How To Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal

Level progression is a key part of your Diablo Immortal gameplay. It lets you unlock powerful weapons and gear to vanquish mighty enemies.

How To Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal

This article will explore ways to level up your character in Diablo Immortal.

How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal

Blizzard has introduced a range of methods to gain XP in Diablo Immortal.

Complete Quests

This is the most basic formula for leveling up your character. It’s also effective for progressing from lower levels faster. These quests offer more experience than side missions, so prioritize them to improve your champion rapidly.

Clear Zones Partially

Most ARPG veterans are already familiar with this tip, but it might sound surprising to beginners. Namely, there’s no need to eliminate all monsters in every region. This only slows you down.

Although certain Quests and Dungeons require you to conquer all opponents, this isn’t necessary in most Overworld zones. You can reach your destination by only killing the monsters encountered on your main path without falling behind in terms of XP. This should grant you enough experience to keep up with the story since you’ll be completing Quests rather than killing mobs.

Complete Dungeons

Dungeons are perfect for leveling up fast in any game, including Diablo Immortal. They can be completed as part of your main story. However, consider repeating them from your “Activities” section in your “Codex” to gain more experience.

Most major regions contain a Dungeon. These three provide the most XP:

  • Forgotten Tower
  • Tomb of Fahir
  • Mad King’s Breach

Pass the Helliquary

This is the Raid system of Diablo Immortal. It involves Wrathborne Demons you can defeat as part of your Warband or on your own. They’re challenging but drop valuable awards and high amounts of XP.

You can access the Helliquary at level 40 or 45 after completing your main story in Bilefen. Return to Westmarch, go to the Workshop, and interact with Deckard Cain to start your Healliquary quest. Then, travel to Einfrinn Tree and find Rayek to begin the Raid.

Slay Beasts in the Bestiary

Although it doesn’t provide as much experience as Dungeons or Raids, the Bestiary is another easy way to level up your champion. After slaying monsters, collect their Monstrous Essence. Ten of these unlock Bestiary Entries and give you Bestiary awards through experience and Battle Points.

Keep in mind that your character can only hold 10 Essence. Therefore, consume the items as soon as your pouch is full.

Grind the Battle Pass

Diablo Immortal has a well-designed Battle Pass that can be accessed in your Codex from the menu. It contains 40 leveling-up tiers, each providing tons of XP and items. You can also pay $4.99 for an Empowered Pass with additional rewards. Another way to help your grind is to purchase the $14.99 package that boosts your rank and grants cosmetic rewards.

You can climb the XP ladder by earning Battle Points and completing various missions. For example, Guide Missions require you to accomplish the main objective and hit leveling milestones.

Alternatively, Quests involve larger objectives refreshed daily, like finding Legendary Weapons that generate many Battle Points. You can unlock an additional Quest daily by purchasing an Empowered Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass also consists of Activities. These generate Battle Points after completing Elder Rifts, PVP combats, and daily objectives. There are three tiers of Activity rewards, granting you Gems, Crests, and many other items.

Explore the Codex

The Codex is the staple of Diablo Immortal’s XP generation. It works hand in hand with your Battle Pass, providing early tasks and objectives to familiarize you with the game. Plus, it advances you through Battle Pass rankings while boosting your experience.

Group Up Beasts Before Fighting

Clever combat goes a long way in leveling up fast in Diablo Immortal. One of the best tips is to group up your enemies before the fight. Even if you stick to your main path, stopping to vanquish one or two monsters at a time isn’t effective. Instead, wait until a couple of groups chase you and use AoE spells to defeat them.

The number of beasts you can fight depends on the class. For instance, you can fight more groups at once if you’re a Barbarian or Wizard because you have better AoE skills. Taking on mobs as a Demon Hunter isn’t recommended if you want to maximize XP gains.

Either way, fight your enemies according to your skillset and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Dying halts your progress more than improper mob fighting.

Don’t Splurge on Equipment Upgrades

The game enables you to upgrade Legendary and Rare gear at Blacksmiths in most towns. This gives you a massive power boost, as these items overpower standard ones dropped in other areas of your campaign.

However, enhancing them costs materials and gold. Additionally, you may come across better equipment, so don’t overspend on upgrades.

The good news is that the upgrade ranks can be transferred to your new items within the same slots. This comes in handy when encountering new gear with higher scores than the current upgraded pieces. Rather than upgrade multiple weapons, you can simply transfer the rank to your new equipment.

Go Through Bounties

Bounties are quests with simple objectives that give you a good amount of XP, materials, and currencies. In dungeons, you can find green bounties, whereas blue bounties are scattered across your open world. If you open a bounty in a region you don’t want to visit, the game lets you re-roll and swap it for another one. You can make this change three times every day. If you don’t like what you get after three attempts, you’ll need to complete the bounty or wait 24 hours for a reset.

Quartermaster Derek and your Bounty Board give you eight bounties per day. The number you can complete is limited to four, and you can perform them with clans. As a result, you can share the experience with other players to gain XP faster.

To unlock your Bounty Board, go to Westmarch and visit the Palace Courtyard. Talk to Charsi and complete your tutorial to access this feature.

Defeat Elite Enemies

Monsters in Dungeons and the Overworld sometimes have a glowing aura and different name colors. These Elite Enemies are more powerful than their standard counterparts, but this also means more XP. Hence, be sure to collect the Orbs that show up after they’ve been defeated.

In addition to experience points, they also have a higher chance of providing Legendary gear. Take them out to empower your arsenal.

Go to Pools of Reflections

Pools of Reflections are randomly scattered across the map, granting an XP boost that makes your Bestiary entries and Bounties more rewarding. Once activated, your character should have a gold XP icon above the head. This is a sign that you should kill as many beasts as possible to progress more rapidly.

Farm Your Elder Rifts in a Group

Apart from granting Legendary Gems, Elder Rifts can give you tons of XP. After running through the monthly and daily supplies of Legendary and Rare Crests, consider running these Rifts for Fading Embers and experience points.

You’ll need to complete them fast to make them more efficient than Dungeon Farm or Bounties. Working in a group is a great way to make them worthwhile.

Wander XP-Rich Spots

Some areas spawn more monsters than others, making them ideal for farming XP. Enemies may also respawn infinitely and do so faster in these regions. Therefore, you can collect their Monstrous Essence more quickly.

Bear in mind that farming in busier areas can be more difficult. You’ll be up against a larger number of players, so try exploring the following regions at an off-peak time of your server

Plains of Torment

Plains of Torment are widely considered the best XP farming spot in the game. It’s conducive to rapid farming for several reasons:

  • Elite Monsters spawn frequently.
  • There are many Shrines.
  • You can adjust the route to cover smaller areas, enabling you to kite beasts easily.
  • The lower-left corner often contains a Pool of Reflection to boost your XP gain.

Zakarum Graveyard

This graveyard is perfect for collecting XP. You can get easy kills by sticking to the main figure-eight path. Alternatively, you can wander to the two eastern regions and enrich your routine by exploring Hidden Lairs.

Moon Clan Encampment

The region is relatively narrow, allowing you to pick your enemies off efficiently. Two shrines with XP galore can show up on the route, so incorporate them into your grind for faster progression.

Annihilate Everything in Your Path

Exploring the world of Diablo Immortals is fun, but it can be even more exciting with better gear. The only way to unlock it is to level up your character fast. Whether you focus on Dungeons, Bounties, or Elder Rifts, the desire to obtain Legendary weapons should be enough to keep you going.

What’s your favorite method of leveling up in Diablo Immortals? What’s your current character level? Let us know in the comments section below.

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