a player
  • /r <message> – reply to a message sent to you less than five minutes earlier

You can also replace the “f” part in commands with “friend.” For example: /friend help, or /friend accept <player>.

The “Party” menu lets you start a party. Being in a party with different players enables the leader to join compatible game modes. As a party leader, you can invite all your friends into a game with you and have everyone play on one team.

You can invite your friend to a party using the “/p [username]” command. To check who is in the party, use the “/party list” command. Here’s a list of other useful commands to control your party:

  • /party help – get all the party commands
  • /party invite [player] – invite a user to the party
  • /party list – see the list of people in the party
  • /party leave – leave the party
  • /party warp – warp the party to your server
  • /party kick [player] – remove a player from the party
  • /party promote [player] – promote a member to a party leader

You can replace the “party” part in commands with “p.” For example: “/p list,” or “/p help.”

If you have an MVP++ rank, you can start parties that let players join without needing an invite. These parties are great for streaming, and you can start one with the “/stream” command. As you run the command, hit the “Create Party” option in the book, and choose the number of players you want in the party (two to 100.)

You’ll then receive a command to pass to other players so they can join the party. It will look something like “/party join <name>”.

At this point, you can use the regular party commands provided above.

The “Guild” mode is for users who often play games together. When starting a guild, your band can collect coins to upgrade the guild. You can create different guilds, each one with a dedicated chat for seamless communication between friends. You can track players’ online activities from the guild menu. You can also invite guild friends to a party. Note that to create a guild, you need a VIP+ rank.

You can create a guild with the following command: “/guild create“.

If you want to join a guild, you can do so with the “/guild join [name]” command and accept the invite with the “/guild accept” command.

Whenever you need help, you can see the full guild command list by typing “/g” and “/guild“.

Here are some more guild commands to help you out:

  • /g chat [message] – send a message to the guild chat
  • /g demote [player] – demote a player from a previous rank
  • /g disband – disband the guild
  • /g info – show guild information
  • /g invite [player] – invite a player to join your guild
  • /g leave – exit the guild
  • /g members – see active guild members
  • /g menu – open the guild menu
  • /g online – see online members in your guild
  • /g party – invite guild members to a party
  • /g quest – show the guild quest

Finally, the “Recent” player menu is where you can find players you recently played games with.

Playing With Friends Made Simple

Thanks to the Hypixel Social menu, you can manage your social interactions on the server. Whether you want to check your friend list, see what lobby they’re in, check their active status, or start a party, you can do so here. Hopefully, this article has answered your questions regarding joining friends on Hypixel.

Which game modes do you prefer to play at parties? Did you already create a guild? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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