Motorola homesight Wireless Easy Starter Kit review

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The hardware itself is much more elegant, with sleek white plastic shells throughout the range – tough enough for sheltered outdoor use. Image quality from all three types of camera was good. The day/night camera includes infrared lighting, and we were surprised at how sharp images were in both light and dark conditions. It switches quickly from infrared and back too. The videos are stored as standard AVI files in the data folder of the program’s home directory and are certainly good enough to identify people with – just bear in mind that cameras take a second or so to kick in when placing them. There’s a microphone on all the cameras too, so using a day/night camera as a baby monitor is viable.

Motorola homesight Wireless Easy Starter Kit review

It’s worth carrying out the initial connection of your devices next to the System Controller and then placing them. At least you then know that everything works and that homesight knows what it’s looking for. If it can’t pick up a device then you know you have a signal problem and need to get a repeater. We found no need for one in our three-bed test house, though we had to retry the connection setup a few times before complete success.

The range of accessories already available will increase the flexibility of the system tremendously, as any one can interact with just about any other. The temperature sensor could act as a secondary fire alarm or greenhouse monitor; there’s a water sensor that could check for washing machine leaks, flooding or burst pipes; while the three types of camera keep an eye on your presents, the front door, or the night-time visitors to your garden. The keypad kit lets you arm or disarm your homesight system with the touch of a key instead of messing around on the PC every time you enter or leave the house.

homesight focuses on home monitoring rather than the technology Nirvana of a fully networked home, and it does give a certain peace of mind knowing that everything is being monitored at your house or business premises. The interface may be clunky and overly laborious in parts, but at least it’s all integrated and works well once set up. And, although it may be a totally proprietary and closed system, the prices for the accessories are reasonable, and we didn’t see any noticeable interference with our existing wireless network. So, if you want to keep a remote eye on your premises, homesight will do the job well: just note its limitations.

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