How to Make Text Into a Shape in Illustrator

Converting text to shapes is one of the most useful features of Adobe Illustrator. It allows you to customize your work, combine words with various drawings, and use text as image masks. Plus, it enables other designers to modify your typing without original fonts.

How to Make Text Into a Shape in Illustrator

Let’s dive into the intricacies of converting text into shapes in Illustrator.

How to Make Text Into a Shape in Illustrator With Make With Warp

There are several ways to make text into shapes in Illustrator. Many users rely on the Make with Warp feature. It lets you transform typing into a large number of predetermined shapes. Here’s how it works.

  1. Create your text object.

  2. Select the text.

  3. Navigate to “Object” and click “Envelope Distort.”

  4. Choose “Make with Warp.” This should open a drop-down menu that lists the shapes you can use for your text. Select one.

  5. Head to the “Warp Options” section.

  6. Choose between “Vertical” or “Horizontal” orientation. This determines the axis where the warp will be applied.

Feel free to tweak the rest of the settings, most of which are self-explanatory. You can alter the position of the warp, amplify the intensity or strength, and make many other changes.

How to Make Text Into a Shape in Illustrator With Top Object

If the shapes from the Make with Warp feature aren’t suitable for your text, no worries. You can also convert the typing into shapes using the Top Object function. It enables you to create custom models that serve as a reference point for the text.

This feature is relatively straightforward.

  1. Create a custom shape.

  2. Right-click the object and press “Arrange.”

  3. Choose the “Bring to Front” option to raise the item above the text.

  4. Select your text object and custom shape.

  5. Align the two items on the vertical and horizontal axes.

  6. With both elements selected, open “Object.”

  7. Go to “Envelope Distort” and pick “Make with Top Object.”

How to Make Text Into a Shape in Illustrator With Type Tool

Another simple way to make text into shape is to use the Type Tool. It’s mostly used when you want to fill a text or paragraph in your object without distorting the writing.

Take these steps to convert text into shape with Type.

  1. Start Illustrator and place or create a shape.

  2. Hover over the path of the shape until there’s a circle around your “Type Tool.”

  3. Open the “Type Tool” and click an area near the border of your shape. The object should now contain “Lorem Ipsum.”

  4. Replace “Lorem Ipsum” with your text, and you’re good to go.

You’ve converted your text, but you might not be happy with the end result. If so, consider editing the object with the following steps.

  1. Highlight your “Direct Selection Tool.”

  2. Choose a section or letter of your shape by clicking and dragging it.

  3. Select your “Anchor Point.”

  4. Drag the object to form new shapes using the text.

Once you start editing, you can use several features to customize your creations. For instance, you can choose individual letters to alter their shape. Continual adjustments can be made by holding the Shift button and highlighting the symbol you want to change. The same method works for moving whole letters from your shapes.

How to Change Shape Color and Size in Illustrator

Illustrator is a perfect place to let your imagination run wild. There are numerous ways to enhance your projects, such as changing the color of your shapes. This shouldn’t be too challenging, even if you’re a beginner:

  1. Open Illustrator and employ your “Direct Selection Tool.”

  2. Choose the individual letters or text whose color you want to change.

  3. Go to “Appearance,” followed by “Properties.”

  4. Click the “Fill” button and color the shape in any color you want.

  5. If you wish to change the nuance of the outline of the text, find the “Stroke” button under “Fill.” Choose the appropriate color and Stroke size.

Another great way to customize your work is to change the size of the shapes. Again, you’ll need to use your “Direct Selection Tool.”

  1. Pick a shape with your “Direct Selection Tool.”

  2. Right-click the shape and choose the “Transform” option.

  3. Select “Scale” and modify the size. Another way to adjust the Scale is to use your “Top Menu.” However, it takes a bit more effort and achieves the same result.

Changing the size of the shapes is a useful and easy way to customize your work in Illustrator.

Additional F.A.Q.s

Why should you convert text to shape in Illustrator?

There are several reasons Illustrator users convert their text into shapes. Primarily, this eliminates the need to download extra fonts when another person is assigned a project. Second, when a text is converted, you can make adjustments that would be impossible in the text form. For instance, you can manually modify your fonts to come up with a unique creation.

Why wasn’t my text outlined correctly during the conversion?

While making text into shapes is a straightforward process, it’s not perfect. Sometimes, you may struggle to outline certain fonts, so the conversion may not turn out right. In most cases, the error occurs because you failed to select “Smart Guides.” Here’s a quick remedy:

1. Open the “View” section in from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

2. Navigate to the “Smart Guides” box and place a checkmark.

How do I fill letters with text?

Filling letters with text is straightforward.

1. Right-click the letter, navigate to “Expand and Fill.”

2. Then, navigate to “Object” and press “Compound Path.”

3. Click “Release” and use the “Type Tool” to fill your letters with text.

Can you reverse a conversion from text to shape?

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t included a method for reversing the conversion process at any time. Consequently, you can’t revert your change after making edits.

The only time you can revert your conversion is before the edits. To do so, simply use the undo command on your keyboard (Ctrl + Z).

It’s Time to Move On From Bland Creations

The Adobe software package is chock-full of programs that let you showcase your creativity. Illustrator is one of your best options, and converting text to shapes will be incredibly helpful in your projects. Whether you’re working on your own or you have a helping hand, editing your text will be much easier once you choose an attractive shape. However, don’t forget to use stunning colors and breathe new life into your creations.

How often do you use the text-to-shape conversion in Illustrator? Are you familiar with any other way of transforming text? What do you like most about working with shapes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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