How to Add Projects to Your Profile in LinkedIn

LinkedIn projects are great tools to showcase your work achievements, past and present. Whether it’s marketing campaign, event planning, or research studies, they can let potential employees know all about your skillset.

How to Add Projects to Your Profile in LinkedIn

Fortunately, adding a project to LinkedIn is a relatively straightforward process. This article will tell you everything you need to know.

Adding a Project to Your LinkedIn Profile

A project on your LinkedIn profile will create a great impression and make you stand out from your competitors. Here’s how to add your first LinkedIn project:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn profile on the mobile app or webpage.
  2. From a computer, select the drop-down icon in the right-hand corner of your profile, and choose “View Profile.”
  3. From the LinkedIn mobile app, tap on your picture, then “View Profile.”
  4. Find and select “Add section.” You’ll see three options to choose from, “Core,” “Recommended,” and “Additional.” Choose “Recommended.”
  5. Click on “Add Projects.” You’ll be presented with different fields to fill in with accurate, detailed information about a project. If you need to add more than one project, you’ll have to repeat the process for each one of them.
  6. Once complete, click on “Save.”

Why You Should Add a Project to Your LinkedIn Profile

Besides highlighting your capabilities, LinkedIn projects allow you to give relevant data to back any work experience. A LinkedIn page should showcase results, not jobs, and profile projects display evidence of any impact you’ve made with your work.

Your LinkedIn project can be packed with detailed information, making good use of the sections available in a professional and captivating way.

What Type of Projects Can You Add to Your LinkedIn Profile

You can add any project linked to a role in your LinkedIn profile. From a graphic designer’s digital portfolio to volunteering, you can add whatever you feel enhances your skills and experience as long as it’s linked to your work history.

Additionally, you’re allowed to add a URL to your LinkedIn project, and if you have your own website, it’s a good way of driving traffic there.

Tips for Filling out LinkedIn’s Project Sections

Adding projects to LinkedIn profile helps to demonstrate your skills, group or individual work efforts, and solidifies your brand message. Ensure that you emphasize the specific data that potential employers you’re targeting would be interested to see. This presents you as a desirable prospect for employment.

Project Name

As this field is ranked high in the LinkedIn search algorithm, it’s essential to add an attractive, descriptive project name. You have limitless characters, so insert tons of relevant information.

Project Dates or Project Ongoing

When adding a LinkedIn project, you must add the year and month – or at least the year. If you’re currently working on a project, ensure you’ve switched the date range to Project Ongoing.


Choose the Experience and Education applicable to your LinkedIn project for this section. You could add your current role, past job, or prior university studies.

Project URL

You can add a hyperlink to your LinkedIn project so anyone who views your profile can have another way to check out more of your work.

Project Contributors

This is where you can include your colleagues, which is ideal for when you took part in group publications or work initiatives. Your added colleagues can accept and display the project on their profiles.

Project Description

LinkedIn project descriptions are as important as your project’s name. This is where you give the primary information using essential LinkedIn keywords.

Share Profile Changes

LinkedIn can share your profile updates with your network, which is an ideal way to show your network what you’re working on or already accomplished.

Benefits of Adding a LinkedIn Project to Your Profile

Adding a project to your profile on LinkedIn is a helpful way to entice future clients, business connections, and employers with your knowledge, skills, and experience.

Display Your Expertise and Abilities

LinkedIn projects showcase your experience, skills, and knowledge, which helps take your career further when hiring managers, future clients, and recruiters see the skills on your project they’re looking for.

Show Tangible Evidence of Your Expertise

LinkedIn projects allow you to show detailed work examples with results and outcomes, which help prospective customers or employers get a feel of the type of work you thrive at and your value.

Exhibit Your Innovative Thinking and Creativity

Detailed LinkedIn projects can exhibit your creativity. You can also demonstrate that you can think outside the box and solve different challenges innovatively.

Enhance Your Brand

Showcase your personal brand and prove yourself to be an authority in your field with your LinkedIn projects. LinkedIn projects are an excellent way to display your experience or comparable training.

Attract Audience

Adding projects to your LinkedIn profile lets you engage with a broader audience. LinkedIn projects increase your visibility among the millions of LinkedIn profiles in your field without any extra effort. And LinkedIn uses a specific working algorithm that boosts profiles with many profile visits to be shown in suggested accounts.

Visitors who spend more time in your profile and viewing your projects automatically promote your profile, which makes LinkedIn suggest your profile to members in your field of work.

Content You Can Add to Your LinkedIn Project

Here’s a rundown of all the different options you can add to your LinkedIn project:

  • Lectures
  • Newsletters/Emails
  • Research Papers
  • Field-specific Data
  • Case Studies, Books, Reports
  • Training Content, E-Books
  • Blogs, Guest Blogs, Articles
  • Social Media Achievements
  • Courses, Classes, Slides, Webinar Content
  • Blogs or Websites
  • Your Blog, Website, or Digital Assets


How can I update my LinkedIn project?

To edit any information on your LinkedIn project, go to “Projects” and select the “Edit” (Pencil) option.

How can I find my LinkedIn project?

To find the projects you’ve added to your LinkedIn profile, go into your profile, select “My Items,” then “My Projects.”

Can I share my posted LinkedIn project?

To share your posted LinkedIn projects with your audience, go into your project details tab, select “Share,” and your project will be shown to your LinkedIn connections.

Add LinkedIn Projects to Boost Your Value

Adding a project to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to highlight your accomplishments and promote your skills. Whether you run your own business, are a full-time employee, or an independent contractor. When adding your LinkedIn project, you must include detailed information about a current job listed on your profile. LinkedIn projects are like a longer, more captivating CV that helps you stand out from the competition.

Have you ever added a project to your LinkedIn profile? If so, did it help attract potential employers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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