Ring Doorbell Optimal Height

Ring doorbells are an excellent addition to a home’s security system. They’re also very convenient as they keep homeowners aware of visitors by sending a notification whenever a visitor presses the doorbell. These smart devices are designed with in-built cameras and motion sensors that allow you to see the face of the person ringing the doorbell and detect movement. Yet even with its immense benefits, the Ring Doorbell can’t work correctly if it isn’t properly positioned.

Ring Doorbell Optimal Height

Read on to learn the optimal height for Ring Doorbell, how it works, and ways you can maximize its function.

What Is the Ring Video Doorbell Ideal Height?

There are many factors to consider when positioning your Ring Doorbell. Apart from the distance between your front door and the street, elements like the height of the door, yard layout, and objects within the Ring Doorbell’s field of view can determine how high you place the device. This security appliance can detect movement with a camera or via motion sensors.

Most homeowners assume the Ring Doorbell should be mounted extra high for its camera to capture people’s faces. Yet, this isn’t an ideal position. The optimal height for your Ring Doorbell is 48 inches above the ground. The Passive Infrared motion sensors detect motion by monitoring heat changes within the surveyed area.

Humans (or animals) tend to be hotter than their surroundings. As a result, anyone who encroaches on the detection area will trigger a temperature change. The motion sensors immediately send out an alert once this happens. Take note that this fixture has an inbuilt “motion zone” feature you can use to map out the exact area within the field of vision you want the device to detect movement.

However, if you place the Ring Video Doorbell too high, the motion sensors will likely detect and send alerts for other objects like passing cars. This means it’ll focus less on the heat produced by people entering the property. The reason being they are highly sensitive to horizontal movement. They can detect motion up to 180 degrees horizontally and a maximum of 30 feet outward from where the Ring Doorbell is positioned. But these specifications vary depending on the model you buy. Listed below are some of the different Ring Doorbell methods and their field of view properties:

  • Ring Doorbell 2: Detects up to 155 degrees’ movement horizontally, a minimum of five feet and 25 feet moving outward. This is the lowest field of view from the brand.
  • Ring Doorbell 3: The motion sensors can detect movement 180 degrees horizontally and a maximum of 30 feet outward from the fixture.
  • Ring Doorbell 4: Detects up to 155 horizontal degrees of movement and up to 30 feet outward.

All the Ring Video Doorbells have a minimum field of view of five feet.

Ring Doorbell Positioning Guide

It’s essential that the Ring Doorbell is mounted correctly to help optimize video coverage and enhance motion sensor sensitivity. Below are steps you should follow to determine the best position to install your Ring Doorbell accurately:

Examine Your Power Source

While this isn’t necessary for homeowners with a wireless model, you should consider it when installing a hardwired Ring Doorbell. The reason is that wired Ring devices need a constant power source and might require some construction (or demolition), to get the wires from your fuse box to the camera. The position you select should meet the wiring requirements.

Determine the Correct Placement Angle

Ring recommends that homeowners install their devices on a flat surface. However, you can use the corner kit to mount the fixture on the corner of the house facing diagonally. Check your mounting requirement to determine the ideal kit for positioning the Ring Doorbell. These kits allow you to install this device in corners and place them horizontally or vertically while ensuring the camera’s field of view stays clear. It’s especially helpful when you have a large front yard.

Always confirm that your kit is compatible with your Ring device. The Wedge kit allows you to angle the doorbell up or down to a maximum of 15 degrees and a minimum of five degrees. On the other hand, it helps you to install the Ring device horizontally at a maximum of 55-degree angle and a minimum of 15.

Test Your Device

Testing the Ring Doorbell once you’ve installed the device is best. You can do this by using the Ring app on your phone. Arming the device can also help determine whether the motion sensors work correctly. You can always adjust your device position for better results if there are any issues.

Dangers of Positioning a Ring Doorbell Incorrectly

The importance of positioning a Ring Doorbell correctly can’t be overstated. Below are a few risks associated with mounting a Ring Doorbell incorrectly as listed below:

Audio Quality

As stated earlier, one of the benefits of installing the Ring Doorbell is the ability to connect and communicate remotely. The two-way talk feature on the device allows you to speak to your visitor even when you aren’t home. But, if the device isn’t correctly positioned, it can affect its ability to capture audio transmissions clearly.

Camera View

Installing this Ring device at the wrong height can obstruct the camera’s view. This renders the device useless as it won’t be able to capture the identity of people entering your home correctly.

Electrical Issues

This applies to wired Ring Doorbells. The need for wiring means the devices must be placed close to the power source. If installed in an inconvenient location, you may have to spend more money on electricity connection because new wires will need to be routed to the device.

Privacy Concerns

You should always consider how your Ring Doorbell placement will affect adjacent properties. Installing the device too high may capture your neighbor’s property, raising privacy and safety concerns or providing too many false alerts.

This is why you should always place it exactly 48 inches above the ground. It will save you so much headache.

Frequent Flat Battery

If the Ring Doorbell isn’t placed at an optimal height, it can cause the battery to lose its charge quickly. This is because the motion sensors may end up overworking by sensing other objects emitting thermal heat. Take note that extreme temperature fluctuations can also affect the Ring Doorbell’s battery life span.


Must you position the Ring Doorbell on your front walk?

No. You can position the Ring device anywhere within the compound you deem necessary. However, you may mainly spot it facing the street as its typically used to monitor activities at the front door.

Can you use double-sided tape or command strips to mount a Ring Doorbell?

Yes. These materials can securely hold up the Ring device. However, using screws is the safest method.

Should you still place the Ring Doorbell 48 inches high if you have a raised patio or steps?

Yes. However, if you want to adjust the position, using a Wedge or Corner kit may be best to help angle the device better.

Can you cover a Ring Doorbell?

Yes. Covering a Ring doorbell to protect it from rain or debris doesn’t affect its performance, and while the fixture is water-resistant, constant exposure to elements can significantly reduce its life span.

Enhance Security on Your Property

Installing the Ring Doorbell 48 inches above the ground ensures you achieve the best results. The surface where you mount the home security appliance should also be flat and even. Incorrect placement can cause the device to malfunction, and the motion sensors can send alerts even when there’s no one at the door. Be aware that you can always contact the Ring customer support team if you encounter any challenges during or after device installation.

Do you think the Ring Doorbell is a worthy security investment for your home? Is there an alternative security system you would recommend to other homeowners? Let us know in the comments section below.

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