Tears of the Kingdom Hestu Location

Hestu’s character in Tears of the Kingdom character has proven to be quite elusive. This Korok dancer and the best musician in the Korok Forest (according to himself) is responsible for expanding your inventory in exchange for Korok seeds. It is, therefore, important to find him so you can progress through the game.

Tears of the Kingdom Hestu Location

But don’t start looking for Hestu in the Korok Forest just yet. Much like bards of old, Hestu is constantly on the move, so he might wander off after you meet him. Finding him on the map might be challenging, but this article will provide location pointers to help you find Hestu.

Locations Where You Can Find Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom

The hallmark Fusing system introduced in the game allows you to devise new weapons to help you defeat the enemies you encounter across Hyrule. However, all those weapons will eat up your empty inventory slots, limiting your scavenging and strategy options. You need to expand your inventory as you move along, and Hestu is the only one who can help.

While the Korok moves a bit, there’s a certain pattern, and he usually starts at one location. Here is the list.

Hyrule Ridge

This is the first location where you can find Hestu. He will be hiding just below Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower in the Hyrule Ridge. The exact coordinates are (-1714, 1067, 0202). You will spot Hestu cowering in fear scared of the trees. Interacting with Hestu triggers the “Hestu’s concerns” quest, which has you defeat the trees. Upon closer look, the trees will move towards you and start attacking.

Use a sharp weapon, or ranged attacks with bomb flowers to take these down. An axe or sword is usually enough. The trees turn to logs after defeat, which you can chop and add to your pack.

Hestu then introduces himself as the musician of Korok Forest. Hestu offers to dance for you and expand your inventory to show how grateful he is.

Hestu then asks for one Korok seed to expand your pouch. You can choose which pouch you want to expand. You can choose between the weapon, bow, and shield stash. Once you give Hestu the Korok seeds, he breaks into a little dance then expands your inventory. You can upgrade the inventory again, but the cost will be higher.

After two upgrades, Hestu decides to head east and you will have to look for him again. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to search for long. The spirited Korok dancer needs Korok seeds to fill up his magical maracas, so you will meet him again.

Note that if you activate any Tower, Hestu will skip this location and will immediately go to the second one.

Lookout Landing

After meeting Hestu at the Skyview Tower, he moves to Lookout Landing, at coordinates (0220, 0063, 0018). Surprisingly, he will just be standing next to a huge tree behind a stable. He will again entice you to increase your inventory.

Hestu won’t change his location so fast this time around. He will stay at Lookout Landing for a while, allowing you to upgrade the inventory a few times.

He will then refuse further trades unless you complete the Deku Tree side quest and gain access to the Korok Forest. Just a heads up, this is one of the most complex levels in the game. Hestu will appear again after you finish the quest.

Korok Forest

This is the Korok’s home and Hestu belongs here. However, as mentioned before, you’ll have to break a sweat to get here. You can locate the Great Hyrule forest by trailing the path emerging from the Woodland side from the North. Go through Minshi Wood Chasms at coordinates (1033, 1660, -0613). This path will lead you to the depths and you will land at Minshi Grove.

Use your Brightbloom seeds sparingly to light up your path as you find your way to the Lightroot. You won’t see Hestu immediately after you arrive in the forest. You will need to go through grueling quests that will take you through the Great Deku tree. You will have to clear the chasm inside it and prepare to fight Phantom Ganon who is the lord of the Forest Temple.

Once you are done with the Gloom hand battles, you can return to the Great Deku tree. The path will lead you to the Musanokir shrine, and voila! You will find Hestu here. Now you no longer have to worry about where to find Hestu again to be able to offload your Korok seeds and power up your weapon stash. He will permanently stay in the Korok forest.

How to Locate Korok Seeds for Increasing Your Inventory

Collecting Korok seeds in Tears of the Kingdom is relatively similar to its predecessor “Breath of the Wild.” During your journey in Tears of the Kingdom, you will notice different clues that point to the presence of Korok seeds in the area. You should look out for the following to help boost your Korok seeds collection:

  1. A rock that seems out of place.
  2. Sparkles around a water body.
  3. Small rocks gathered in a pile with one or two missing
  4. Broken pillar.
  5. A brown tree stump with a leaf drawn on it.
  6. Glowing flowers.

Another way you rack up Korok seeds for yourself is helping out Koroks in need by moving them or helping them find their friends.

How Inventory Upgrades Work in Tears of the Kingdom

Though you initially trade in one Korok seed at the start, the number of Korok seeds needed to increase your inventory increases with each upgrade. Be aware that the increasing cost is specific to the pouch you select for increment. It doesn’t affect the other categories within your inventory.

There is a maximum number of slots for each pouch as shown below:

  • Bow – 9 slots. This will cost you 108 Korok seeds to fully upgrade.
  • Weapon – 10 slots. This will cost you 153 Korok seeds to fully upgrade.
  • Shield – 16 slots. This will cost you 160 Korok seeds to fully upgrade.

You need a total of 421 seeds to fully upgrade your inventory in tears of the Kingdom. You’ll come across many weapons in the game so it’s important to prioritize expanding the weapon inventory size. They are also more likely to break so a well-stocked stash will help you keep Link safe. You will also be able to experiment more with the new Fuse ability.

Bag those Korok Seeds and Enjoy that Dance!

Trading Korok seeds with Hestu is the only way to upgrade your inventory and stay battle-ready. Once you have a few seeds, head out to Lindor’s Brow Tower for the first few upgrades. After that, Hestu stays at Lookout Landing to keep improving your inventory size for most of the necessary upgrades.

Are you ready to battle? At which location did you first spot Hestu? Let us know in the comments section below.

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