How to Change the Camera in Kik

It might seem contradictory, but texting doesn’t just mean typing text and sending. It’s a whole experience. Texting is so much more visual now than it’s ever been before. The same applies to phone calls. If you’re not video-calling your best friend, or making gifs and forwarding them to everyone, you’re not using the messaging apps right.

How to Change the Camera in Kik

Kik users understand that. It’s a leading anonymous messaging app that’s currently serving teenagers very well indeed. But what are the most interesting things about Kik? And how do you go about altering features like changing the camera?

Changing Cameras on Kik

Setting up Kik is very simple. The first thing you need to do is download the app. Head to Google Play Store if you’re using an Android phone and to Apple Store, if you’re an iPhone user. One of the best things about Kik is that you don’t have to give your phone number to use it. A valid email address and password are enough. But you will need to provide a name and username.

After the initial, easy setup, you’re good to go. And because picture exchanging is what makes Kik so much fun, let’s see how that works.

  1. When you open a Kik Messenger, select one of your friends to send a photo or a video to.
  2. At the bottom of the screen tap the photo icon (second icon from the left).
  3. The camera will open, and you’ll be able to take a photo by just clicking once. Or holding to record a video.
  4. Now, to change from the front camera to the back camera and vice versa, you will have to tap on the little phone icon that indicates front to back camera. It’s in the bottom right corner of the screen.

That’s it. It requires just one tap. After you make the photo or a video, you’ll have the option to send it directly or go back and make another one. It’s a good option to have if your selfie failed unexpectedly.


You can also change the camera on Kik while you’re on a video call. All you have to do is tap twice on the screen and the camera will go back from the front to back or the other way around. It’s a handy tool because it means you don’t have to turn your phone around and be unsure if you’re aiming at the right thing.

Kik Change Camera

Sending Photos via Kik

One of the interesting features of Kik is that it shows you when the picture was sent directly, at that very moment. As with all cross-platform messaging apps, you can send a picture or a video from your camera roll or directly from the app. But with Kik, when you use the app to snap a photo or make a video, it will say “Camera” under the photo, in the right corner.

This signifies to whomever you’re sending a picture to that you’ve taken this photo or a video as you’re talking. It means that you’re not sending a premeditated selfie, for example, that comes from your selfie arsenal. Rather what you look like at the moment. It works both ways too. You can be sure someone is giving you a real-time report of whatever’s going on.

How to Change Camera on Kik

Kik Key Features

Kik has around 300 million users worldwide. It’s estimated that around 40% are teenagers from the US and Europe. One can see the appeal. It has a simple interface and lots of emojis and stickers to choose from. You also get to explore bots and start group conversations. There are promoted chats that you can become a part of as well. It’s a great way to meet new people without feeling exposed by giving out your phone number.

Change Camera on Kik

Is Kik for You?

If you’re looking for a reliable messaging app that won’t insist on your phone number, Kik might be a good option. It has everything you want from a messaging app, plus few extra features. The camera switching from front to back is easy and it’s good to know you can do that during a video call too.

So far, Kik is a favorite among teenagers and young adults. But there aren’t any rules to speak of. A simple and intuitive messaging app will always find a lot of users.

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4 thoughts on “How to Change the Camera in Kik”

Robin Uher says:
I use Kik to text with my mom who doesn’t have a cell phone, only a tablet. However, when I try to text her lately the camera comes on and when I cancel it, it just comes back. Why is this happening? I can’t contact my elderly mom anymore.
Steve Larner says:
Try contacting Kik support at
Lynnsweet says:
My KIK will not let me send a message. Every time I go onto users name my camera pops up and it won’t go away so I can text. What is the issue here. Thank you
Steve Larner says:
It sounds like an app error. You’ll need to contact Kik support. Visit
My KIK will not let me send a message. Every time I go onto users name my camera pops up and it won’t go away so I can text. What is the issue here. Thank you says:
My KIK will not let me send a message. Every time I go onto users name my camera pops up and it won’t go away so I can text. What is the issue here. Thank you
Steve Larner says:
Contact Kik directly at They should be able to help you, or at the least, become aware of this common problem and get it fixed.
Kerri says:
Camera constantly popping up in Kik while trying to type a message. I disabled camera so now it pops up that camera is disabled constantly. Anyone know how to fix this?
Steve Larner says:
Sounds like a Kik glitch. You’ll need to contact Kik directly. Visit

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