Sling TV Keeps Logging Me Out – What to Do

Sling TV has been around longer than most streaming services. But like any service, it’s still prone to errors and glitches.

Sling TV Keeps Logging Me Out – What to Do

For instance, what if the Sling TV app keeps logging you out while you’re trying to watch TV? That can get pretty frustrating. In this article, we’ll cover the reasons why this is happening and offer some possible solutions to the problem.

Why Is This Happening?

A perfectly natural reaction is to ask why Sling is logging you off. What could be wrong and will the problem sort itself out. Apparently, the latest Sling update caused some issues with sudden logging off, especially with the Apple TV Sling app.

When this happens, there really isn’t much you can do. The issue has probably been reported to Sling directly many times. And often, all you can do is wait for a resolution. However, you can still take some steps to make sure that the problem isn’t on your end.


Log Out of All Devices

The issue with logging out of your Sling account could be a system problem. But it could also be a security breach. Someone could attempt to sign in to your Sling account without permission.

If you believe that’s the case, it’s best to sign out of all devices. And since you can connect as many devices as you want to your Sling account, signing out from each manually can be a lengthy process. That’s why Sling has an option to sign you out of all your devices at the same time.

But before you go through the process, make sure that you change your password first. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Go to the Sling TV website.
  2. Select “My Account” and then “Personal Information”.
  3. Select “Change Password”.
  4. Enter your new password twice and then select “Change Password” again.

Once you’ve changed your password, it’s time to log out of all your Sling devices. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “My Account” page again.
  2. Select “Personal Information”.
  3. Select “Device History”.
  4. Finally, select “Signout of all devices”.

You’ll be redirected to your account page. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a message informing you that you’ve been signed out of all your devices. This might not be instantaneous and could take up to 10 minutes to complete.

Sling Logging Me out

Other Solutions to Try

One of the perks of Sling TV is that it’s supported by most devices and browsers. In the case of Sling TV iOS and Android apps, it’s always prudent to update them regularly.

If you’ve missed a bug fix or two, you could start experiencing issues like unexpected logouts and crashes. Check out the Play Store and App Store to see if there are any updates available. If your streaming player of choice is Roku or Fire TV Stick, you can try removing the Sling channel.

After you delete Sling, restart your device and TV and download the Sling channel again. In many cases, this solution fixes a lot of problems, including continuous logging off.

If you’re using a web browser on your computer, make sure that it’s updated too. And it won’t hurt to clear the cache as well. Sometimes the corrupted cache files will cause all kinds of problems while streaming.

Error 6-402

Occasionally instead of Sling logging, you off, it will display this error message. What does it mean? It could be several things, but most of the time, it means that you’ve tried to access content that has expired.

Or that it’s blacked out or simply no longer available. It could also mean that your location services aren’t enabled on your smartphone or tablet. To make sure that they are, here’s what you need to do:

For iOS devices:

  1. Go to your mobile device, Settings.
  2. Select “Privacy”.
  3. Select “Location Services” and then “Sling TV”.
  4. Check the “While Using the App” box.

For Android devices:

  1. Go to your device Settings.
  2. Select “Location”.
  3. Select “Google Location Reporting,” and then “Location Reporting”.
  4. Turn on the switch.

Sling Keeps Logging out

Stay Logged On and Enjoy Sling TV

When experiencing such problems, sometimes we just have to wait and hope for quick improvements. Other times, there’s some tinkering to do.

Your best solutions revolve around managing the Sling app, whether it be on Roku, Apple TV, or mobile devices. If you suspect someone’s trying to get into your account, be sure to sign out of all devices.

Has Sling ever logged you out before? Were you able to fix the problem? Let us know in the comments section below.

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