Is Life360 Too Invasive?

Being a parent these days is very difficult and demanding. When we were growing up, times were simpler; there was less crime and fewer things to worry about. Naturally, most parents are concerned about their children, but there should be some boundaries.

Is Life360 Too Invasive?

There are plenty of apps like Life360 that allow users to stalk their family members and friends. Life360 is just one of the most popular and trusted options. Is the app invasive? Of course, it is! Just ask yourself, would you like it if your parents had access to it?

Read on for a comprehensive discussion about Life360’s effect on privacy.

How Life360 Works

Life360 is a free family locator app. It can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple App store, totally free of charge. There is a premium version of the app with some added benefits, like crash protection for driving.

Life360 is essentially a GPS tracker that you put in your kid’s pocket. Nowadays most kids have phones, especially teenagers. Calling and texting are a regular part of most of their lives, and kids can often be rebellious and decline your calls or ignore your messages.

That’s when Life360 comes into the rescue. It gives you peace of mind by letting you check your kid’s location in real-time. You can assign various locations to the app, so it will inform you when your kid is at school or when he or she returns home, etc.

The app can be taxing on the battery because it will keep draining it even when it is running in the background. Other than that, it is entirely free. But is it, though?

Life360 Invasive

The Bad Sides of Life360

Remember when you were a kid? Your parents probably told you when to come back home (usually before dark, or at dinner time). You had to respect that, or you would get grounded and couldn’t go out to play with your friends the next time.

That is how healthy parenting works. You need to set some ground rules and make sure that your child respects them. If you allow them too much, then you’ll start needing apps like Life360 because you don’t have enough authority.

Now, let’s review some other features. Location tracking is everywhere today, and it’s not just apps like Life360. At least, this app is honest, and you know what to expect from it. Most popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. follow you around without you even being aware.

Google is always tracking you, no matter where you go or what you search on the internet. Privacy is less and less existent nowadays. But that’s the price of hyperconnectivity and the fact that everything’s on the internet is available in a few taps or clicks.

Do you seriously want more privacy intrusion on your family? Then be our guest, install Life360 or similar apps (MamaBear, PhoneSheriff, the list goes on). Mind you; people use Life360 to track adults as well. Wives follow their husbands and vice-versa, and some people even use it on their parents or employees.

The Good Sides of Life360

OK, before we get carried away with the bad stuff, what about the good things about Life360? Here are some of the reasons why I am not judging anyone who uses Life360, and neither should you. This app can be a potential lifesaver, without over exaggerating.

Imagine if your kid got lost. Life360 will help you find them, no matter where they are, even if they can’t respond to your calls or messages due to weak signal. Any parent can confirm that for this alone, Life360 can be priceless.

Although there are tons of negative comments about the app online, there are some comments from people who indeed found their lost children thanks to it. So, in reality, Life360 is not the devil, as described by some of the children who have to put up with it on their phones.

Life360 too Invasive

Some Final Thoughts

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether or not Life360 is too invasive. Many people, especially teens, will say that it is. Others, mostly parents, will say that it brings them peace of mind. The best would be to find the middle ground, a compromise.

Remember that keeping your children’s trust is far more valuable than knowing their every move. If the latter is what you want, perhaps give it a second thought.

What are your thoughts on the app? Do you find it too invasive? Let us know what you think about Life360 in the comments section below.

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