Starfield Console Commands

The only way to activate cheat codes in this captivating RPG game is by using the console commands. Knowing how to apply them helps players increase their skill points, activate god mode, walk through walls, and spawn all items in the game. The possibilities are infinite. If you’re a fan of other Bethesda Game Studio titles and frequently use cheats, figuring out the “Starfield” console commands won’t be too difficult.

Starfield Console Commands

Keep reading to learn key “Starfield” console commands that will give you an edge in the game.

Top Console Commands in Starfield

There are numerous console commands available for you to use in this game. However, not all are functional, and you’ll find yourself using some more than others. Also, note that enabling “Starfield” commands and cheats will disable all your achievements in the game. The list below features some of the best “Starfield” console commands you’ll likely use daily.

Toggle Commands

Console CommandDetails
timStands for Toggle Immortal Mode – Ensures that your health bars never get to zero, even when you’re taking damage.
tgmToggle God Mode – Offers complete invincibility to players and an unlimited supply of ammunition.
psbThis helps you to activate all powers and abilities in the game.
tdetectThe command assists you in blocking and avoiding detection from NPCs.
tcaiThis command ensures that the combat AI doesn’t attack you. Players can activate and deactivate the cheat by imputing the prompt twice.
tcl It helps you to eliminate character collision. The command gives you the ability to fly through obstacles like walls and floors.
tgpEnable the pause state with this command.
tfcThis command toggles free cam.
tmm 1This command helps you to add markers on the map to highlight all locations on a planet’s surface. Be aware that this command is permanent and can’t be undone by typing tmm 0.
sgtm (Value)Alter the game’s speed with this command. A value of less than 1 slows it down, while a higher one increases it.
passtime [#]This command passes a specified number of hours.
setgravityscale (Value)This command helps you to adjust the local gravity.
setscale (Value)The command is designed primarily for NPCs. It helps to reduce or increase its size or that of a specified object within the game.

Targeted Commands  

Additem (Item ID) (Value)This command may be familiar from other games. It introduces specific types of items to your character’s inventory.
Ref (ID).amod (OMOD ID)Add unique weapon mods to your selected ammo with this command. You can locate an item’s reference ID by going to the command console menu and clicking on any item dropped on the ground. This will help you to obtain the identifier.
Ref ID.rmod (OMOD ID)This command helps players erase already identified weapon mods from the reference ammunition. The method of obtaining the ID is similar to the command mentioned above.
killallUsing this command will kill all NPCs in your area.
kahThis command helps you to eliminate all evil NPCs near you.
resurrectIf you unintentionally eliminate an NPC, this command will help you undo your mistake. To do this successfully, players must ensure that they have selected the character while inside the console command menu so that you can view their reference ID as you apply the cheat code.
unlockThis command helps you open your target door or container. However, it will only work if you try to unlock the entrance first before entering the command.
show menu sleepwaitmenuShow Sleep/ Wait Menu – An easy way to alter time via the wait menu. It grants you quick access to this function.
forcedbleedoutUsing this command will cause a character to bleed.

Player Commands

player.setlevel (Value)This cheat allows you to place your character on a preferred stage in the game.
player.additem (Item ID) (Value)It helps you increase the number of specified items in your inventory.
player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value)The command helps you spawn specific items and creatures in front of your character.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID)This command helps players pay off bounties to stay out of jail. It also allows them to keep all the loot from a specified faction.
Showlooksmenu player 1Access the appearance menu to modify your character’s attributes like name, traits, and appearance.
player.removeperk (Perk ID)This command removes specified player properties like skill, trait, and background.
player.addperk (Park ID)Add specified traits, skills, and background to your character with this command. You must have a spare perk slot for this to work.
player.setav carryweight (Value)Increase your carry weight with this command by setting it to a specified value.
player.additem t [#]This command increases your inventory credits. The “hash” value represents the amount you want added.
player.additem a [#]Introduce digipick into your inventory with this command.
player.setav health (Value)This command allows you to optimize your health to the highest standard in the game.
player.setpos x (Value)This command is ideal for moving your character along the X-axis.
player. setav.speedmult (Value)  This command multiplies your character’s speed. Make sure the value you enter is over 100 to increase the effect.
sexchangeSwitch your character’s gender with this command and return it to its default build.
player.setav starpower (Value)Increase your full power by the number specified with this command.
setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed [1 or 0]If you enter 1 your character will succeed in all speech challenges. The command [setforcespeechchallengealwaysfail] produces the opposite effect.

Quest Commands

saqThis command launches the main story and all side quests in the game. Running this command can break your game, so proceed with caution. It’s best that you save your game before applying this cheat.
caqsInstantly completes all missions in the game with this command. It can also cause your game to crash.

Using Starfield Console Commands on PC

To enter and run commands in “Starfield,” players must first gain access to the console. The steps below will guide you on how to do it:

  1. Hit the “tilde” (~) key on your keyboard to open the console. It’s located directly below the “ESC” key.
  2. Type in your console command.
  3. Hit “Enter” to apply the cheat.

The console isn’t case-sensitive, so you can type the command in lower-case and capital letters without affecting your intended operation.

Using Starfield Console Commands on Xbox

Players can’t use “Starfield” commands and cheats on an Xbox because it lacks a command console. However, if you’ve got the game on a PC, you can activate the prompts via the computer. Load the save on your gaming console to enable you to use the cheats that you had activated on your PC. You don’t have to purchase another copy if you bought “Starfield” on Xbox. The “Play Anywhere” feature will also allow you to play it on your PC.

Manipulate the Cosmos With Starfield’s Console Commands

If you’ve been looking for a way to maneuver and dominate Bethesda’s latest RPG, the console commands are your go-to resource. They allow you to manipulate the game in ways that work to your advantage. These include things like gaining invincibility and increasing your credits. Even though you can use numerous “Starfield” console commands, this article has covered the most essential ones for helping you secure a win.

Do you use console commands in “Starfield”? Which is your favorite one and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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