How to Fix Error 277 in Roblox

For all Roblox users who’ve experienced it, the dreaded message: “Lost connection to the game server, please reconnect (Error Code:277)” can be a source of frustration. Thankfully, there are several ways to fix this error.

How to Fix Error 277 in Roblox

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what an Error 277 is in Roblox, and all the possible ways to put it right.

Simple Fixes – What to Do First

Error 277 is related to connection issues. If you’ve encountered Error 277 message, there are some steps you can take before attempting more complex troubleshooting techniques. First of all, make sure your device meets the minimum requirements to run Roblox.

For a complete list of system requirements on all major platforms, check out the Roblox official help page.

After you’ve determined if the device can run Roblox, you should reboot the system. If the problem was caused by drivers, programs, or services running in the background, rebooting may fix it.

Finally, you should clean up your device with a utility app to ensure it’s working at the optimum level. For mobile devices, also check the battery level and plug in the charger if needed.

Roblox Fix Error 277

Advanced Troubleshooting

Should none of the simple fixes do the job, here are some more elaborate methods:

1. Windows Compatibility Options

Roblox was created for earlier versions of Windows, so it might encounter issues when running on Windows 10. To run it in a Compatibility mode for previous versions, right-click on the Roblox app, go to Properties, and hit “Run this program in compatibility mode for” in the Compatibility tab. Then, select the Windows version of your choice and click Apply.

Another way is going to the Start menu, search for “Run programs made for previous versions of Windows”, and click on it in the search results. Following that, click Next, and the program will run diagnostics for apps with compatibility issues. You will then see a list of apps with potential problems. Find Roblox on the list, click on it, then on Next. The troubleshooter will offer several options. Choose one, starting with the recommended and following instructions. After all this is done, click the “Test the Program” button to see if the problem was resolved.

How to Fix Error 277 Roblox

2. Roblox Logs

Temporary files take up a lot of space and can cause glitches when running Roblox. It’s a good idea to clean them regularly. Note that deleting the logs will also remove all previously saved games and settings.

Roblox logs can be found in two folders: localappdataRobloxlogs and USERPROFILEAppDataLocalLowRbxLogs

To clear the logs, navigate to these folders and delete everything inside. Run Roblox again to make sure the error doesn’t come up again.

3. Switch Networks/Change Router Ports

If you’re using your home network, try switching to a different one through Wi-Fi or going to mobile data. If that makes Roblox run correctly, you’ll probably need to change the open ports on your home network router. Default ports for Roblox have been changed in the 2018 update and that could be the cause of the problem, especially if you had it installed before that update.

To change open ports for your router, you will need to:

  1. Find out your router’s IP address. It can be found in the Network & Internet section of Settings, by clicking on View your network properties. The IP address is next to Default Gateway.
  2. Type the IP address in your browser. This will take you to the router’s settings page. You’ll need your username and password to access it.
  3. Find and open the Port Forwarding section. Since the settings page is different from router to router, instead of Port Forwarding the section could be named Applications, Gaming, Virtual Servers, Firewall, Protected Setup, or Advanced Settings.
  4. Once you’ve opened the appropriate section, fill out the following information:
    Name/Description – RobloxType/Service Type – UDP

    Inbound/Start – 49152

    Private/End – 65535

  5. Finally, enter the IP address of your computer, click Save or Apply and restart the router.

After changing the ports, disconnect the computer from the router, connect it again, and launch Roblox to see if the problem was solved.

4. Browser Settings

To avoid errors, bugs, and other issues, always check if your browser is updated to the latest version. Security settings could also interfere with Roblox if set too high. Same goes for ad-blockers, extensions, and add-ons.

If everything above is covered and Roblox is still displaying errors, try using a different browser.

5. Going Aeroplane (Mobile Only)

A reliable quick fix for Roblox Error 277 on mobile devices is to turn the Airplane mode on. This disables and resets all connections. After reactivating the Wi-Fi and launching Roblox, everything should run smoothly.

6. Reinstalling Roblox

In case none of these steps help, the issue might lie in a faulty installation or damaged files. Removing and reinstalling Roblox will take care of those, since a clean install will also replace any broken files. To do this, you should uninstall Roblox, then go to the official site, log in and download the latest installation file.

Never Gonna Give You Up

As an online gaming phenomenon, Roblox offers a lot in terms of innovation and entertainment. Naturally, as with any other app, there will be bugs and small issues from time to time. But if you go through all of the methods outlined in this article, you’ll be able to fix Error 277 in Roblox in no time. Surely, you won’t let a technicality stand in the way of days, months, and even years of gaming and creating with friends!

Have you ever come across this error on Roblox? Did you find the cause and manage to fix it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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