How To Record Roblox on a Mac

Roblox is a cool online gaming platform where users get to design their own games and interact with other players. Since it allows for unique gameplay, you should have many interesting moments to record for posterity.

It’s quite easy to capture your gameplay regardless of the platform you are using, be it Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. In this article, we’ll focus on recording Roblox on a Mac, but we’ve included a section on how to do it on iOS as well.

Recording Roblox on a Mac

There are three different ways to record Roblox gameplay on a Mac. You can use the QuickTime player or a third-party app. The following sections will provide you with a step-by-step guide for each method.

QuickTime Player

Using the QuickTime player is probably the easiest way to capture your gameplay. However, this option means you need to manually upload the recording to YouTube or your preferred video-sharing platform.

Step 1

Launch the player (press CMD + Space, type Q, and hit enter). Go to the File menu and select New Screen Recording.

Roblox on a Mac

Step 2

To start, position the recording over Roblox. Click the Record button on the lower right-hand side. Use the Options tab to turn on your microphone. Then, click ‘Record’ on the lower right-hand side.

To stop recording, use the Command+Control+Esc keyboard shortcut. Your new recording will automatically appear on your desktop.

Keep in mind, you may need to allow the QuickTime player to record your screen. Do this by opening Preferences and head over to the Security and Privacy tab. Then, put a checkmark in the box next to ‘QuickTime Player.’

OBS Recorder

Another tool you have at your disposal is the OBS Recorder. You can download this free software to your Mac here if you don’t have it already. Click the macOS option to begin downloading it. Then, follow the prompts to install and set it up (it’s really simple).

Once you’ve installed the software, start Roblox and open OBS. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1

Open OBS and click on the ‘+’ sign under ‘Sources.’ A list will appear. Click on ‘Display Capture.’ Then, click ‘Ok’ at the bottom of the pop-up window that appears.

Step 2

Click on ‘Start Recording on the right-hand side to begin recording Roblox. When you’re finished click ‘Stop Recording’ in the same box where you clicked to start your recording.

You may need to reposition your screen a little bit and you’ll want to click on the microphone icon to record sounds while you play.

If for some reason your screen doesn’t automatically appear in OBS, you’ll need to allow permissions on your Mac. To do this open Preferences. Click on ‘Security & Privacy.’ Choose ‘Screen recording’ on the left-hand side then click the checkmark to allow OBS to record on your Mac.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

If you want more screen recording options, FoneLab is sure to meet your needs. This software works on both Mac and Windows PC devices, and it allows you to customize the recording to your preferences.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

Step 1

Install the FoneLab app on your Mac and launch it prior to entering the Roblox gameplay. To select a custom recording area, click on the Video Recorder button. Then you can choose your audio recording preferences (microphone voice and system audio).


Step 2

Hit the Record icon to start and the Stop icon to finish recording. The recording menu also allows you to draw arrows, make annotations, and it can follow your cursor to capture a specific area.
Once you are done, click Save, select the desired destination and format, and you are good to go.


Note: The FoneLab screen recorder is a paid app, and it’s especially suitable for gaming YouTubers. Of course, there are also many freemium options you can look into.

Recording Roblox on iOS

Those who prefer to play Roblox on their iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) have a very convenient way to record the gameplay – the Screen Recording function. This works on iOS 11 and later, and you need to make sure the feature is added to your Control Center. You can do so by following this path:

Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls

Tap on the small “plus” icon in front of Screen Recording, and it will be automatically added to the Control Center.

Here is how to start recording on your iOS device:

Step 1

Inside the Control Center, you have two options to start screen recording. A simple tap on the button initiates a pre-recording countdown, so you have some time to launch the game.

You can also hold the button to reveal more options and turn on your mic to record game commentaries and explanations. Hit Start Recording when you are ready.

Record Roblox on a Mac

Step 2

Go back to the Control Center and tap the Record button again to stop. The video is saved to your Camera Roll by default, and you can use the built-in editing tool to trim your clip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Roblox’s built-in screen recorder on a Mac?

Unfortunately, no. The option to doesn’t record Roblox doesn’t appear on the Mac interface. Fortunately, the QuickTime player is native to your Mac is really easy to use. Third-party options are also readily available.

I can’t stop recording on the QuickTime player. What do I do?

The QuickTime player can be rather annoying at times. If the Command+Control+Esc keyboard command doesn’t work you’ll need to force stop the QuickTime player.

To do this click on the Apple icon in the far upper left-hand corner of your Mac. Then, click on ‘Force Quit.’ Click on ‘QuickTime’ and click ‘Force Quit.’ You may lose your recording doing this so be weary before quitting it.

Let the Games Begin

As you can see, recording Roblox on a Mac is a no-brainer and you don’t really need any third-party software to do it. What’s more, the Apple ecosystem gives you a chance to easily transfer your Roblox videos from a Mac to an iPhone/iPad and vice versa.

We’d love to know which recording method you prefer, so please share your experience in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “How To Record Roblox on a Mac”

Yoopy says:
So I’m using a iMac, and I went to the hamburger thing with all the settings and everything but the record option. What’s going on?!
Cathy says:
I am on a macbook pro with the 10.15.5 catalina OS installed, and I do not see the record option at all within the settings tab. Actually, none of my 3 macbooks with varying OS versions can see the “record” button. I have reinstalled Roblox a few times, with the same result. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
HELP ME says:
On my version of macOS, 10.10.03 yosemite, it doesn’t let me record ROBLOX with the roblox built-in recording system! also does quicktime player not record sound when you do screen recording?? because i try to put sound in but it just records what’s going on in the screen and outside noises like typing.. (not aggressive) Yours Sincerely, HELP ME
Richard Li says:
Hi there,
Go on to quicktime player and click CMD+CTRL+OPTION to do the audio recording. then start the screen recording quickly followed by a audio recording. Combine them later with iMovie.

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