How Fix iMovie if Join Clips is Greyed Out

iMovie has comprehensive features that allow you to merge clips and form a complete sequence of footage. However, the join clip button is sometimes greyed out, making it difficult to do so.

How Fix iMovie if Join Clips is Greyed Out

Fortunately, there are ways to get around the issue. This article offers tips to help you navigate the whole process and join your clips in no time.

Joining Clips in iMovie

Editing videos in iMovie is a stress-free process until you bump into a greyed-out join clip button. Even though this is a common issue, you need to learn how to counter it. It doesn’t mean you can’t merge your clips in iMovie; rather that you need to find an alternative route. Unfortunately, iMovie doesn’t let you to join video clips directly. Here’s how to avoid the join clip greyed-out path.

1. Open iMovie

On your Apple device, double-click on the iMovie app to open. Find the “Projects” button on the main menu and click on it. In the new menu, select “Create Project”.

2. Import the Video Clips

Click on the plus sign to import the clips you want to join. This will direct you to your local storage, where you will choose your preferred clips.

3. Join the Clips

After importing the clips and you now have them in the timeline, arrange them in an order that they need to be presented after merging. At this point, the “join clip” option isn’t necessary since it’s greyed out. The simplest route to follow is to click the “Done” button and export the video to your local storage.

Joining Audio and Video in iMovie

iMovie allows you to incorporate audio into your videos using the editor’s dashboard. This is one way of generating quality content in a clear and concise manner.

1. Import Audio

Import the audio file of your choice to the iMovie timeline using the drag and drop approach. You can also import more than one file and merge it depending on the nature of your video.

2. Power on the Audio Waveform

You can start editing the audio by adding more features such as sound effects. Once you’re satisfied with the new version of the audio, click on the button on the lower end of your screen to switch on the audio waveform.

3. Do Clip Alignment (Manually)

The next step is to align the audio properly to make it match the video. Use the manual method by clapping to evaluate the audio spikes. Identifying the audio spikes will help you to align the audio and the video correctly.

After locating the audio spikes, you need to align the video properly using the spikes. The iMovie audio waveform can help you to merge them to generate a complete video.

Merging Two Videos Side-By-Side in iMovie

Merging two videos is another critical task that iMovie can help you achieve. This is mostly used when making presentations.

1. Click on “Advanced” Tools

Once you’re in the iMovie dashboard, click “Advanced” tools. This will enable you to turn on the features that are needed in this process.

2. Add Videos

Import the two videos that you want to merge on the timeline. Remember that you can also use the drag-and-drop features in this case. Arrange the videos in the timeline one on top of the other.

3. Click on the Split Screen Option

To merge two videos side-by-side, click the “Overly Settings” button. In the pop-up menu, select “Split Screen.”

The two videos will automatically be cropped to suit either side of the screen. You can click the “Viewer” window to adjust the video duration if needed.

Blending Two Clips in iMovie

iMovie has no restrictions on how creative you can be. You can decide to be more creative by blending two clips or more using the below procedure.

1. Import Files

Open iMovie, click on “File” and select “Create New Project.” Import the video clips that you want to blend. After importing the files, they will be visible in the “Event” window.

2. Blend the Video Clips

When the videos are loaded, drag-and-drop them into the timeline. You can rearrange the videos based on your choice in the timeline. Preview the videos, and you’ll see that they play as a single video. This clearly indicates that the videos are perfectly blended.

After blending the videos, you can now export them to your local storage.


Why is the join clips option greyed out?

iMovie only allows you to join clips that are split on the iMovie timeline. This option is not applicable when you want to combine two independent video clips.

To join clips that you imported from your local storage, you need to use an alternative path by following the procedure outlined above.

Why can’t I rejoin clips that were originally the same clip?

Once you split clips in iMovie and make modifications, the join clip option is greyed out. You can only rejoin the clips if you haven’t made any edits on either segment. Anytime you want to rejoin a clip, don’t make any edits as you won’t be able to use the join clip option.

To rejoin edited clips in iMovie, the simplest option is to share the clips which will automatically merge them. After sharing, you can then reimport the file as a joined video and work on it as an auxiliary project.

How do I join video clips in iMovie on iPhone?

You can freely edit videos in iMovie on iPhone by simply downloading the iMovie app from Apple Store. Open the application and click on “Projects” to start working on a new project. Import the clips you want to join from your local storage and drag them into the iMovie timeline.

When the clips are in the timeline, you can make all your preferred modifications to suit your needs. Ensure that the clips are arranged in order and click “Done” to save the video in your local storage.

How do I unsplit a clip in iMovie?

It’s pretty simple to unsplit a clip in iMovie. Simply select the clips you want to join in the iMovie timeline while holding the Shift key on your keyboard. Click on “Modify” and then join the clips. Also, you can reverse the whole process immediately if need arises.

How do I separate one video into two clips in iMovie?

After placing your clips in the iMovie timeline, place the playhead at the exact point where you want to split the clips. Click on the “Modify” button and select on the split clip option to split the clips. After splitting the clips, you can go ahead and make more edits to refine them.

Join Clips in iMovie Within No Time

iMovie gives you the flexibility to generate video content that reciprocates your specified needs. You can join clips within no time and generate content for your audience. Provided you have a clear video content idea, iMovie helps you turn it into a reality.

Have you ever joined clips in iMovie? Did you face any challenges? Which procedure did you use? Let’s know in the comments section.

One thought on “How Fix iMovie if Join Clips is Greyed Out”

John says:
Thanks for the advice on this rather annoying situation. Apple missed the boat on this one, leaving us with an unnecessarily complicated work-around. “Join clip” is sadly useless. If I accidentally split a clip (rare), Cmd-Z works just fine. Otherwise, there’s no reason I’d split it if I weren’t going to edit it.

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