How to Level Up Fast in Hypixel

Leveling up fast in Hypixel is essential if you want to progress rapidly through the game. The better your abilities are, the easier you can perform various tasks, such as Mining and Fishing. It also gives you more damage output, allowing you to take down your enemies effortlessly.

How to Level Up Fast in Hypixel

Is there a strategy to level up quickly?

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed guide on leveling up fast in Hypixel. Your journey through the game will be a lot smoother with the following tips.

How to Level Up Fast in Hypixel

Most activities performed in Hypixel count toward leveling up. However, some features improve your skills faster:

Delivery Man

Besides giving you a mystery box every month, the Delivery Man rewards you experience points (XP). Visiting this character yields 2,000 XP. Best of all, you can do it every day.

Tip Everyone

The Tip command is often overlooked in Hypixel. It gives the recipient an XP boost and rewards you with a small number of experience points. You can activate the auto-tip feature if you own a client, such as PvP Lounge, Lunar, and Badlion. It’ll tip other users on your behalf, allowing you to gain XP effortlessly.


Completing each game mode in Hypixel is an excellent source of experience points. You can select the Quest Master in many lobbies to see the quests you can perform for XP.


Joining high-level Guilds is a great way to earn XP and level up. It can also double your experience points, depending on your Guild’s level. The higher it is, the more likely you are to receive a twofold XP increase.

Even if you can’t get into a high-level Guild, don’t feel discouraged. Join the one for your level, and there’s still a chance to unlock the XP reward.


You may think that Achievements only earn your Achievement points, but the reality is slightly different. You can receive XP from them, too.

This effect works both ways – as you obtain more XP and level up, you’ll unlock more rewards on your Achievements path. To check the list of available Achievements, go to your Achievements Menu.

Network Boosters

Network boosters are expensive, but if you’re willing to dip into your pocket, they can quickly give you a considerable amount of XP. The price varies, depending on the game mode. For instance, the Skywars booster usually costs $12, whereas the TNT booster costs approximately $6.


Going “Away-from-keyboard” or AFK can come in handy when you’re grinding for experience points. The best game modes to AFK in include Housing and Skyblock. However, you’ll need to build an AFK pool to avoid being kicked out and placed in limbo. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Collect one Stone Slab, 14 Stone Bricks, and one Sign.
  2. Make a 3-by-3 square enclosure using your Stone Bricks.
  3. Build a pole in the center using the remaining Stone Bricks and place your Sign on the side.
  4. Put the Stone Slab in any corner of your pool.
  5. Use a Bucket of Water to fill the pool with water, and you’re good to go.

You can now start swimming in the pool to prevent the server from kicking you out due to inactivity.

How to Level Up Fast in Hypixel Pit

Hypixel Pit is a minigame where you face off against other players in a battle for experience and gold. There are a few ways to level up fast in this mode:


Streaking might be the best way to level up quickly in Hypixel Pit. To perform effective Streaks, you’ll need Diamond Armor. The set is quite expensive, but you can get it for free like this:

  1. Purchase the Fishing Rod Perk.
  2. Find an area on your map with water. You can use any water source for Fishing.
  3. Start Fishing until you obtain all parts of the Diamond Armor.
  4. Go to your spawning point and place the armor inside the Ender Chest. This way, you won’t lose the set if you die Fishing.
  5. Cast your line again and collect a few more sets of the Diamond Armor.
  6. Equip your Diamond Armor, and your chances of successful Streaks will be much higher.


High-quality Perks also helps you level up fast while you’re Streaking. There are several useful tactics. For example, many players use their Fishing Rod for easy combos, Streakers for XP, and Golden Heads for healing.

If you’re not good with your Rod, replace it with a Safety Perk to receive your Chain Helmet. This Perk enables you to complete a Streak of up to 50 kills.


Overdrive is an ability unlocked for reaching 50 kills. It gives you extra speed, coins, and XP. It also rewards you 4,000 experience points upon death, which is a considerable number if you’re low-level.

How to Level Up Fast in Hypixel Bedwars?

Another game mode where you want to level up quickly is Bedwars. To do so, apply these two strategies:

Avoid Map Select

Most people who want to gain experience points quickly refrain from Map Select. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Advanced players usually choose the Map Select option, meaning you’ll have a more challenging time winning your duels.
  • This feature costs a lot of money, making it inaccessible to many users.
  • Map Select is sometimes a waste of time since it often lags or doesn’t work at all.

Complete Your Quests

Completing quests gives you direct access to more XP. One of the most beneficial quests you can perform takes place during Christmas Time. This event spawns Epic Gifts that can earn you a massive amount of experience points. In some cases, four Gifts deliver more XP than winning two games without any presents.

How to Level Up Fast in Hypixel Skyblock?

We’ve covered a bunch of ways you can level up quickly through quests and special equipment. But in Hypixel Skyblock, you can also focus on leveling up specific skills like:


The most effective way to improve your combat is to perform Dungeons. As for your build, consider F4, F6, or F7 with a Level 100 Legendary Wolf Pet. If Dungeons aren’t available, take on T4 Revenants.


To accelerate your Farming skill progression, build a Sugar Cane or Pumpkin Farm (approximately three layers) and harvest it with an appropriate tool. Depending on the type of farm, you can use a Pumpkin Dicer or Turing Sugar Cane Hoe. The XP gain from Sugar Cane and Pumpkin farms is about the same.


Leveling up your Foraging ability is straightforward. All you need is a Toil Treecapitator and a Level 100 Legendary Monkey Pet. Once both ingredients are in place, start chopping Dark Oak Trees. You can go for Jungle Wood or Acacia if the thicket is too dense. Equipping the Young Dragon Armor set can also help move things along with a 500% speed increase.

How to Level Up Combat Fast in Hypixel?

Leveling up your Combat abilities in Hypixel usually takes time. Still, you can speed up the process with several tried-and-true tactics.

You can rank up the Combat ability by eliminating Deep Cavern Mobs if you’re new to the game. For example, killing Slime in the Emerald Mine gives you between 12 and 16 XP, depending on the level. Skeletons and Zombies in the Diamond Mine earn you 20 XP, whereas Skeletons and Zombies from the Obsidian Mine generate 24 XP.

On the other hand, veterans and players who have made it far into Hypixel may be better off farming the Enderman (38 XP) and Zealots (40 XP). Killing Zealtos is harder for players who only wear Ender Armor with their Aspect of the End. Hence, stick to the Enderman if you can quickly dispatch them.

How to Level Up Pets Fast in Hypixel

Leveling up your Hypixel Pet is also a good idea to make sure they can keep up with you, skill-wise. An array of activities raises their skill level, including:

  • Combat Pets: Eliminate T4/T5 Revenants or F4 Mobs.
  • Fishing Pets: Do a lot of Fishing.
  • Mining Pets: Buy Snow Minions and complete Events/Commissions in mines.
  • Alchemy Pets: Perform alchemy.
  • Enchanting Pets: Use the Experimentation Table.

How to Level Up your Guild Fast in Hypixel

One of the fastest ways to level up your Hypixel Guild is to participate in Arcade games. Some of your best options include Duels and Says. Other games can also be highly beneficial.

Follow these steps to start an Arcade game:

  1. While in-game, right-click your Compass.
  2. Choose “Arcade Games” to enter a lobby.
  3. Navigate to the Play Board, and you’ll see several signs.
  4. Right-click the sign of the game you wish to play.

How to Level Up Fishing Fast in Hypixel

Leveling up your Fishing skill in Hypixel comes down to your equipment. Your best bet is to stick to the Rod of Legends and Fish Bait. Spiked Bait can give you more sea creatures, but it generates less XP.

Additional FAQ

What’s the Highest Skill Level You Can Get in Hypixel?

Not all skills in Hypixel have the same cap. Here’s a brief overview:

• Maximum Level 60: Farming, Enchanting, Mining, and Combat

• Maximum Level 50: Foraging, Taming, Carpentry, Fishing, Dungeoneering, and Alchemy

• Maximum Level 25: Runecrafting and Social

Higher Levels Ensure Smooth Sailing

The only way to overcome your Hypixel struggles is to level up fast. As your skills improve, collecting supplies, hunting, and fighting will be a lot easier. It also unlocks new content, making the game even more enjoyable.

What’s your current level in Hypixel? What skills would you like to improve the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

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