How to Change the Chat Color on Roblox

On a platform like Roblox, where you can build entire game-worlds and explore so many creative ideas, changing the color of chat might seem like a minor customization. However, if it’s something that often catches your eye, a small thing can become bothersome. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your covered.

Stick around and we’ll show you how to change chat color in Roblox. The answer might be more complicated than it seems!

The Expensive One: Name Change

Your chat color is directly tied to your username. The official Roblox support page has a simple two-sentence explanation for anyone who would like to change their username color:

Roblox support

In other words, you can’t change the color for an existing username. But you could always change the username itself. Since the color is randomly assigned to every new username, the color should also be new.

Changing your name in Roblox is not exactly cheap, though. The price is 1,000 robux (RBX), about $10. On its own, that’s not too much, but you would be forgiven for not wanting to pay that amount just for a name – and possibly color – change.

Why ‘possibly’? Because if you’re not familiar with the algorithm, there’s a chance this won’t work. Even if it does, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a color you like. Fear not, though! After we go through some other options, we’ll describe in detail what goes on under the hood to help you understand the scripts better.

The EZ One: Script Copy-Paste

You can use your solo-play scripts to make changes in regular games. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. In Solo Mode, use the Explorer to copy all scripts from the Chat service.
  2. Switch to regular mode and paste the scripts in the same place.
  3. Open “ExtraDataInitializer” script
  4. Under Players, add your user ID and ChatColor.

This is an effective method to change your chat color, but it might not work outside of your own games!

The Hardcore One: Script Editing

In their video, YouTuber ICYFLAG gave a detailed instruction for editing the chat script to change colors, while commenter Adam Jeanes made a written walkthrough of the process. This method involves actual script writing, but don’t be intimidated by that! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Under StarterPack, insert a localscript.
  2. Open it and insert these lines:

local OwnerChatColor = ‘color name’ – Change ‘color name’ to the color you want

admins = {“username”} – Change “username” to your Roblox username

ChatTextColor = OwnerChatColor

NameColor = OwnerChatColor

for i,who in pairs (admins) do


pcall (function()

if a.ClassName==’TextButton’ then

local b = a

if string.find(b.Text,who..’]’) then

if ChatTextColor ~=” then


if NameColor ~= OwnerChatColor then







Now you can change your chat color and feel like a pro hacker!

The One Where We Refer You to the Official Forum

If you’re willing to go even deeper into script editing, there are some threads on the official Roblox forum for developers.

In this one, you can find out how to edit scripts to work with tags and colors.

Should you wish to experiment with chat bubbles, here’s a thread that shows all the inner workings of that.

Note that devforum threads are often directed to users experienced in working with scripts. If you find it hard to keep track of script lines, just take it easy and go one line at a time. For a Roblox enthusiast, these forums can represent a great learning tool. Following them will certainly make for a more engaging and satisfying time on the platform.

What’s the Deal with Name Colors?

Now that we’ve gone through all the options, let’s take a look at how name color is calculated in Roblox. While many people accept that it’s random, in the complicated, thought-out world of scripting, rarely anything is.

As it turns out, your username is a function of its length and the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) value for every character.

In the language of script, the formula looks like this:

Color Calculation

What it means in everyday speech is that you could change the color by changing your username if you knew exactly what value each character has, and how those interact with the number of characters in your username.

If you’re up for some experimenting, you can find the full ASCII character map, with values, on this link.

The Color of Creativity

After this look into a simple-sounding task took you on a journey through the land of programming wonders, we hope you got all the info and sources to delve even further. We’ve shown you how to change chat color in Roblox, and possibly opened up new dimensions of the game platform to you. Now it’s time to give the methods we’ve described a try!

Did you change your chat color in Roblox? What method did you use to do it? Tell us in the comments section below!

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