The 4 best BBC micro:bit projects

When you think of microcomputers, you usually think of the Raspberry Pi – but now there’s a new challenger in town. The BBC micro:bit is actually a microcontroller rather than a microcomputer, but the BBC hopes it will encourage more and more children to get into coding. Soon, a BBC micro:bit will be given to every Year 7 Pupil in British schools – but what will they do with them? Here are the 4 best projects you can do with the BBC micro:bit.

The 4 best BBC micro:bit projects

1. Interactive Badge

BBC micro:bit hero

This is probably the first project you’ll tackle with your micro:bit, and as you’d expect, it’s one of the quickest and easiest. In this project, you’ll use code to program the micro:bit’s LED lights, and convey your emotions. That way you’ll be able to use micro:bit as a badge to communicate your thoughts. Not only is it a visually impressive project, it also gives a solid introduction to coding. 

2. Frustration

Games are defined by strict rules, and that’s exactly why they’re one of the best things to make when you’re learning how to program. This game is based loosely around the classic classroom mainstay Frustration, and forces players to guide a wand around a course without touching anything. Although it might be fun to play, the BBC says this game will also teach kids how to add variables to their programs.microbit-smile

3. Timer

While the micro:bit can be great for making games, its LED interface and buttons mean it can even be used for more mundane, useful tasks. Turning your micro:bit into a timer may not seem like the most fun use for it, but it shows just how easy it is to turn it into a useful device that you can take for granted.

4. Reaction

Reaction is exactly what it sounds like. After a random amount of time, the LEDs will light up, and you and a friend will race to be the first to press a button on the BBC micro:bit. It looks extremely simple, but this game teaches you how to implement more advanced coding concepts. 

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