How to Send In a Nintendo Switch for Repair

Although Nintendo products have been known to be very robust devices, the unexpected can always happen. Having a broken Nintendo Switch is never ideal.

How to Send In a Nintendo Switch for Repair

If Nintendo service centers are closed for any reason and physical stores aren’t available, you’ll have to send it in for repair. And we’ll show you all the steps on how to do that.

Are Mail-In Repair Orders Available for My State?

The folks at Nintendo is monitoring various areas to see if they can resume the operations of their Repair Service Centers. If a center is already open for business, then repairs by mail will be discontinued. If you want to see if your area still supports mail-in repairs, proceed to Nintendo’s Mail-In Repair FAQ page or contact Customer Service.

how to send nintendo switch in for repair

How Do I Send in My Nintendo Switch?

If mail-in repair is still available in your state, you can send your Nintendo Switch via package by following these steps:

  1. Set up a repair order.
    You can’t send in your device to the Nintendo Repair Service Center unless you’ve set up a repair order beforehand. The company may charge you extra for any device sent without one. Contact Customer Support to set up a ticket, or if you’re only sending in the Joy-Cons, proceed to set up your ticket online.
    Once you’ve set up your repair order, you’ll be sent a shipping label or a letter containing a Waybill via email. You’ll be using these as the shipping address of your repair package. Do note, that if you’re only having the Joy-Cons repaired, do not include the Switch Device. Nintendo may charge additional payments if you do.
  2. Once you have the waybill or shipping label, wait for Nintendo to email you as to when you can send your package in for repairs. Once you receive this email, make a repair letter that includes the following details:
    a. Your name, return address, and phone number.
    b. The repair order number given to you by Customer Support.
    c. A brief description of the problems that your device is experiencing.
    d. A list of all the items that you’re including in the package. Preferably itemized.
    send a nintendo switch in for repair
  3. Place both the letter and the Nintendo Device inside a plain unlabeled box. Be sure to include padding, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap to protect it during transit. You also need to take note of the following:
    a. If you’re sending in the entire Nintendo Switch System, wrap the whole device in clear kitchen wrap before packing.
    b. Make sure that no games or accessories are attached to the device, unless you’re sending these in for repair too.
    c. Ensure that there are no other labels in the box that may confuse shipping. If the box has old labels, either remove them or cover them up.
  4. Tape the waybill or shipping label sent to you on your box. If the letter did not provide any, you may find the Repair Service Center’s Address on the message instead. If so, write the shipping address on the box. If you were sent a waybill, make sure that it’s been properly filled out before attaching it to the package.
  5. Write your return shipping address on the box. At the bottom of your address, write the Repair Order Number.
  6. Send out the package and wait for updates. You can check on the status of your package by going to this.

Nintendo will prioritize repairs in the order that it receives them. If you’ve already sent out your package and physical stores open up in your area, your package will take priority. If the repair center in your area has opened, but you’ve already set up a repair order, you can still send the package in.

Nintendo will also honor any warranties as long as the repair authorization was set up before its expiration, even if such warranties lapse while the device is in transit. Any repair order that has been properly arranged with customer support will remain in the system for 180 days. Until that period expires, you can use the provided shipping label to send in your Nintendo Switch device.

send nintendo switch in for repair

A Great Repair Option

A broken Nintendo Switch is the last thing that you’ll ever want especially when you’re stuck at home. Having it repaired while a good number of places still have travel restrictions can be difficult, so sending it in through the mail is a great option. Just follow the proper procedures so that you can get your device repaired with as little hassle as possible.

Have you ever had problems regarding sending a Nintendo Switch in for repair? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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I bought two attendo switches that had the same problem I have emailed and never got a response the first one I bought I took back they gave me another one in the same problem happen that it will not charge or turn on may I have a brand new Nintendo switch that doesn’t work the first email to you all was a year ago and no answer at this point now I have a tendo switch for two years and couldn’t get it fixed and I’m out of $200 not happy at all I know this probably nothing you can do to help me at this point but I wanted to express my feelings on this I’m on a fixed income and this is very upsetting

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