iPhone XS – How to Backup

Regular backups protect the data on your iPhone XS, so it is wise to make a habit out of them. You can easily restore all the information if something happens to your smartphone, and you don’t have to worry about losing any photos or contacts.

iPhone XS - How to Backup

There are two ways to backup your iPhone.

iTunes Back Up

iTunes allows you to quickly and easily backup all your files to a PC or Mac. This might be the easiest free-of-charge method to secure the files from your iPhone XS. Take a look at how to do it:

1. Connect to a Computer

Take the USB cable that came with your iPhone and connect it to a computer. If you have iTunes installed, the application will launch as soon as the connection is established.

2. Find Your Device

You just need to click on the small iPhone icon in the upper iTunes bar to reveal all the information about your iPhone XS.

3. Select Backup Option

iTunes allows you to choose between three backup options. These include iCloud, This Computer, and Manual Backup and Restore. Make sure that the box next to This Computer is ticked to save the files to the computer you are connected to. It is also wise to keep the box in front of Encrypt iPhone Backup ticked as well to ensure that the data is bulletproof.

4. Finish up the Backup

Once you’ve backed up all the data from your iPhone, click on Done – and you are all set. These backups are automatic by default, but you can always click on Back Up Now to manually initiate the process.

iCloud Back Up

iCloud is Apple’s platform that allows you to perform straightforward backups to a cloud. There is no need to use any cables, but you do need a stable Wi-Fi connection when backing up to iCloud.

You should also know that iCloud backups use up all the free gigabytes very quickly, so you might want to consider purchasing additional storage. Either way, this is how to back up to iCloud:

1. Go to iCloud

Tap on the Settings app to launch it and then tap on your Apple ID to access iCloud.

2. Access the iCloud

Tap on the iCloud tab to access the menu and make sure you toggle on the switches next to all of the apps and data that you want to backup.

3. Enable iCloud Backup

If the iCloud backup option is switched off, you need to access the iCloud tab to toggle the switch to On. When you have the option on, your phone will automatically back up to iCloud at regular intervals. You can tap on the Back Up Now option to immediately initiate the process.

4. Wait for a While

You should be patient until the backup is complete. iCloud backups are usually quick, but the actual backup time depends on the amount of data you are backing up. It should be stressed that you need a stable Wi-Fi connection while doing the backup to make sure that none of the data is lost or damaged.


One of the best things about iPhone XS backups is that you don’t need to do them manually. No matter which method you choose, the backups will run automatically to ensure that all your data is secure and protected.

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