Canonical unveils the first Ubuntu tablet: the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition

Ubuntu, the Linux-based operating system used by over 30 million desktop users around the world, but with a rather smaller mark on the mobile space, has announced a new device that will try to combine the two. The Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet is a 10.1in device shipping with the latest version of the operating system, which promises to give customers an adaptive experience – the ability to swap into full desktop mode at the drop of a hat.

Canonical unveils the first Ubuntu tablet: the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition

The 470g tablet will run off a 1.5GHz MediaTek Quad Core MT8163A processor, backed up with 2GB of RAM and a 7280mAh battery. Like the

Ubuntu phones we’ve tried before, the hardware is pre-existing, just with Ubuntu installed instead of Android – hence the name.

We’re bringing you everything you’ve come to expect from your Ubuntu PC, now on the tablet with BQ, soon on smartphones,” said Canonical CEO Jane Silber. “This isnt a phone interface stretched to desktop size – its the right user experience and interaction model for the given situation. Also, in terms of applications, we have something no other OS can provide: a single, visual framework and set of tools for applications to run on any type of Ubuntu smart device.”ubuntu_aquarius_10

That means that it should be pretty easy to turn your tablet Ubuntu experience into a fully fledged desktop one. Just connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, output to a monitor or TV and you’ll suddenly have the familiar desktop experience Ubuntu users are used to.

Pricing is currently unconfirmed, but given the original Aquarius M10 retails for €259.90, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see it at a similar price point. That’s around £200. As for a release date, Canonical says you’ll be able to order it from the BQ online store from “Q2 2016”.

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