How to Troubleshoot Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

A Ring doorbell comes equipped with a Peephole cam. On it, there is an LED light that helps users troubleshoot any issues with the doorbell. The first time you set up the unit, you’ll notice the blue light filling in that circle, indicating that the doorbell is charging.

How to Troubleshoot Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

But what if you see this light daily? Surely, the device has been charged by now. Well, if that’s the case, then your Ring doorbell is trying to tell you something. To find out what, keep reading.

Understanding Why the Ring Doorbell Flashes Blue

As we’ve already mentioned, users will see a flashing blue light at the front of their Ring doorbell when the unit is charging. But, if you’re sure the battery is full, then there may be other reasons the light is showing. Moreover, the pattern you see will also help you understand the problem. Let’s explore different ways the unit can flash blue and what they mean.

  • The blue light is spinning – If you see this, then you’ve simply pressed the button on the doorbell.
  • The blue light is moving upwards – This kind of light indicates the doorbell is connecting to a network.
  • The blue light is flashing on and off for a second – If you see this pattern, it means that the camera on the Ring doorbell is beginning to operate. If it persists, you’re dealing with a boot loop.
  • The ring shows a constant blue light – A solidblue light meansspeakers are turned on.
  • The ring shows short, blue flashes, then a white circle – This kind of complex light indicates the device performed factory resetting.

Before you assume something is wrong with your doorbell, make sure to check the message the unit is communicating. For a visual representation, refer to this link. However, if you’re certain that you don’t see any of the above, let’s see what the possible reason could be.

Wi-Fi Issue

Occasionally, users see a flashing blue light when there’s a problem with their Wi-Fi. The device might have been in the middle of an update when the Wi-Fi issue occurred. If that was the case, then the blue light will persist.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is strong. These devices can’t operate properly unless the connection is strong and stable. If you can, move the router closer to the unit. Or upgrade to a better internet package. But before you spend money on a better package, follow the steps below to check if the unit has lost the connection and how strong your signal is.

Checking If the Wi-Fi Connection Is Lost

There are different ways to tell if the Ring doorbell has lost its Wi-Fi connection. If it has, you won’t receive any notifications on the app. Moreover, the app won’t display the events. These can be as simple as pushing the doorbell or motion detection.

Additionally, you might see a soft white light on the doorbell. So what’s the solution? It’s relatively simple – restart the router. Once you do that, reconnect the Ring doorbell with the Wi-Fi connection. That should do the trick.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Checking the Wi-Fi Signal

Some of the signs that the signal isn’t strong enough are as follows:

  1. The video is of poor quality.
  2. You don’t receive notifications in real-time.
  3. You don’t always get notifications.
  4. The Live View doesn’t connect.
  5. The Live View takes a couple of seconds to connect.

Power Issue

Another reason you might see a flashing blue light is insufficient power. To run smoothly, the device needs to have enough voltage. Some users decide to get an additional transformer, as the one they already own can’t support all the devices in their home, as well as their Ring doorbell. For example, it might not be able to show the video.

To confirm that the issue is insufficient power, look for these signs:

  1. The Ring doorbell tends to freeze, while in the live event mode.
  2. The Ring doorbell often loses connection.
  3. Night vision doesn’t work.

You can check the voltage needed for the device in the Ring app. Go to ‘Device Health.’ There, you’ll see what amount it needs to operate properly.

Unit Issue

Finally, the flashing blue light may also be a sign that the unit is faulty. If you suspect this, then contact Ring customer support. They’ll probably ask you to send a video and pictures of the device to help them determine the problem. If they confirm that the flashing blue light is because of bugs in the model, then you’ll get a replacement from them.

Become Familiar with Potential Issues

The Ring doorbell is a smart solution for those who want to have peace of mind about who’s at their doorstep. However, like any other gadget, it tends to act up occasionally. To make the most of the unit, make sure to become familiar with the way it operates and its potential issues.

The flashing blue light may be due to a poor Wi-Fi connection or insufficient power. It’s also possible that the unit itself is causing problems.

Have you had any issues with the Ring doorbell? How did you solve these? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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