Samsung TV No Sound—What to Do?

The South Korean electronics giant, known as Samsung, makes many high-end electronic products, from smartphones to smart TVs. Televisions are one of the most important product lines for Samsung.

Samsung TV No Sound—What to Do?

Although Samsung electronics have a reputation for high-quality, reliable TVs, they are subject to failure and problems. One of the most common issues reported with Samsung TVs is troubles with the audio.

Often, the cause of such an error is simply glitches or bad connections, but it could also result from a hardware failure. In this article, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot audio problems on your Samsung TV so you can get back to enjoying your favorite streams! Let’s get started!

Samsung TV Audio: Basic Troubleshooting

Step 1: Check the Mute Status

The first things to try are, of course, the simplest ones. If you have a picture on your TV but no sound, the problem might be as simple as having the “Mute” function activated by the remote. Grab your remote and unmute the TV by pressing the “Mute” button again.

Step 2: Check the Current Input Setting

Next, check the input setting on your Samsung TV by hitting “Source” on the remote and cycling through the available inputs. If your Samsung TV’s source gets set to a component you don’t have, there won’t be any audio coming through the speakers.

Step 3: Check for a Connected Headset or Speaker Plugged into the Headphone Jack

Do you ever use a headset on your TV? Gamers, in particular, might be using a wired set of headphones plugged into an audio-out jack. If the headphones get plugged in, any audio gets routed to that equipment, and you might not hear the sound playing through the speakers. If you never use a headset on your TV, check the headset port for debris. Your TV may pick up something in the port which won’t allow the audio to route correctly. If you have kids, this scenario is a common one.

Step 4: Check All Physical Connections

If you still don’t have sound, check all your physical connections between the TV and any hardware associated with it. This list includes gaming consoles, satellite receivers, Blu-Ray players, and cable TV boxes. Ensure all the connectors are plugged in securely to the correct ports.

Step 5: Check the Sound Settings

Finally, check to see what output channel got selected for sound. If external speakers connect to your TV, ensure your audio output goes to them. Conversely, if you’re not using external speakers, ensure the TV’s internal speakers are not disabled. You’ll find that information in the audio section of your TV’s on-screen menu.

Samsung TV Audio: Advanced Troubleshooting

If none of the above suggestions improve the audio problem on your Samsung TV, you’ll need to move on to more advanced techniques.

Step 1: Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

The first thing to try is a standard, old-fashioned power cycle. Turn off your Samsung TV and unplug it from the wall. Give it a minute so any lingering charge in the capacitors or memory can fade. Then, plug the TV back in and turn it back on. As with many other kinds of hardware, turning the TV off and back on often resolves temporary or transient problems that are otherwise hard to diagnose.

Step 2: Check the Current Language/Region Setting

Ensure your TV has the correct language set in the information setup. Press “Menu” on the remote and find the section that deals with setup. Look for the language/location option, and ensure it gets set to “USA.”

Step 3: Run The Built-In Audio Diagnostics Test

The last stage of advanced troubleshooting is to run the built-in sound diagnostic test found in the Samsung TV’s support menu. Depending on the make and model of your Samsung TV, this test may reside in different places within the menu structure. Press “Menu” on the remote, then select the “Support” option. Choose “Self Diagnosis” from the options, and then select “Sound Test.” The TV will play a melody out of the built-in speakers. If you hear the sound, the audio problem (whatever it may be) isn’t in the TV’s components unless the problem resides in the inputs. If you don’t hear the melody, there is most likely a problem with the sound circuitry in the TV, or the built-in speakers are damaged.

Samsung TV Audio: Other Fixes

Several other possibilities affect the sound on a Samsung Smart TV that standard and advanced troubleshooting don’t catch. Other things to troubleshoot or try include the following:

  • Ensure that the Settings on the TV get set to “USA” as your home country. By going to Settings and looking for a location or region option. Each TV model will vary, so you may need to look for your model or use the owner’s manual to locate this setting.
  • Try using an external speaker or soundbar. Rerouting your sound to another device will bypass whatever issue your TV has. Besides, a soundbar can significantly increase your sound quality.
  • Check other HDMI ports. Unplug all your equipment and plug it back into different ports on your TV. Also, ensure that all ports are clean and free of any debris.
  • Check the “HDMI Input Audio Format” in “Settings.” Toggling between different options may bring your audio back to life.
  • Check your internet speeds using SpeedTest on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you’re streaming movies, or your cable box relies on high-speed internet to function correctly, a slower speed could result in loss of sound to your TV.
  • A Bluetooth-compatible device can have trouble routing the audio properly. Call Samsung for assistance with disabling Bluetooth capabilities on your TV. Although you may not use this feature, there could be a glitch in the television that has enabled some degree of Bluetooth functionality.

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps in this article and nothing works to solve your Samsung TV audio problem, or perhaps you don’t have the option to add a soundbar, it’s probably time to take the following steps.

The Next Steps

If your tests indicate the problem is with the TV, you must decide whether to repair the TV or purchase a new one. With TV prices steadily falling to surprisingly low levels, it is hard to justify repairing any TV sets that aren’t brand-new. At the highest end, a replacement is usually cheaper than repairs. However, depending on how old your Samsung TV set is, you may still be under warranty and can get a new TV without any charge.

Contacting Samsung Support can be a hassle, but it may be your only resort to save your television.

30 thoughts on “Samsung TV No Sound—What to Do?”

Peter says:
My Samsung 55 inch Smart tv , just dont know what has Happened
it goes on Mute for no Apparent Reason , Switches Off without touching
the Remote Control . I Just don’t know what to do . Any Help would be
much Appreciated
Steve Larner says:
It could be stuck/sticky buttons on the remote, RF/IR interference, or a bad semiconductor in the TV.
Antonio c magno says:
I have a smart samsung flat tv . The problems on sound occurred when i am attempting to connect Netflix. Wifi connected wireless but not successful in using the netflix.

We went back to local channels viewing but the sound had been distorted.
I made possible testing and troubleshooting as per instruction mentioned at the google but not successful.
I brought the unit to tv technician and he told me the problem is the motherboard costing 4500pesos. Pls advice if this is correct solution. The tv is about 10 years old

Miranda says:
my sound went out on my tv will a soundbar work
Steve Larner says:
It probably will, but that depends on if it is a sound card/circuit issue. If that is the case, it probably won’t work.
Paul says:
Only the tv speakers work. One day the surround sound which we play through the blu ray stopped working. Tried all the trouble shots. Any suggestions?
Pat says:
The sound on my Samsung TV is no longer working. There is NO Menu button on my Samsung Remote so I can not reset the sound.
Steve Larner says:
Press the “Home” button and then go into “Settings?”
Alex says:
Sound is stuck in the 14-16 volume range. Will not move outside of that. Any solutions?
Steve Larner says:
Sometimes, having too many apps and cache that take up too much space and memory leads to volume stuck issues on Samsung TVs, or even other brands for that matter.
Bob J Stafford says:
When I turn on my Samsung there is no sound, about 4 minutes later the volume goes on and off for about 3 minutes then it comes on and it is fine. This happens every time we turn it on. I have Samsung Q led TV Q 8 F
Bob Stafford says:
When I turn on my Samsung there is no sound, about 4 minutes later the volume goes on and off for about 3 minutes then it comes on and it is fine. This happens every time we turn it on. I have Samsung Q led TV Q 8 F
Smitty says:
My TV has no audio out. I can use the TV speakers but get no sound using the optical cable or the old-fashioned red/white. Tried two sound bars, both of which work with my Vizio TV. I have had this problem in the past but it always resolved itself within a week or so. Now it’s been two months. TV speakers are poor sound
Manuel Ibera says:
I set my volume to the right let say to 10 once I release the volume from the remote control it will slowly move itself to the left or back to zero. Reception is good
Buffalo Bob says:
I tried new setups on Samsung, speaker setups (all), power cycle Samsung, physically disconnect speaker (optical) and HDMI cables and reconnect. Samsung tech support did not have a solution. I have a low end Insignia speaker bar so I disconnected it and tried to get TV speaker sound back, could not. ……. The solution was DISCONNECT power to the ROKU, wait a minute, RECONNECT the ROKU power and the ROKU logo appeared and sound occurred again. POWER CYCLE THE ROKU
Carter says:
Unplug the tv….. cable box
.. ( if you got cable) wait a few seconds should work
Maria says:
Second time sound goes off on its own. We noticed that watching shows the sound might skip beforehand.
Smart TV is a oxymoron for Samsung anymore. TV is only one and a half months old!
Marie says:
Same problem. Any solution?
Nicole says:
sound works when operating the remote, the minute I hooked up the Roku no sound plays. The Roku itself has been moved and works fine on other tv’s, so that isn’t the problem, Internal speaker is selected, and USA. I will try unplugging and plugging back in but are there any other suggestions
Josh K says:
My sound consistently goes in and out. I will see picture but no sound. I have had Comcast come out multiple times they say signal strength is good. I swapped out boxes to a supposed more advance cable box still have issues. Tried using different hdmi cables still same issue. I even returned tv and got a new one and still same issue.
nuge says:
same problem…. any solution?
Lisa Richardson says:
I have no sound on samsung tv and dvd player no sound or vision. I have tried swapping cables and switching off to reset. I cannot access the menu or settings on tv. Is there anything else i can do or is this a repair?
Jim says:
Watching cable on hmd1. Then sound cuts out. I have to switch the source from hand to tv input and then switch back to hmd and the sound comes back. Happens randomly on startup.
Rene says:
Hi Jim, I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?
Gary says:
I have no sound through both the tv and athena components. When I go to the sound menu it only highlights the auto volume, none of the other options are highlighted so i can’t access them to try adjusting. It does say that tv speakers are on.
John D says:
Thank you Marvin for your sound solution.
Sounds came back again. Weird.
Marvin says:
Scroll to the original set up and make sure the region or country is set to USA if set to Asia the sound will not come on.
Robert Ryczak says:
Sound is fine with Fios source; but when I change to the source for my peripherals, like DVD, VHS, laser disc players I have to jack up the volume to 100 (max) just to be barely able to hear the audio. Any suggestions?
alyssa says:
Thanks Marvin. It really worked. A real life saver. Godbless you
Marvin says:
Yes, go to the set up for the tv and find where it asked what part of the world or region and make sure you check USA.
I checked Asia because I was in the Philippines, wrong, no sound. Changed it to USA and the sound came on.
Suzanne says:
Hi, where do I find this on my Samsung tv? I see a place on my smart tv asking what language I want, but not the region.
I have a great picture, but no sound, yet I can hear the sound test! Thanks
Marvin says:
During setup when prompted to select the region I chose Asia since I was in the Philippines but the salesman pointed out that USA must be selected. Then the sounds started working. That simple, I couldn’t believe it.
Lovely says:
This worked! Thanks! 🙂
Brenda says:
I have the same issue. What is the solution?
Marvin says:
Yes, simply go to the original set-up on your tv and make sure you choose USA for it’s region. The sound will work now
Marvin Umbras says:
New Samsung smart tv., got it set up , connected to the internet, Netflix worked perfectly, switched source to cable and auto setup the channels, then scrolled through and stopped on several stations had fine pictures but absolutely no sound. Did a sound test and it was perfect, but no sound from any channel, just the show without sound.
Jacob says:
Hi Marvin having the same issue now. Were you able to resolve this?
Sais says:
Hey same issue here, find any solutions??

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