How to Find Other Players in Minecraft

Finding other players in Minecraft is great if you need to sneak up on an enemy or locate a teammate. But if you’re having trouble finding other players in your game, you’re not alone.

How to Find Other Players in Minecraft

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to find other players in a Minecraft world. This article will explain everything you need to know.

How to Find Other Players Without Cheats or Mods

If you’re against using cheats, you can still locate other players in Vanilla Minecraft. You have three options without using cheat commands or modifications.

Use a Locator Map

When you create a Locator Map, each player is represented by a pointed oval on the Map. If a player is outside the area that the Map covers, you’ll still see a marker on the edge of the Map in the direction of their location. If you clone the Map, other players can carry the same Map so that you can locate each other.

However, each player must carry the same Locator Map for this to work. It’s unclear whether this is a game glitch or just false internet information.

Use Game Items to Find Each Other

If you and a teammate want to find each other, there are a few game hacks you can use:

  • Use Fireworks to signal each other in the game. This way, you can find each other over long distances.
  • Give each other your coordinates and walk towards each other. You can use the “Show Coordinates” option in settings or press F3 to see your own coordinates.
  • Place and tap the same Bed. Then, when you need to find each other, you can die and respawn at that Bed.

These methods are useful if you and another player.

Track The Player

Another option for finding other players is to track them the old-fashioned way. Look for evidence that a player has changed an area. Search for signs that things aren’t in a naturally spawned order.

  • Partially mined trees
  • Cobblestone placements
  • Beds or Crafting Tables strewn about
  • Temporary shelters
  • Torches or Campfires
  • Bridges across water or canyons
  • Mined out areas of Coal or Ore

These things indicate that a player has interacted with the natural world. Follow the markers to find them. You can note the coordinates where they’ve been to track them more easily in the future.

How to Find Other Players With Cheats

Commands are a nice feature in Minecraft if you don’t mind using “cheats” to shortcut some work in the game. If you have the “cheats” option turned on, they’re available for finding other players. Open chat and type in these commands to execute the cheat you want to use.

Use the Teleport Command

With cheats, finding another player is a breeze.

  1. Open chat and type /teleport<other player’s username>.
  2. Alternatively, type /teleport @a @s to send all players to your current location.

Teleport is a helpful cheat that can direct you to another player or bring any player to you, regardless of your location or theirs. It also allows you to find multiple other players.

Use a Command Block and a Compass

Command Blocks are a feature only available through a cheat command. With a Command Block, you can set the world spawn location to a specific player. This is helpful if you don’t just want to find the player once but wish to be able to find them repeatedly.

  1. Type /give@p Minecraft:command_block to give yourself a Command Block in your inventory.
  2. Place the Command Block.
  3. Use the block to open its menu and verify that it is set to always active.
  4. For Bedrock enter:
    execute (the player name you want to find) ~~~ setworldspawn ~~~
    For Java enter:
    /execute at (the player name you want to find) setworldspawn ~~~

A feature of the Minecraft Compass is that it always points to the world spawn. Now that you’ve set the world spawn to another player, you can use a Compass to track that player’s movement at all times. Note that you will only be able to track one player at a time, however.

Use Minecraft Modifications

If you want to play in more than just Vanilla Minecraft, there are hundreds of player-generated mods to help you find other players in Minecraft. One option is the Player Tracking Compass mod, available in the Java edition of Minecraft. Other mods can give you a miniMap that shows other players’ whereabouts. Search online to find all kinds of mods to accomplish your Minecraft goals. Curseforge is a great place to start your mod search.

How to Make a Locator Map

If you need to find other players in Vanilla Minecraft with no cheats or mods, you’ll need to craft a Locator Map. First, gather the necessary materials:

  • Paper (8) or Sugar Cane (9)
  • Iron Ingots (4) or Iron Ore (4) and a Furnace
  • Redstone (1)
  • Crafting Table

Begin by preparing your raw materials:

  1. If you collected nine Sugar Cane, place it on the Crafting Table to make nine sheets of paper.
  2. You will need four bars of Iron, so if you collected Iron Ore, smelt them in a Furnace.

Craft a Compass.

  1. Place Redstone in the middle of a Crafting Table grid.
  2. Add an Iron Ingot to the top, bottom, left, and right of the Crafting Table square.
  3. Move the crafted Compass to your inventory.

Create the Locator Map.

  1. Place the Compass in the center square of the Crafting Table.
  2. Put Paper in the empty eight squares.
  3. Move the empty Locator Map to your Inventory.

When you’re ready, place the Map in your hand and tap “Create” to fill in the Locator Map or explore your surroundings to fill it in. If the other players reside outside the Mapped area, move to the edge of your current Map, and make a new Locator Map to cover that range.

A Note About Locator Maps

When a Locator Map is made, it divides the world into a grid and maps a particular part of the grid that corresponds to your location. If you want to map another area, you’ll have to move past the edge of your current Locator Map and craft a new Map. The Maps will be named “Map 1,” then “Map 2,” etc. by default, to help you keep track of which Map corresponds to what area.

Make Finding Other Players in Minecraft a Breeze

If you plan to search for an enemy in PVP Minecraft, it can save a lot of time and energy to know how to locate them with cheats or a Locator Map. When you play in a cooperative version, finding your teammates eliminates problems if you get separated by accident. Detecting other players in Minecraft is useful both in friendly and hostile situations. Using cheat commands will accomplish the goal quickly. If you don’t want to use cheats, making a Locator Map isn’t too complicated and will allow you to locate everyone for the rest of the game.

Have you ever found other players in Minecraft? If so, did you use any of the tips and tricks featured in this article? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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