How to Fix Error Code 012 on Samsung TVs

If you’re using a Samsung smart TV, you’re probably used to everything working smoothly. On rare occasions, however, you may run into problems. One reoccurring issue being the error code 012.

How to Fix Error Code 012 on Samsung TVs

This a network interference error, notifying you when your Samsung TV’s internet connection is lost. Often, you receive this prompt when using apps on your Samsung TV that require an internet connection.

Most likely, these are streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Stick with us if you want to find out how to resolve this problem.

It’s a Network Problem

There could be many causes for network interference. Sometimes the problem is with ongoing maintenance to your ISP. At other times, your Wi-Fi signal may be weak, especially if your router and modem are in a different room to your Samsung TV.

Test your Wi-Fi signal with another device, such as a smartphone. If your internet works fine, there’s no need to call your ISP. The problem is your Samsung TV. Otherwise, you may contact them and complain about your connection.

Finally, your Ethernet cable might be damaged and causing the issue. You can easily connect your Samsung TV to the internet manually if you’re using a wired connection:

  1. Open your Samsung TV’s Settings menu.
  2. Then, select Open Network Settings.
  3. Choose Wired, and your connection should be re-established.

You can use Wi-Fi instead:

  1. Launch the Settings menu on your Samsung TV.
  2. Choose Open Network Settings again.
  3. This time, select Wireless instead of Wired.
  4. Choose your wireless network, type in your credentials, and connect to your Wi-Fi.

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Check Your Firmware Version Automatically

A common cause for network errors on Samsung TVs can be outdated firmware. You can update your firmware automatically or manually. Let’s cover the automatic firmware update first:

  1. With your Samsung TV connected to the internet, press the Menu option on the RC.
  2. Select the Support option.
  3. Then, choose Software Update.
  4. Finally, press Online.

Your firmware update will automatically download and install on your Samsung TV. The TV should restart when the update is complete. If you don’t encounter any problems here, you’re all set. Try using an online app on your smart TV and see if they work.

Check Your Firmware Version Manually

In case the apps aren’t working, the update could be unsuccessful. If so, update your firmware manually:

  1. Check your Samsung TV model number and write it down. You’ll need it.
  2. Visit the Samsung support website and go to downloads.
  3. Enter your TV model in the search field and look for firmware updates. Find the latest update, and download it.
  4. Unzip the firmware file, and transfer it to a USB flash drive.
  5. Start your Samsung TV, and plug in the USB.
  6. Tap the Menu on the RC.
  7. Then, select Support, followed by Software Upgrade.
  8. Instead of Online, select the USB method.
  9. Your TV will scan for the USB, and install the firmware update file. It will restart briefly after the update.

Wait for a while, and try using your online TV apps once again.

The Almighty Reset

If none of the above works, don’t worry. You still have some options left at your disposal. Resetting the Smart Hub solved error 012 for many users:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV.
  2. Access the Settings.
  3. Then, choose Support, followed by Self Diagnosis.
  4. Finally, select the Reset Smart Hub option.

Note that you’ll have to sign in to your online accounts again after the reset (e.g., Netflix). Do that for all your online apps, and you should be able to use them again. Also, you’ll have to install all of the apps which weren’t pre-installed on your Samsung TV.

If even the Smart Hub reset doesn’t help, you can do a total reset. Use the steps above, but select Reset in the Self Diagnosis menu. The reset will get all your Samsung TV back to factory settings, except for the network settings.


Good Riddance

The error 012 shouldn’t bother you anymore. If none of the fixes help, and your internet connection is excellent, it’s time to contact Samsung support. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for assistance. You can also find out if you have any related problems.

Did you manage to fix the error? Which of the methods helped you? Tell us that, and more, in the comments section below.

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